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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Centerville, UT

NightOwlAmerica said: "BYU has to win games and draw TV ratings for stability to mean anything."

True that.

IMO, BYU has only 2 more seasons of independence, if that, before the honeymoon is over. They have to win big games as an independent. Otherwise, recruiting, scheduling, and their ESPN contract will suffer and they (and fans) will be left with an average team in a 65,000 seat stadium.

BYU has stability for a couple more years. No need to hyperventilate this year, or next. After that....

But they must win games, and win big games too.

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter calling someone a troll.

Now that's ironic.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Why would BYU give up their current deal with ESPN for a worse deal with ESPN? Do you really think that the BE wants SDSU? I smell negotiation tactic - any it may fail for the BE. It is hard to negotiate with a person (BYU) who is comfortable where they are at because there is not much that the BE really has to offer. By the way, for all you U fans out there - you were the SDSU of the PAC10 negotiations. Just like the BE failed with BYU the PAC10 failed with Texas/OK and ended up getting their gong show prize. I think it is great that Utah is in the PAC, but dont pretend that you were a prime candidate to get in. You were the last option.

Lees Summit, MO

The really interesting question here is: "What does the board of trustees really want BYU football to accomplish?"

St. George, Utah

BYU sports is just like your satellite or cable companies. They care alot more about the new fan than those of us who have supported the program all our lives. As long as you fans in timbucktoo who have never bought a ticket or a cougar dog at the concession stand can now see the games, BYU will do everything they can to accommodate you and throw all the loyal local fans under the bus for you. Congratulations, you win. The BYU sports burocracy is broken and unaccountable to really no body. The sports program leadership at BYU all need to be fired. Let's hope the leadership of the church can see it and make it happen before it is too late.


I'm not sure what the Big East expected. They knew about BYU's ESPN deal when they approached BYU about membership and that they would never relinquish that, not even for BCS AQ status. Why is the Big East surprised that home TV rights were not for sale?

I'd like more details on the negotiations and I am a little bit disappointed that it didn't work out. If you're a conference administration looking to add BYU you don't go into negotiations expecting them to give up TV rights to home games. It sounds like the BYU lawyers might have sunk the lifeboat, but fortunately the ship "Independence" is still seaworthy and on course.

Kyasville, utah

toosmartforyou said:

"BYU is head and shoulders above any other school in the country with their state-of-the-art broadcast facilities. Texas is envious; so is Oklahoma. LSU or Alabama should have it so good. Remember the OSU-BYU game in Oregon where BYU rolled their HDTV Truck into town on a few hours notice? No one else in the country can do that. Why should they have to forfeit that for their own home games?"

That is hilarious! LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas annually compete for national prominence, conference championships, top-tier bowl games, and a shot at a national championship. BYU has an HD truck, I can see how those other schools could be jealous!


smart_alec "I'm not sure what the Big East expected."

They expected to humor Boise State. That is the king. We were the pawn.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

Cougars need to remember that the Big East interest is in Boise State, the team that gives them their best support for continued AQ status. Boise State wanted another team in the west. The original idea for the west division of the Big East was Boise State, Air Force, Houston, SMU, Louisville, and Cincinnati. BYU became a program of interest when Air Force stated they would rather remain in the Mountain West. San Diego State became a program of interest several days ago when BYU wouldn't sign on the same terms as anybody else. But, with Air Force, BYU, and now San Diego State, it was always about a western partner for Boise State.

In the interest of protecting the $5-10 million per year deal, BYU has place themselves out of the running for a deal that could have been worth $15 million to them and offered them several bowl options, including multi-million dollar bowls and remains stuck with $600K bowls.

Highland, UT


Well you have now posted almost that exact same post about 15 times on 3 different articles. No one has replied to you so you just keep posting it. Just for the sake of making you feel like you have actually gotten something acomplished by posting it 15 times I'll reply.

You don't know what you are talking about. You are simply posting your BYU hating hopes and dreams. You're wrong and time will show you are wrong.

There you go. Now you can reply or at least go to bed happy that you have been aknowledged.

Gilbert, AZ

"BYU sports...care alot more about the new fan than those of us who have supported the program all our lives. As long as you fans in timbucktoo who have never bought a ticket or a cougar dog at the concession stand can now see the games, BYU will do everything they can to accommodate you and throw all the loyal local fans under the bus for you. Congratulations, you win."

Most of us in timbucktoo spent time at BYU, why do you think we're BYU fans in the first place? If only the BYU loyal lived in driving distance to Provo, then BYU's ESPN deal wouldn't exist at all. WE ARE LEGION!!!!!!

TV is priority #1 with BYU.

The years spent on the mtn. were painful for us longtime BYU fans not in the Utah area. I'll agree loading up on WAC teams every year would be unacceptable, but let's look at reality. Teams from all over the country have and will continue to schedule the Cougars; including Big12, Big East and eventually MWC again. It's hard for any school to turn down an attendance boost at their gate and a game on ESPN.

Magic Happens
Kaysville, UT

An interesting but not an unexpected turn of events.

Based on the differing posts by BYU fans, as a group they appear bi-polar. Less than 48 hours ago the BE was the salvation of Broncos desire for BCS access. Now it appears the BE was nothing more than a beggar for the scraps from BYU's table. BYU would have made the BE a stronger, more legitimate conference. And it definitely would have been easier access to BCS games. Independence isn't going to reach that goal with or without AQ conferences. There's no doubt that the BYU admin will do what they feel is right for BYU. I would expect nothing less. But I sympathize with frustrated BYU fans. A goal so close yet unattainable. Yes future BYU teams will have winning seasons against average competition with an occasional great team on the schedule, but it will still leave a somewhat empty feeling. It has been fun to watch the Utes. Yes I have been able to watch every game on TV. The national exposure is accomplished by its conference affiliation. BYU's desire for greater exposure has been accomplished, but in this circumstance they've just been exposed.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, Utah

As a long standing member of the Crimson Club, I hoped to see BYU get into a competitive BCS conference. After all, to see PAC 12 teams coming through Salt Lake in addition to big name teams from another conference going to Provo the State would have been a mecca for college football not to mention the added value to the rivalry. While I respect cougar fans for their loyalty and optimism with independence, I am of the view that the necessary frequency of high quality opponents will be insufficient to meet the required demands of the fan base and potential recruits. The program will decline and its value to ESPN will diminish resulting in the dissolution of their precious agreement. This entire process was poorly played by BYU's administration. How unfortunate for the state.


PP said, "I think it is great that Utah is in the PAC, but dont pretend that you were a prime candidate to get in. You were the last option."

Correction: Second to last (unless I miised hearing about the Y's invitation).

Highland, UT


You know even I occasionally get a little bit tired of the ever predictable and tedious utah "fans" that post on BYU articles. You see we all know none of you want anything good to happen for BYU so whichever way they go on any given issue your spin will be negative.

Suffice it to say BYU will be just fine.


I wouldn't say I am nervous at all. But I have faith in the church as an entire institution and despite the hate exibited by supposed LDS utah "fans" BYU is an institution of the church. I have perfect faith that they will be steered in the direction they need to go and that in the end it will all work out. It really is as simple as that. Certainly individuals can make mistakes that may seem to set things back but ultimately they will be right where they need to be doing exactly what they should be doing.

Now some of your fellow ute "fans" may denigrate that or call it naieve but that is how I feel. I'm perfectly happy with independence and am excited about what is coming in the years ahead.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Byu has never shown interest in BCS games so it makes sense that they would not want to join a BCS conference.

At least they will be able to hold on to the rights of replaying games with Idaho State, Idaho, New Mexico State and other high schools.

Someone above said "they should join the Big12" that's great and would make sense if they get an invite. But they haven't been invited, the only invite they have officially received is from the Big East.

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

So who does BYU lose first? It's recruits or its coach.

Juice Box
Eureka, UT

PP | 9:18 p.m. Nov. 22, 2011
Eagle Mountain, UT

Well, obviously the Big East isn't interested in football talent, hence the invite to both BYU and SDSU. It must be about location or something...


Nobody really knows how the mighty cougar football program will turn out. But it does not look good.
Time for the creative writers to step up at BYU TV. Unless you are a true cougar fan, new shows will be needed to ease the tension. Food shows do well. How about "America's Best Green Jello" or The Funeral Potato Wars of Provo."

Denver, CO

So many comments and so little knowledge.

I am very happy BYU is staying right where it is and very comfortable with the process that got them there. I like their visibility and especially their leadership.

All the wah wah wah trolls and fair-weather fans mean nothing in the grander scheme of things.

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