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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Gorum The Old
Madison, AL

Good Move. Go Cougars!

Cedar Rapids, IA

It was doubtful from the start that would work. Too many bad memories of the .mtn Too many of those memories had turned to nightmares in BYU minds.

Salt Lake City, UT

The big 12 would have been worth giving up the tv rights, but not big east. Who even knows how long they will have a bcs bid....


Resolute Voice your post is absolutely correct.

Centerville, UT

In other words, they sold their ticket on the Titanic to someone else. BYU will be fine. As much as some Ute fans love to mock the weak schedule this year, BYU is going to bring in big names. They have been doing that LONG before Utah was a glimmer in the Pac 10's eye.

bountiful, ut

All the BYU fans pledging jumping off the Cougar ship because of this if it proves true please don't let the ground hurt to much when you land.... The train will be better without than it was with you. :)

man of few words
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder why Desnews didn't reprint the ENTIRE article. They cut off the last 3 paragraphs. The original article goes on to say: "The Big East has been trying to convince potential members that joining will lead to more television revenue, greater television exposure and access to an automatic BCS bid."

BUT they wanted BYU to take in a SMALLER TV revenue, equal or less TV exposure in a far flung conference that may or may not still give them access to the BCS in 2 years.... Gee, wonder why the Cougs passed on this gem of a deal....

I have to laugh at my fellow Utes, who for weeks have been trying their darndest to convince BYU fans that the "Big Least" wasn't worth joining and are now reappearing to say that BYU has "missed the boat." Give it a break already! Sorry Cougs. Please know that they do Not represent the majority of us.

Cowboy Dude

I don't have ESPNU for those late night games!

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

For those of you who take this as an opportunity to hammer BYU, and therefore the Church, your ignorance of history is glaring. The Church and BYU have a history of going against the grain and succeeding. I would rather take my chances with BYU's leadership from the top down than jump at something as fleeting as AQ conference membership. To the Utah fans who may find some joy in all of this, yours is a totally different situation, a state university not governed by the principles espoused by BYU. That is not a knock on the U, just a fact. I wish you guys all the luck in the PAC 8-10-12-?. However, you need to remember that you and TCU and Boise State are all riding a wave of football competitiveness (?) created in the Intermountain West by none other than Brigham Young University. Thank you.

Logan, Utah

BYU, along with Boise State, need to join the WAC. For many reasons, it just makes sense. Both teams can have their ESPN games, plus geographically it makes sense. Maybe they can talk Nevada and Fresno to come back to the WAC also. The solution has been under your noses the whole time.

Also, Boise is tired of the MWC treating them like the new little sister. Boise has made it very clear that they want out of the MWC.

Kyasville, utah

BYU is driving a Yugo, and tried to convince the Big 12 and Big East that it was a Benz! Clearing they think more of themselves than everyone else does.

All this does is make them look like a bunch of Prima Donnas. Why in the world would they think that they should get a deal that NO other AQ conference school gets? And why weren't these demands made clear early enough in the process to not waste everyones time?

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"Some people will never figure out what invite means."

Some people are out of the loop and don't realize that the Big East really wanted BYU and already invited them. BYU just didn't agree to their terms.

So only one BCS conference expressed interest in Utah, while two BCS conferences have expressed great interest in BYU. That and the fact that BCS conferences deem BYU worthy of being "BCS-caliber" means that Utah fans can officially no longer say that Utah is "BCS-caliber" while BYU isn't.

I'm excited for independence. Fans have complained about the schedule, yet are so quick to forget that we all knew a good schedule wouldn't be possible the first coupls of seasons due to the short notice. It's nice that BYU's in a position to be able to set their own terms. Other teams don't even have that option; they must take what they're offered. Beggars can't be choosers. BYU is obviously not a beggar.

Milford, CT

i dont understand all the drama on this board of byu turning down the big least. their conference is imploding and if they lose AQ status they become even more irrelevant in college football. not much to gain by joining them, a whole lot to lose. byu shouldn't have started negotiations in the first place. it just opens us up to criticism and there are a lot of homers out there eager to take a shot at byu and the lds church.

West Jordan, Utah

A Utah man am I, but I feel for some BYU fans that think, as I do, it's a mistake staying independent.

BYU might be getting something better down the road, but to a certain extent, faith in independence is being exercised in full effect. I don't know what fruit will come of that seed, but I would not be surprised to see BYU football lose the kind of relevance they have worked so hard for over the last 40 years.

McCammon, Idaho

I sometimes get the impression that BYU is trying for some reason to commit football suicide. Anyone who thinks that the Big East will lose their AQ status does not understand the political clout that they have just because of their current location. The real problem with BYU is they think that they are somehow special when in the eyes of the rest of the country they are just not too smart. When superconferences come, and they will, BYU will be on the outside looking in.

Centerville, UT

No need to hyperventilate folks. BYU has a long term contract with ESPN that provides stability for them. BYU also has their own broadcasting equipment, studios, technologies and capabilities. Why give all of that up by giving away the broadcast rights for home games?

Right now fans have got to be happy that they can watch every game on tv right now. That wasn't possible in the MWC. BYU is happy because of the $millions they are receiving from ESPN, which wasn't happening in the MWC. No need to get greedy. Life is good if you're a BYU fan.

I suspect the BCS will change dramatically. I wouldn't be surprised if it somehow carried on as is. But I also wouldn't be surprised if it restructured...drastically, and many schools and teams will have egg on their helmets.

Just relax and enjoy watching games! Sitting tight, letting the dust settle, and evaluating the changing landscape of college football is in BYU's best interest right now.

O-town, UT

In negotiations when you have no interest in accepting a deal (invite), you have two ways to go: be honest and deny any interest of agreeing to a deal or make an outrageous demand in the odd-chance they give in to it.

BYU should have said they had no interest in joining a BCS conference, and that they are perfectly content with their current setup and TV deal. Now, they have burned bridges with the MWC, Big 12, and Big East. Most of the PAC-12 is probably turned off as many of the BYU fans immediately said that they were just discriminating against their religion.

For the schedule, this leaves the Big 10, ACC, and SEC (all will want two for one games). The other possible games: Sun Belt, MAC, C-USA, independents and FCS. These aren't going to draw interest. Sure, ESPN will be glad to fill a non-peak viewing time slot, but now begins the downward spiral.

The fans just saw their AD and board basically turn down a national stage for some extra money. Money isn't everything, besides BYU isn't going bankrupt.

Too bad for the serious Cougar fans that they just wimped out!

PA Rock Man
Allentown, PA


It's going to be a long winter until my Phillies start spring training.

West Jordan, Utah

@sammyg and Gorum the old.

Good for your patience. Do you believe all decisions BYU makes will work out? Come on, you are a little nervous right?

Agua Dulce, TX

BYU will bring in big names, as long as they have enough weekends in their schedule not filled with traditional rivals. And if teams only have 1 or 2 slots for non-conference scheduling, why would they go with BYU?

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