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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Lincoln City, OR

I bet that there was one united sigh of relief when it was announced that BYU was passing on their last opportunity to join an AQ Conference...

While we BYU fans were sitting there scratching our coolective heads, yelling at the Newscaster on the TV screen, and angerly suppressing our opinions about the Incompetencies of the BYU Decision Makers/ Negotiators, there had to be one heck of a party in the towns of Moscow, ID; Pocatelo, ID; San Jose, CA; Ogden, UT; and Las Cruses, NM as that means their hometown schools will be able to continue to monopolize BYU's late October and November Schedules.

This is a very sad time in the History of BYU Sports.... Yesterday we learned that we are terminal as far as competitive college sports go and that our player recruiting and fan interest will begin to suffer going forward.... The Glory Years under Lavell Edwards and Stan Watts and Dave Rose will be gone forever.

Highland, UT

@tomahawk red

"as a...bcs cardholder"


Yea you are a bcs cardholder. LOL!

Your decision to be a "fan" of the university of utah somehow makes you integral to all of it.



Didn't Dick Harmon guarantee us that they would be joining the Big 12?

Denver, CO

So many more comments and even less displays of intelligence.

BYU is not just another school. They definitely listen to a different voice; the pathetic whining of so-called fans and trolls notwithstanding.

I am very happy BYU is staying right where it is and very comfortable with the process that got them there. I like their visibility and especially their leadership.

Their current access and visibility is great!

Enid, OK

The 'Big East'?

After looking at the list of schools in the Big East it's more like the 'Big Who The Heck Are Most of These Schools?' conference.

BYU made the wisest choice here, let the pundits and critics say what they will...


Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone is happy, happy, happy, but I'm a little confused about why the A.D. and Coach were saying they were in favor of joining the Big Least just days ago? Maybe they didn't have the happy memo yet.

Springville, UT

Geewiz, DNews liberal types on staff today.

Will this work now, they are direct quotes...

sammyg says...

"Independence will be just fine and next season will be better and 2013 will be something to really get pumped for."

Tommyhawk Red says in reply...

"... Such incredible snobbery coming from a few select BYU homers...

As a Ute fan, and BCS card holder, I can say that YOU PEOPLE have absolutely, positively NO idea what you're missing out on" (caps added for entertainment emphasis)

I'm still on the floor laughing!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from 'you people' to 'them people'

Salem, ut

Well, "Liberaldrew" I think is correct. While I wish everyone would want BYU to play their school and then join the Church, that is NOT going to happen. It seems at times that elements of the leadership take the position that they should be accepted because of who we are. That doesn't work in the real world either. And, of course, with the secrecy around all negotiations, we'll never really know what happened and will be told what some want us to hear. So, on to late night games and, with luck, we'll be playing at mid-night so all the people in Australia can see it...right? :( Give me a break!

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

Several comments complained that BYU's decision reflects that BYU is all about money, like that is unique in college football. What a joke. Everything in college football is about money. The BCS is all about the money. Utah started the MWC disintegration by choosing to go to the PAC 12 for the money. Nebraska jumped to the Big Ten for the money. Texas stayed in the Big 12 because of the money from its private TV deal. Penn State didn't tell the police about the campus child-molester because of the money. Notre Dame is an independent because of the money. The Big East turned down BYU's position because of the money. And BYU decided to stay independent because of the money. Get real everyone.

Idaho Falls, ID

It seems like BYU's legal representation is giving BYU a black eye. Maybe we are getting poor counsel from our lawyers. I have a couple of questions that maybe some of you can answer:

Why haven't BYU officials made a public statement on their perspective on why the negotiations went south?

Also I don't quite understand on why BYU is so inflexible on their home game television rights. With exception to the ISU game, BYU TV didn't broadcast any of their home games. Is having another major network besides ESPN broadcast their home games such a huge drop-off in exposure?

I'm not too upset with not joining the Big East, but if this was the sticking point with the Big 12, then I am very frustrated. I still contend we get better exposure, better recruiting, better competition, better motivation for our players, and at least as much money by joining a BCS conference.

I think BYU officials owe us an honest explanation.

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

Idablu, it isn't about the Idaho State game that was broadcast over the free airwaves. It's about the ESPN deal that pays BYU for the rights to all of the other contracted games that ESPN shows on its networks. Big East wanted all or some substantial part of that income to be divided with the other teams in their conference, and BYU didn't feel that they wanted to share that money with the strangers from the Big East. It would have been a trade-off between the money BYU would give up in return for league games and perhaps a championship game in November. BYU made the best choice for the long-term, I think, but frustrating for the short term.

scott gavenman

no need to join, we have all the money we need. I love the schedule we play and when we get rid of the hard games, we will go 12-0 and win the national championship. Big east can't say that.

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