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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Kearns, UT

Wow, "U Student Y Fan" is going way overboard. One article about BYU not joining the "new MWC" and all of the sudden it's the end of the world.

I'm glad BYU officials are being hesitant so they don't end up in similar situations that they've been in before with past conferences. Plus, who can argue BYU playing on ESPN 9 times is a bad thing? Much better than last year and much better than appearing on KJZZ!

I'd much rather see BYU on ESPN playing a weak WAC team as opposed to having to playing a weak MWC or Pac-12 team and watch them on the Mountain or KJZZ.

Charlotte, NC

BYU's ego is astonishing. What they don't seem to understand is that TV rights are only valuable if people are actually watching and without an interesting schedule, nobody will be watching. BYU's days as a nationally significant football program have come to an end. Thank goodness we still have the reruns of the Lavelle days. They will become more valuable as the years go by.

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU is going to find itself on the outside looking in ... one of the have not's. ESPN reported today that the reason BYU didn't get an invite from the BIG 12 was because of home TV rights. Excuse me??? Who cares about home TV rights when you are playing Idaho State, New Mex St, etc..???? Who is actually watching the games?? NOBODY!!! So BYU turns down the chance to be in the same conference as Texas and Oklahoma because they want to hang on the TV rights to such games as San Jose St and Idaho St???

All I can say is wait 5 years and see where the Y ends up ... at the bottom of heap on the outside looking in at the rest of the super conferences... and at that point there won't be any body interested anymore.

Lindon, UT

Alum91: I believe you have got it backwards. BYU is saying NO! The Big East came to BYU not the other way around. BYU needs to maintain its home game TV rights, or it will be in the same situation as it was in the MWC. Why are some of you people so upset with BYU for doing what they want to maintain the exposure to their fans around the world? If someone approached you with "I have a fantastic deal for you. Just give me the title to your house and you can have all of this money to spend and 5 vacation packages each year anywhere in the world." You say no! Then all of those who have signed away their homes and are members say "you are being unreasonable." I don't buy it. If you do not like that BYU is saying no to this deal, then just go away. It is none of your business. Any you fans who are threatening to not buy BYU tickets, great, that will be more tickets available for those us who would like to purchase a season ticket and none are available.

West Jordan, Utah

@Duckhunter and sammyg.

Duck, I don't know how many trolls are out there. They exist and always will. It's on both sides realtive to Utes and Cougars.

My question is why care about them?

The extreme comments aren't worth reverse communication. You have to many interesting thoughts to sidetrack yourself.

Now sammyg. You missed my point. I am saying that (put simply) you worry about those that don't like or hate BYU when you come across as hating Utah to the extreme. Do you think all Utah fans are something negative? Do you beieve all that belong to some political party are something negative? The questions could go on. You seem like a guy who wants to label people.

I know plenty of lifelong BYU fans who can't stand the small percentage of their brothers (fans) who justify all things BYU and hate all things Utah.

Sam, you don't seem to dig my comments, but if you could heed one thing of advice from me, it would be to fear Max Hall not Yoda. Don't be a hater Sam.

Herriman, UT

Some interesting notes in the article. "Boise is the prize" - true, because their success in the rankings will be key to keeping the AQ status. BYU would help the cause there too, despite the lackluster past two years, they have been top 25 for half the decade. However, BYU brings more fans, seats, etc. to the table by far.

And comments that Georgetown and Notre Dame are offended? What the heck do they care? This move has NOTHING to do with them, we aren't getting a basketball invite and the academic ties are clearly weak or the ACC and Big 12 wouldn't be pillaging so easily.

Really all this article made me think was "too bad BYU blew the Big 12 shot."

Oceanside, CA

From a long time die hard BYU fan and alum, it hurts to watch BYU fail to negotiate a deal and then destroy these potential relationships.

Its now come out that BYU has been very unreasonable in the negotiation process to not only the Big East but also to the Big 12. They hold grudges against certain media outlets. I hope these reports are wrong. But my gut tells me theyre not. Where theres smoke theres usually fire.

Even if they are wrong; in the business world, perception is reality.

You cannot join a conference and expect to completely eliminate any risk. Its not going to happen! The other members will hate and resent you.

I think that the higher risk is staying independent. What blue chip recruits will want to play against WAC teams with the hope to get to the Armed Forces, Emerald or Poinsettia Bowl every year?

Realistically speaking we are not going to get a better TV deal than every other football program in America.

Note to BYUBe humble or Be humbled!

Syracuse, ut

What if BYU loses by one point to Georgia Tech next year? Season's already over after the first game, nothing to play for but pride and a crappy bowl invite. How again is this better for BYU football than a conference championship run and potential BCS bowl invite?

-A frustrated Cougar fan.

Phoenix, AZ

I have mixed emotions about this one.
1-It seems that BYU does not want more money for each game at the expense of less exposure. Having 11 of 12 games on ESPN and the other on your own networks is the exposure they were looking for when they became independent.
2-I do wish the TV rights would have come up earlier in the negotiations. That is embarrassing for BYU and the Big East. If there are things you are not willing to give up, BYU should have made that known.
3-I am not sure the BCS survives, but whatever happens will be similar and those from the Big 6 conferences will have the upper hand on access to it.
4-I am not sure that the Big East and Big 12 survive as they are.
5-The Big 12 would have been miseable for the other sports. Travel would have been killer.

It is the TV deal or Sunday play that killed the Big 12 deal? I thought I read Sunday play was the big deal, but this sources from the Big East says differently.

South Jordan, UT

BYU just saved some big bucks and now should stay focused on independence. The BCS as we know it now will be either gone or changed into a playoff type system. There will no longer be AQ conferences.

Lindon, UT

AZguy: Your post shows exactly why you cannot believe much of what you read in these articles, as most of it is speculation. I'm very sure that BYU would have indicated their desires right up front. I'm just as sure that the Big East thought they could persuade BYU to see it their way. Now that they are not able to do so, BYU becomes tha bad guy. It was reported that the Big East representatives, Boise State reps, Notre Dame reps, were all in Provo a few weeks ago trying to convince BYU to join the Big East. Since that has not happened, it is certain that BYU has not changed its stance from day one, but the others have not been able to convince BYU otherwise. So you tell me, why is BYU the bad guy? Because they didn't bow down to the Gig East and what they wanted? If that is the case, then I feel sorry for all of you who are denigrating BYU for holding to the decisions they made when they went indy. Please get over it, some of you BYU fans, and others. BYU is going to follow their own standards, not others'.

South Jordan, UT

I'm sick of hearing about BYU's schedule. People need to be patient, we are just starting independence, we will get the good teams, it will just take time, don't worry. Go independence, we don't need the big east.

paradise, nv

BYU doesnt need a conference unless all conferences end up prohibiting their teams from playing non-conference opponents after September. BYU had weak mainly WAC opponents late this year because they had such little time to flesh out their schedule. Only if 4 or 5 years from now they are still playing mainly the San Jose and New Mexico States of college football late in the season will there be a problem. I am sure Holmoe with the assistance of ESPN is working on getting tougher opponents for the upcoming future seasons years out from now.

Mcallen, TX

After declaring and feeling independence, why go back to what was?

West Jordan, Utah


you wrote "I love all of the utah "fans" pretending to be disgruntled BYU fans. Your obsession is showing."

All you say? Do you honestly think all proclaimers of disgruntling are all trolls? For such a big BYU fan, do you know any?

There are different opinions among BYU fans. Can't that be okay. Are these fans bad if they use their free speech to say something outside of your opinion. If so, it's the thinking that often prevails in the world.

Narrow thinking would suggest if one disagrees with them then they are unpatriotic. If one disagrees then they are apostate. If one disagrees then they are inferior. I know you know this is not a good thing Duckhunter.

We are all not defined, and should not be, by one party, one fandom, and one faith. If you are offended by this, maybe, just maybe, you are offended by yourself. Afraid to question anything BYU, lest you be cutoff from Cougar board.

West Jordan, Utah


I don't know one Utah fan who is threatened by 1984.

I feel it's important to remember history, but the more you obsess about it, the more you will live in 1984.

With the success of BYU basketball of late, should I bring up Utah's National Championship in 1946. Even the title game appearance in 1998, as much as I still feel proud about it, is not worth shoving in anyone's face. Nobody cares.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

CaliforniaCougar | 7:14 p.m. Nov. 22, 2011
Lake Elsinore, CA
Thank goodness!

BYU is on national TV every week. No need to give that up just to get a conference trophy.

Stay the course. Being independent is the best option right now.


For sure. I mean, let's compare.

A) San Jose State, Idaho State, NM State, Tulsa, Helicopter Bowl

B) Louisville, West Virginia, Cincinnati, BCS Bowl

The ignorance among BYU fans is so thick you could choke a buffalo with it.

All you Y fans still trying to make yourselves believe that you didn't want to be a part of the BCS anyway.

How ridiculous.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

sammyg | 7:25 p.m. Nov. 22, 2011
Springville, UT

Independence will be just fine and next season will be better and 2013 will be something to really get pumped for.


As opposed to, say, getting pumped for EVERY season? New idea, I know... but don't you think that could be a wee bit better?

Such incredible snobbery coming from a few select BYU homers. Yeah, let's go with (A) getting pumped every 2-4 years instead of (B) getting pumped EVERY year.

Watching Utah this year has been more satisfying than probably any other season I can think of... lumps and all. You just don't know how much more fulfilling it is to see Utah clash with big boy teams like USC, UCLA and ASU... every single week. A slate full of quality home games, and knowing the Rose Bowl is always a possibility at the end of the tunnel.

As a Ute fan, and BCS card holder, I can say that you people have absolutely, positively NO idea what you're missing out on.

River Master
Lehi, UT

There gos BYU's relevance. Might as well start watching Boise cause I can't stand Utah.


FootballFanatic said:

".....I'd much rather see BYU on ESPN playing a weak WAC team as opposed to having to playing a weak MWC or Pac-12 team and watch them on the Mountain or KJZZ."

Are you a Chicago Cubs fan?
They have settled for 2nd best or less for decades. Just like BYU!

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