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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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The Rock
Federal Way, WA

BYU has it too good as an independent.

Why join an AQ conference that is about to lose that status and have to give up its television rights too? As I see it there is little to gain and a whole lot to lose.

Salt Lake City, UT

All I care about is the best competition. If BYU decides to remain an independant, here's hoping that the schedule can be upgraded so both the Utes and Cougars are playing top caliber teams. No matter who joins the Big East, hopefully this will give USU an opportunity to join the MWC where I believe they would do very well.

St. George, UT

Before you go and say that BYU is unreasonable, consider this:

The ball is in our court. They want us. We aren't dead-set on joining the Big East. So: If we have a deal that is very beneficial to us and to the Big East, we will go. Otherwise, our hearts aren't broken.

I loved that my Cougs were on international TV every game (and so did my family that lives all across the country). We got extreme exposure, and that is what the university wanted.

Providence, UT

"They are being extremely unreasonable all of a sudden."

All of the sudden??

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

We don't really fit into the Big East anyway. Neither does Boise St., Air Force or San Diego St. I thought it was a stretch when the Big 12 was considering us. For now I am happy with independence. Let's wait until it all plays out with the BCS and realignment. We are in a good spot and should not have to compromise to get into a conference on the verge of collapse.

O-town, UT

Wow, I have never seen a University more tight with money. Reminds me of the friend who pulls out the calculator to figure out how much everyone owes for the tip.

This also reminds me of the Saw movies. In this case, Jigsaw set up a game to see if BYU could overcome it's selfishness and greed for money and play in a BCS conference--to which they have failed miserably. This is the beginning of the end for BYU football. The door is slamming shut with BYU left to itself and its misery.


Midvale, UT

I wouldn't be too sad not to join the Big East, but if the tv negotiations is what kept us out of the Big 12, then I have to throw my hands up in the air and scream, "What were you thinking!?"

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ


With every team that was any good from the MWC, is the conference really any different from the WAC? And the WAC's TV deal sure offered more exposure. USU going to the MWC is a losing proposition. They should be looking at possibly conference USA.



Spanish Fork, UT

Principle and selfishness or arrogance and selfishness - you decide.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

yay! more games against the bottom of the Wac teams! wahoo! now BYU can get an even more inflated view of themselves!


Captain L
Provo, UT

To many fans are going to be upset if BYU doesn't jump at the chance to get into a BCS conf. , the fact is BYU being independent is just fine, the scheduling will improve with time and unless the Big East or Big 12 or any other conf. for that matter want to make it worthwhile, BYU just needs to stay independent. If the BCS makes the changes being talked about there won't even be
BCS conferences. Why would BYU give up their TV rights etc if it won't be to their advantage.

Juice Box
Eureka, UT

The Rock,

Too good at beating up bottom dweller WAC teams, you mean?

Springville, UT

Stay independent. Soon this conference will be revealed as a desperate attempt to keep 'big boy' status. No disrepect intended by a few of these schools in AQ conferences? It was a stretch for BYU, Utah and TCU but San Diego State?

In any case, don't sweat the little stuff. Keep the contract, play a random, fun schedule every year and see what happens. I am losing my taste for this 'Vegas style all-in' on college sports. We need to remember these are student-athletes. Back to basics. Win games and people watch, lose'm and the seats are empty. And when its over make sure you have a real degree hanging on your wall. A lot of people have paid a lot of money for these universities for academics, football should remain second place.

Gilbert, AZ

It's not about money, it's about visibility. Show of hands, who wants to join the Big East and possibly get stuck with 3-4 games on TV with the rest limited in availability and no chance for even BYUtv to air them? Anybody??? That is what BYU doesn't want to happen (again, MWC) Get a good deal cougars or don't deal at all.

The schedule will get better:
2012- GTech, Utah, Boise, ND, Org St, Wash St
2013- GTech, Utah, Boise, ND, Wash St, Texas, Houston

rock springs, wy

What is "Big East" about the Big East anyway? If the western half of the Big East is Boise State, San Diego State, Houston and SMU, how is that a better conference line-up than the best of the current MWC? And the eastern half is even worse. How often are Connecticut, Rutgers, Cincinatti, Navy and Central Florida going to be BCS contenders? Chances are good that Boise State won't endure as a national power so if BYU wants to dominate another conference and winning a conference championship is the most important thing, then they should join the Big East. If they want to have national exposure, have their fans see all their games on national television and keep the money from tv and bowl games (though usually not BCS bowls), play other nationally significant programs, then they should remain independent. The national college football landscape will do some serious shifting in the next few years. BYU should stand its ground until the shifting stops.

Highland, UT

good to hear! we didn't want to go to the Big Least anyway! lol!

and whats funny to me is that Utsie trolls are already out talking like its 1999.

Truth is, it doesn't matter where BYU goes, because, well...........we are BYU. Independence has been great and I anticipate us getting the same access taht notre dame has enjoyed since we are comparable programs historically and now as far as fan bases go.

Bronco has said that this team will be in the national title race next year. This is his favorite team.

I trust that the bot will do exactly whwat needs to be done. we will do ther ight thing. and no matter what, we always have more bcs access tahn the utsies! eat that up utsie trolls!

Hurricane, UT

We need an upgrade in schedule strength especially in the home game department. But a move to the Big East is a lateral move if you ask me and the Big East would be the party getting the upgrade... the Big East, for the past 6 or 7 years, has been consistently worse than the MWC but with the addition of Boise St and Air Force the conference might be viewed in great favor of keeping it's AQ status. I still think down the road the Cougs go somewhere but IF the fans have to deal too much with this creampuff home schedule LES will suffer in the attendance category. I for one will travel 4 hours to Provo to see BYU/Texas but I will no longer travel to see BYU/NMSU... Come on Cougs the fans NEED SOMETHING EXCITING.

west jordan, ut

Boo hoo, so maybe we are not going to the Big East. I am not crying.

Orem, UT

Everyone speculates without knowing the actual facts. It's not being selfish. It's called smart business sense. The Big East would not be much more of an improvement over the Mountain West. Why give up a lucrative ESPN deal and become subject to possible bad administration similar to the Mountain? Obviously there are problems in the Big East or the good teams wouldn't be bolting from it. The schedule would not improve that much considering what is in the works for BYU.

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