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Number of lobbies has grown from 40 to over 200

Published: Monday, Nov. 21 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

m.g. scott,

"Many of you (mostly on the left of course)..."

I have been Republican and conservative my entire life. Your labeling and judgmentalism is not cool.

The right to assemble and "petititon government for redress of grievances is NOT the right to "lobby" Lobbyists do NOT present petitions to the government. Your argument is completely fallacious.

Holladay, UT

Those who want their government to legislate morality are mistaken in the whole idea of free choice.

We cannot force others to accept and live by our individual standards. We can puruade them, but never coerce. Government intervention in religious morality is an attempt of reducing people's free choice. We must let people choose, never force them to.

Forced morality only leads to embitterment, secrecy, and greater unruliness.

We must learn that we must govern ourselves, and pursuade others to make correct choices.


Most of these comments are saying, that as a believer I can have no say in this government, while the eat, drink, and be merry crowd has their way promoting the anything goes philosophy.

Tolerance is nearly non-existent in todays debate. Don't like it get a lawyer. I have never seen a public prayer or expression of anyone's religion result in any harm, only that created in the intolerant mind.

Give me a beak, lighten up, and understand that everyone as a human being sees things differently and be a little more understanding.

Unfortunately, lobbying is viewed as a means of educating government officials to direct wise legislation. Not always saying I agree with everything that comes out of DC.

I could view extreme environmentalism as a religion, it is, and call for removal of tax exempt status. Let's focus on the billions they have bilked the layers out of in just the last ten years.

This is a minor debate the leading issue is corruption in our government at all levels of government, and all parties.

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