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Published: Monday, Nov. 21 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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JD Books
Monroe, UT

SS Rams could probably win the 5A title!

South Jordan, UT

Who is SS???

If you mean south sevier, that is funny!!!

24-1 Lone Peak, with 2 BYU signees,
21-4 West Jordan, Utah Signee, 6'6 230, I bet your tallest guy on your team is maybe 6'4 which in 2A is massive!!!
American fork would murder you! ha all of 5A most likely would!!

24-1 in 2A BASKETBall is not hard! ha

JD Books
Monroe, UT

SS has 2 D1 prospects plus arguably the best coaching staff in the state.

Enterprise, UT

Iam going to jump on the 2A bandwagon and go on record right now and say that South Sevier could finish no lower than 3rd in any 4A/5A region in the state. Yes, this comment has some homework behind it!

There could be some fine teams in 2A this year. Let's get started!

Salt Lake City, UT

I am all for the under dog, but there is no way SS could come close to any of the LP, AF, or WJ. Not even a chance. I'm sorry but it just wouldn't even be a game.

Cedar City, Utah

First off to say that it isn't hard to go 24-1 in 2A shows ignorance and that you haven't had anything to do with coaching a team in any classification. And your comment about SS getting killed by any 5A team . . . well I guess we will find out when SS faces Fremont on the 6th of December. While I believe that SS has an amazing team this year, it is in their own best interest to check themselves and be humble if they want to achieve their goals this year.

HS Sports Guru
West Jordan, UT

For anyone that goes to the Dixie State Team Camp every summer you should already know that whoever says any 2A team could compete even with a 4A team is way off the reservation. Every year Enterprise and South Sevier play in the "B" Varsity Division playing against all the 5A and 4A second team guys and they still get beat. Thats why you never see a 5A vs 2A challenge because there would never be a challenge.

bountiful, ut

Keith West? Is he the one that was there in the 90's and prior? If so, man that guy is tenured! :)

South Jordan, UT

SS will lose to Wasatch academy tonight! ha good luck!

Jd Brooks,
Best coaching staff in the state? but yet there coaching 2A basketball and have good players,

my best friend played for JD in 2A they went 24-1, and won with marquiz wilson over all that 2A competition, guess what... only one kid on that team went to play college ball.... ha

so 24-1 against 2A, is not anything great! but good for them!

agreed with HS sports guru!

Who are these 2 D 1 recruits that you have? how tall are they? talkin to who exactly?

best coaching staff in state, stuck in South sevier or what ever its called,

South Jordan, UT

Race Parsons, is a good player, 6'4 and 150 pounds., ya I would own 2A with being a 6'4 stick, but he comes to 4A or 5A he gets bullied! But I have to say I HAVE SEEN him play, he is good. but your competition is not good,
One game at Fremont wont say much to how good your team is, but I will watch and see what all this hype about the best coaching staff in state, and the best team in state from 2A!

I bet its a good team, becuase you went 24-1 last year, and now you return one senior, and like 9 juniors back, you will be good this year and next!!

to bad no one outside of 2a worries to much because no one will play the, or will go play them where ever south sevier is!

But 2a title is something to brag about for sure, and the way you all talk, this team will go undefeated this year right?

JD Books
Monroe, UT

Clark & Parsons are both D1 prospects. Both have D1 interest. Plus Hunt and his staff can coach rings around most other coaches. SS never has the biggest or fastest kids but somehow they continue to collect the gold trophies.

South Jordan, UT

One more thing to SS fans!
Won title in 05-06 by 2 points against Juab, lucky JD moved up to 3A that year!
Won title 10-11 last year! Congrats!
2 titles in 10 years! with the best coaching staff in the state??
I know you win 20 plus games and only have lost to one team in the semis or during season, but if its the best coaching staff, how do you win 27 games in a year and then dont even win state in 2A! ha

Win this year and next year 2A SS then you can comment that you can beat anyone in state!

JD Books
Monroe, UT

To BinghamAlum, No one has said that SS will go undefeated this year or any other year for that matter. What is being said is that with the type of program that Hunt has year in and year out that we could compete with higher classifications. Remember Hickory Hs in Hoosiers? It is too bad that there is not some type of inter classification tourney after the state tournaments are over to see where each team really fits.


I agree that SS could definitely compete well in 3A and beat some teams in 4A but it would be an absolute blowout if they were to play any of the big three in 5A. no question.

Another thing- why is it that this jaden kids from skyline can transfer from skyline to West jordan if this Mika kid can`t transfter from waterford to LP? Sounds really messed up if you ask me


SS will prove to see where they stand when they play fremont. But remember fremmont is far from being one of the best in 5A.

Vernal, Ut

An end of season inter-class playoff would garner a lot of interest. How about featuring the top two teams from class 5A, 4A, 3A and 2A. Have the 5A champ play the 4A second place team and the 4A champ play 5A's runner-up. The winners meet and play the surviving team from a similar playoff between 3A and 2A's top teams. Sounds like fun and would certainly create a lot of comment fodder.


This mika kid lives next to some friends of mine in alpine. Apparently he has lived in lone peak boundaries since he was in elementary school. why can others- like skylines best player transfer from skyline to WJ? mika actually lives in LP boundaries and cant play for his high school instead of a private school. Uhsaa is messed up

Salt Lake City, UT

With the Mika thing, i actually agree with the UHSAA on this one. You just have to look into it a little and read between the lines. He is only transfering to play. He does live in LP boundries but why else would he go to Waterford? for the schooling? Why all of the sudden did it change? His sibilings are still going to Waterford. This is one time i rarely agree with UHSAA.

SwagCity, Utah

JD Books comments get more outrageous everytime he comments, Davis should not be in the top 5, 10 or even 20. They will lose tonight big to Riverton. Number 3 McCleary is the best true point guard in the state and is going to have a hayday tonight! Mark my words. By the way the SS rams don't have any D1 prospects they dont even have a player who could start at the 4a/5a level let alone at the collegiate level

LP suppporter
Lehi, Utah

A fun time of year as we wrap up the high school fall sports and begin the winter sports. As usual anticipation is high throughout the basketball world. The good thing is everyone starts out equal. I cannot see anyone going undefeated this year. The season is long and good teams always have a target on their backs. LP for example plays 15 road games, with 10 in a row at one stretch. Six of those are in South Carolina and Wisconsin. An ambitious schedule to say the least. In 5A there are some very good teams with talented players on them. Obviously LP starts out as the favorite, but anything can happen. As far as the smaller schools there really are some good teams. SS is talented I watched them play 5 times last year. They will be fun to watch and we will see what Wasatch Academy does moving to 2A. Good luck all...

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