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Published: Monday, Nov. 21 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Why are people getting so emotional about this. The article doesn't so much rank the coaches as gives a straight-forward report of winning percentages through history. Putting the lowest first and the highest last is a sort of logical extension of that. None of the text if the article made a judgment about the quality of the coach.

You can't compare one coach to another anyway. Prior to Tommy Hudspeth, the stadium was where the Richards P.E. building stands now with the stands on the side of the hill. During the Hudspeth tenure they built the current stadium and won their first ever conference championship. Chicken and egg question: what came first, institutional support or coaching success?

Again, was Lavell just a unique coaching genius or did he get a lot more institutional support than Tally Stevens did - or was it a little of both? Once he started winning the institution nearly doubled the capacity of Cougar Stadium.

The only comparison to be made between LaVell and Bronco is that Bronco got off to a quicker start - not a fair comparison. We would need at least 10 years if not more to draw conclusions.

Provo, UT

The thing to remember is that prior to about 1965, football was just an afterthought at BYU, where basketball was king. Once the administration started showing more support, the winning started.

Dan the Fan

I look at W/L record under Bronco. Byu vs Utah = 3-4 vs TCU = 2-5. Winning percentage is important, sure, but if you can't beat the big dogs you won't be around long. How did that work out for Lloyd Carr? 122-40 with a national title but lost his last 7 to rival Ohio St and got canned! Bronco almost never wins the big game, which drives me crazy.
2011 marquee win = Utah St, 2010 = 7-6 UW, 2009 = 8-5 Oklahoma, 2008 = 8-5 Air Force, 2007 = 9-4 Utah, 2006 11-2 TCU(finally), 2005 = 4-7 Air Force
Is Bronco the right guy for the job, maybe. He gets us 10 wins against weaker competition, but I think in order to get over that hump and win the big one we need someone else!

Lehi, UT

I agree with Dan the Fan, Bronco can't win big games. If Cougar fans can get excited about beating losing teams then enjoy mediocrity. Nobody forced BYU to go independent and in going independent they lost any credibility the program had. Bronco's fake humility and arrogant piety make it nearly impossible to endure listening to him. Kyle Whittingham manages to sound more confident and more humble at the same time and has more accomplishments than Mendenhall. In any neighborhood the kid who picks on the little guys is a bully, if Provo he's a great coach!? My new favorite color is crimson.

Orem, UT

This is talking winning percentages, no?

I think when one considers the competition, BYU is playing a much tougher schedule than before. The U wasn't even relevant for most of Edward's career and most recruits hated Utah, let alone playing in their stadium, which still has below average locker rooms.

Obviously Mendenhall wins and wins a lot. The problem is thinking BYU and Mendenhall must win every game. That is just crazy talk. Mendenhall is in an era of minute-to-minute media and social networks and hence under 24/7 scrutiny, that was never the case in all of the other coaches reigns. I will say the same for most high-profile programs. The fans and the media are almost childish in their "cheering," or whatever they think they're doing

@ Truth avenger: grow up! I think its great that my home teacher and bishop root for the Utes, but not because they hate BYU, but because they are true loyal fans, not fly by night social media fans.

Whittingham will always get the benefit of the doubt from media and fans that Mendenhall won't ever get and football will always be priority 5 on my list.

AZ Ute
Scottsdale, AZ

Hudspeth is LDS? Long time ago I heard one of the reasons he was canned was that he discouraged the best players from going on missions. Of course, that was from a fellow Ute fan so consider the source.

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