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Published: Sunday, Nov. 20 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Belgrade, Serbia

Well put, and I agree: Fish left so he could play for the Lakers.

It was also one more instance of LHM showing who was the bigger and more grounded person.

Sandy, UT

Amen, Lee. I felt the same way when I saw Derek Fisher "representing" the players.


I was not sad to see Fish go since I just couldn't bring myself to embrace the former Laker. That said, he should have fully understood that re-signing with the Lakers was off limits. I don't know what Larry knew but all we knew as fans is that Fisher was taking his daughter to NY for treatment. Retire or sign with an eastern team was all that we were hearing when he was released...then he did the dirty deed and enlisted with the enemy without the Jazz getting any compensation.

The Jazz had done enough to enhance the legacy of the Lakers via Magic Johnson.

As for the current issue it really makes no sense whatsoever that the players are willing to give up a season for a marginally better offer. Even if they got a better offer, which they wont, most of them will never make up the loss of a years contract. Just on the Jazz, AJ, Memo, Harris, and Bell will never get new contracts that pay them at their current level. They are just flushing money down the toilet if they don't play this year.

Fish, where is the logic?

Herriman, UT


Salt Lake City, Utah

What a sad indictment of Derek Fisher. His attitude is why I hope the Owners win this fight and bring the players back to reality. Lee Benson is correct. It is in poor form to bite the hand that feeds you.

Springville, UT

Fish is effectively near the end of his career. What about the young guys?

Yeah but
South Jordan, UT

Do people honestly think going without $5.1MM will make a big difference to these guys this year? Do people think they spent it all last year or the year before? This isn't about money; it's about power. Who is in charge, the owners or the players. Sure, they may have to fly first class on a commercial plane and park their private jet for a while. But they won't have to make payments on those ginormous stadiums like the owners will. They won't have to pay as much income tax - only on their investment income. This is one storm the spoiled little rich kids will weather much better than their creators, and they will emerge with even more power over than they had before.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

what about the young guys? what about them.

Bountiful, utah

These overindulged children are killing the golden goose. It is about time they learn what they are really worth in this depressed job market.

Salt Lake City, UT

What about the young guys? They should have their own representative facing
the Union and the Owners as well. Their careers ahead of them. Fisher's is nearly over. Seems to me that both should be represented.

Ogden, UT

Right on!

Perfectly stated.

I for one have witnessed my last NBA game.

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

The best doctors in the Country for the type of eye cancer Derek Fisher's daughter had are at Moran and Huntsman. Any cursory research by Fisher and Larry would have revealed that (I know, I did the research for one of my kids). Fisher's move to LA was a blatant manipulation of a kind-hearted Larry; an opportunistic, selfish move. And now he takes that same motive and uses it to personify the rest of the players. I'll never watch another NBA game the rest of my life.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I have no sympathy for men paid a half million dollars minimum, with most ten times that--- (or more!) to throw a ball around, and think that is insufficient compensation.

Anything more than what an Army Sergeant, or even General, in Afghanistan earns is an obscene excess.

And, I have no sympathy for owners who agreed to pay such lavish salaries.

Although I generally object the the "make the rich pay their fair share" rhetoric I would happily seize the paychecks of these spoiled brat players in a heartbeat.

And, if the entire NBA just collapses and there is never another professional basketball game played in this country, how would we be worse off?

Kearns, UT

Amen! I am 95% on the side of the owners in this dispute but every time Fisher opens his mouth I get closer and closer to 100%.

That said I will still support the Jazz because of Larry Miller and the Miller family. They have done a lot for Utah and I will stick with them through this as my way of saying thanks. The rest of the NBA wont get one second of my time or one penny of my money. GO JAZZ!!!

Holladay, UT

Greed is greed.


good article Lee, Fisher is a fraud.


This is an excellent article and analysis. Derek Fisher can and should feel guilty about how he manipulated this whole situation. For him to have the temerity to talk about selfish owners is truly galling. As much as I enjoy NBA B-ball, I am glad the owners are sticking to their guns. If they don't, the small market teams like Utah are going to become more marginalized.

Somewhere, UT

I say send the players to Europe to play for a year and 99% of them will come running back to any offer the owners make. When they have no more charter flights and 5 star hotels to stay in with a trainer for each player they will begin to appreciate what they had. When they have their first flight in a run down two prop plane and then ride a beat up old bus to a flea bag motel they will start to think what were we thinking. Then to top it off the team owner will stiff them on the pay! I think both sides are at fault in this mess but at least the owners realize that the teams can't keep this up or there won't be any teams.

Silly Rabbit
Small Town, USA, UT

Great words Lee, God Bless Larry H. he is missed


In defense of Derek Fischer:

He has great taste in clothes, but the defense stops there.

He defrauded Larry Miller, if not legally, certainly morally. At the time, however, ther were an awful lot of Jazz fans defending him. Funny how history teaches us to have 20/20 hindsight.

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