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Small-market NBA teams facing tough times

Published: Sunday, Nov. 20 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Burley, ID

Personally, I think it's time for the NBA to hire Replacement Players and bring back any former NBA players who are willing to play under the new rules.

After all, who else is going to pay them an average of $5 million dollars a year to play a game?

Wasilla, AK

Sounds like the hand the NBA dealt them was already a bad deal!


Claiming that the Millers will sell because they lost 17 mil last year is ridiculous. They lost 17 mil because they chose to extend Memo's contract for two years at over 10 mil per year and they gave Raja over three mil per year for three years. Those were both very stupid moves. Memo was clearly sliding before that extension and he's a center that doesn't play in the post or defend. Raja hadn't done anything in years and it was insane to give in to his demands for a three year contract.

Forget the AK contract (decision made years ago), just the Memo and Raja deals cost about 14 mil per year. Then add to that the matching money the Jazz had to pay over the cap and the money they would have received for being under and you have profitability. The Jazz willingly went over the cap with a full knowledge of what it meant to their bottom line.

Why would the Millers sell when they can so easily turn a profit if they so desire?

Marlborough, MA

This is terrible writing. The story starts off based ona false premise.

"The ongoing NBA lockout situation presents a dilemma for the Utah Jazz and their fans.
Everybody wants basketball to be played, not delayed by a labor mess."

This is a flat out inaccuracy. Most sports fans polled nationally could care less if the NBA folds. If the NBA somehow survives this "labor" dispute(doubful) and the Jazz get sold it's simply the free market in action. Utah should do everything they can to get NFL and NHL franchises. Both sports are far more exciting and the display of athletisism in those sports greatly exceeds basketball. Sports fans in UT. would forget about basketball in a hurry if they had those two great professional sports to watch.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC


Speak for yourself. I can't watch the NFL or NHL as it is. I want Basketball. Those other sports can fold and die.

Fredericksburg, VA


I agree with you for the most part, however, if the team didn't go into the tax range so much, would they get as many fans? This year is a bad example, as the newer deals were bad deals. The Jazz had to try something to win and get Williams to stay, but that just didn't work out at all. At least AK's contract is freed up. Maybe the Jazz can get him back for a good deal and get rid of a couple of other contracts to get under the cap. After that, hopefully the new guys on the team from the dwill trade last season and the new drafts can make something happen to generate fan interest and give the team a positive outlook. The team has a good base, just a few bad deals are killing the profits.

Ivins, Utah

"Most fans polled nationally could care less if the NBA folds".

Where are you getting that statistic? I know there are fair weather fans in every sport but true NBA fans like me do not want the NBA to fold. Many fans are upset with the lockout and have issues with both player and owner greed in this lockout, but are hopeful that things will get resolved so our teams can get back on the floor.

To state that both NHL and NFL are more exciting is just your opinion. While I would love to have an NFL team in Utah that is probably not going to happen in my lifetime, and I could care less about NHL ( that is my opinion only too).

I can sit this year out watching NBA games if it will truely help the smaller market teams in the future, but I for one want the game back again as soon as possible.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

NBA is as good as gone if they don't settle their differences. Time for Utah to look for an alternative!!!

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

To the owners and players, It's all about the $$$
It's a business and a job to them.

Fans are the only one's who "feel" any sense of loyalty.

Trust me,
The fans in Seattle wanted the Sonics to stay there,
by the owners got alot more money moving the franchise to Oklahoma.

Follow the money --
The Jazz in Utah will be gone.

Besides --
That's business,
Free Market,
and Capitalism....everything Utahns say they support....loyalty and good of the fans and the local economy be darned.

Bountiful, Utah

Just wondering. If your home in Utah is in foreclosure and/or if you are up to your eyeballs in debt, if your don't have food storage, if you don't have savings, if you are wondering how you are going to get the money to pay for Christmas, etc., is it OK to purchase tickets to the Jazz games? I really think that many Utahans cannot afford the games anyway, so send the team to a City that can, if there is such a city in today's economy.

Tyler Ray
Taylorsville, UT

Lds liberal, yeah right. Checketts knows more than you and he says the millers won't sell. And even if they did there are a lot of potential buyers who would keep the team in utah

Farmington, UT

With these ridiculous contracts the players want, sell the organization and bring in an NFL team!

Providence, UT

I have a question for all you whiners who are complaining about the possibility of the Jazz leaving Utah. How did the Jazz get to Utah in the first place?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

My only concern when the Jazz are gone (either by extinction of the NBA or sale of the team) is where will Jazz fans go to release all that pent-up anger? Seriously, in my entire life I've never heard so much vitriol spewed en masse as I've heard at Jazz games. I've been to NBA games in many other cities and it's not half as bad as it is here. All you Jazz fans will have to go somewhere else to act like spoiled children and say/do things you would never do by yourselves.

Colorado Springs, CO

I already miss the Jazz and agree with this article that the system is completly broken for small market teams. People say the Jazz enter into bad contracts, what they do not realize is that NBA small markets have to overpay in almost all cases in order to keep anyone that develops into a star. The Jazz have made trades in the past where the player has refused to even show up! They are at a disadvantage finacially but also geograhically to big city teams. NBA players usually come from these big cities and want to return to them so brush off the teams that draft them. Some critics point to teams like Chicago that did not pay as much as the Jazz did last year but went deep into the playoffs. D-Rose however is still on his rookie contract adn will command a max contract in the near future. Several other on their team will be in a similiar situation.

Revenue sharing would go a long way (in this I agree with the players). It the Lakers had to split %50 of their $3B TV deal with small market teams they would over spend far less.

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Hopefully TV networks here in Utah will do everything possible to televise all major college remaining football and all of the basketball season. Then I and many others will get their fix for sports and the NBA greeds can argue and fight until the 2nd coming of you know who for all I am concerned. Accept NFL like contracts NBA or your days of financial successes are toast. This whole guarantee "everything" for the players, agents, media and owners leaving out the payee(the public) will kill the goose that laid that golden egg!

Colorado Springs, CO

The players getting 57% BRI (tickets, TV, concessions, etc) is a foul. What is a bigger foul though is calling 57% of that go to players and allowing large market teams to keep much of that BRI while not distributing it evenly. It's like saying the players get 57%, big markets get 35%, small markets get the remaining 8% to compete. It needs fixing and as much as I would love to see the Jazz play again, I'll miss a season to see a fair system installed.

Maricopa, AZ

bravesirsparrow, you always crack me up. You bash Jazz fans for their "vitrio", for pent up anger? It's called passion my son.
You really need to get out and attend a few games back east.
It's a big world out there sonny!

Allen, TX

IMAN said, "Utah should do everything they can to get NFL and NHL franchises. Both sports are far more exciting and the display of athletisism in those sports greatly exceeds basketball."

Let's take these one at a time:
Utah should do everything they can to get NFL and NHL franchises. Too small to support NFL. NHL maybe would survive, but let me ask - do you have minor league hockey that is thriving? In big markets, not only do the major sports all thrive (look at Dallas), but their suburbs support minor league teams. Our small town of 55K population has both arena FB and minor league hockey.

Both sports are far more exciting (yeah, NOT. Waiting 30-45 seconds in-between 7-second segments of action in the NFL cannot compare to the fast-paced high-flying scoring in the NBA. In Hockey, with final scores like 1-0, 2-1, 2-0, it's a yawn-fest.) and the display of athletisism in those sports greatly exceeds basketball. (NBA has the best atheletes in the world. even bench players can run for hours and jump 11 feet high to dunk. NFL players would die if they ran like that.)

Morgan, UT

I could care less about the over-paid school yard boys playing basketball and making their millions, but I do not want the Millers hurt.

The Millers have done more for the State of Utah in the past decade or so than any other person or organization. They are a pillar of humanity in our state and for their sake I hope that do not find them in a position of having to sell the team, but if they do, my respect will still remain the same. Which is more than I have for the self-serving players.

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