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Published: Sunday, Nov. 20 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Glenn A.
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't care about 54-10, or overall SOS, or that Jon Hays is a questionable D-1 Quarterback. I don't care that if the Utes make the PAC-12 Championship Game, they're likely blowout fodder for the Ducks. I don't care that every other seemingly capable PAC-12 South team has done everything possible NOT to take the division. There are a lot of reasons to question the validity of the Utes' potential run to the PAC-12 Championship game, and I don't care. Ultimately, it's just been a blast to watch this team regroup during the season and give us Ute fans something to be excited for in late November. Other than 2004 and 2008, I can't think of a more entertaining/rewarding Utes' football season.

MN Ute

@Glenn A.

I hear you, though I do have to say a few things:

1. Hays has improved pretty well. In the second half of the game yesterday, he had some very nice passes. With a productive offseason, by the time next year rolls around, I give him pretty competitive chances against an unfortunately Fragile wynn (seriously, can we put Wynn's football brain into Hays' body?) and an incoming Travis Wilson.

2. If we're given two weeks to prepare, we could potentially handle the ducks. Their strength is their agility and we're a quicker and better defense than USC, who managed to shut them down pretty well by forcing turnovers and controlling the pace.

3. As for ASU and UCLA blowing up recently, remember to give credit to the teams who did it. Arizona, WSU, etc... are good teams that really have nothing to lose, which makes them terrifying and dangerous, whereas ASU and UCLA are wilting under the pressure, despite having so much talent (after the ASU game, I admit I'm a fan of Osweiller and thinks that he has a potentially bright NFL career, over 450 yds in yesterday's loss alone).


Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

We've got a great coaching staff and great players who showed they can battle through adversity and make positive things happen.

Denver Jazzman
Parker, CO

Well said, Glenn A.


Glenn A.
Agreed! I don't think the 2004 or 2008 seasons were this entertaining at this point in the season. Those seasons we were wrapping up our undefeated campaigns with 30 point victories over the Y. I would much rather finish the season up with Oregon in the PAC championship and then a top tier bowl game.



Totally agree brother. 2008 was even more entertaining at this point in the year, and surprised us by being the greatest football season any team has ever had in this state. But our Pac 12 membership has turned out to be pretty fun so far!

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

What wasn't mentioned is that if Utah loses to Colorado, UCLA is the representative in the title game regardless of the outcome of any other game. Arizona State could at best tie with UCLA and UCLA wins the head-to-head. But, if UCLA loses to USC and then loses to (most likely) Oregon in the title game, then they would be 6-7 overall and would not be bowl eligible. Could they end up losing bowl eligibility by playing in the title game?

If Utah wins on Friday, that keeps both Utah and Arizona State alive. Utah will then need an Arizona State loss that night as Arizona State has both the head-to-head and the three-way tie breaker. Actually, UCLA loses the three-way if that happens and it then goes to a 2-way between Utah and Arizona State and ASU comes out on top.

This is more fun and intriguing than in the MWC. And the consolation prize could be a $2 million bowl (Alamo, Holiday, or Sun).

Payson, UT

The most amazing thing... there would have been no shot at the rose bowl, or even a very good bowl for that matter, had utah done the same thing in the MWC or with an independent schedule.

Great move going to the PAC, and way to finish strong.


Moss, Norway

As a cougar fan still smarting from that 54-10 embarrassment, I have to admit that I'm pulling for the Utes to make it to the Pac-12 championship and win, for a couple reasons: 1. It would be fun to see someone overcome the mathematical odds. 2. It would highlight the imperfections of the BCS system (yet again) by placing (yet another) 4-loss team in a big game. Then I hope they get blown out of the Rose Bowl. ;)

Ute's R Gr8
Sandy, Utah

The Utes did GREAT with what they were given this season in regard to obstacles to over come. They never quiet! the never faltered but always stayed focused.

The results was and is what Fall brings to us in the PAC12 college level Football and showing everyone, that the Utes belong and can play in the Big Leagues.


Ute Fan In Utah
West Jordan, UT

Mike Johnson- UCLA would still be bowl eligible in that scenario. They just need 6 wins.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Utah should be grateful they're in the weaker conference of the PAC 12. Colorado is not that good.........and neither is Utah!!

Eagle Mountain, UT

I am always pulling for the Utes to do well in the PAC and hope they are able to pull it off. With the collapse of ASU and UCLA, I think it is likely that the Utes will end up in the PAC championship game. I also have to say that if that happens I would expect them to get completely blown out in that game. If they play against a good team in their bowl game, they could easily end the season with two blowout losses. It has been fun to watch but they have not been beating good teams the last few weeks. I would rather see them make a good showing in a lesser bowl game that see another one like last years Vegas bowl. I almost think I want ASU to beat CAL this Saturday.

Portland, OR

Life is great as a Utah fan:

Best case: Utah plays at Oregon for the Pac-12 Championship.

Worst cast: Utah plays Oklahoma in the Alamo bowl or Texas in the Holiday bowl.

Either way Utah will finish 8-4 for their first year in the Pac-12, not bad!

Our losses came with USC having to block a FG to beat us, and the other three losses came when Utah was breaking in a new QB. I do not play the what if game, I will live with: The best D in the conference and an overall 8-4 record and a chance to finish the season either 9-4(Holiday) or 10-4(best case, Rose Bowl).

Love our new conference.............

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Utah should be grateful they're in the weaker conference of the PAC 12. Colorado is not that good.........and neither is Utah!! "

The difference is Utah isn't all that bad either, Colorado on the other hand is the epitome of bad.

Saint George, UT

Love the title of this article!

Santa Monica, CA

Honor Code--The Utes defeated your team 54-10. Your team quit during that game as did many of your fans. Now the Utes also had a low point of the season. But they never quit. They never slammed their helmets and hung their chins. Also, their fans never quit on them. Nobody ran away in masses during the third quarter of any game as your fans did against Utah.
Learn from this, little brother. Watch and learn.

Sandy, UT

Honor Code | 8:33 a.m. Nov. 21, 2011
Denver, Colorado

"Utah should be grateful they're in the weaker conference of the PAC 12. Colorado is not that good.........and neither is Utah!!"

If Utah isn't that good, then BYU must be horrible. Enjoy your exciting November schedule.


Sorry bgl, but I saw a lot of fans "quit" on Utah during the 4-game losing streak - including the loss to Washington. The stadium during that game was 1/2 empty at the start of the 4th quarter. And most of my co-workers who are Ute fans had thrown them under the bus after loss #3 of the losing streak. Now that they are winning again, those same fans are coming back out of the woodwork!

Beverly Hills, CA

BYU fan, 30 years have passed and playing WAC teams no longer gets you anything. Go back to the shallow end of the pool. Still 54-10 and you just fumbled again.

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