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Published: Sunday, Nov. 20 2011 1:00 a.m. MST

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Danbury, CT

It would be interesting to play Utah now with Heaps and special teams vastly improved. Obviously both teams are playing the bottom of their schedule so they have improved scores and some wins. I just don't think 54-10 would be the outcome now.

Heaps actually looked like he had some intensity and field vision last night with some great passes (first I've seen it).

Sandy, Utah

Thanks for the memories seniors!

Im going to bite my tongue and not mention the 54 - 10 memory.

Actually a great bunch of guys that when they signed, had no idea the path their AD would lead their team down.

Hang in there Band of Lil Brothers

Lees Summit, MO

It is interesting to note that other than the standard AP stories on USC and Baylor, nothing has been posted relative to the absolute confusion that the BCS has been plunged into. The BCS system is likely facing its greatest crisis and it isn't a result of a mid-major program going undefeated against mediocre to poor competition, but of rising second tier BCS conference programs.

Baylor, Iowa State, NC State, and USC have now done their part. Arkansas could finish it off on Friday with an upset of LSU. The BCS was always set up to benefit the traditional powers not conferences, but conferences are proving stronger than the BCS. LSU has clearly been the best team in the country to date and they deserve their ranking, but what happens if Arkansas beats them in Baton Rouge? Who should play for the mythical national championship? 6 to 7 teams have an argument and the conferences will be pitted against each other.

I can't help but think that if BYU was 10-1 right now that the Utah papers would be all over this and clamoring for action.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

It's great to see BYU's leadership once again pounce on a Pee Wee Football Team.

One day you want your Independence and the next day you want back into a weaker conference (Big East) than you just left. Amazing!

Sense Maker

How wonderful that these two seniors were able to shine for the first time.


Terrific send off for all the seniors. The Aggies from New Mexico State appeared to be ready with some impressive plays that moved them down field in the first quarter. Wow the Cougars could be in for a game.

However, mediocrity set in with the Aggies play book and the Cougar defense throttled up and brought the proverbial " Wood " yes it was lights out.

Heaps was able to tie the average point spread that Aggie opponent's score against them. You do need to subtract out the 7 points that New Mexico State scored which puts the Cougars right at 35 points.

So good game the Cougars hit most of the pre-objectives and polished up the BYU 2011 season to 8-3 and with a win in Hawaii, cross your fingers, a 9-3 season is respectable.


Harwich, MA

Who is the Y going to play next week? Westminster?

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

New Mexico State.... remind me, which school district are they in again?

It looks like a yawner, an empty comment board and an empty stadium.

Juice Box
Eureka, UT

Just wait, we will all see how many people say "Jake Heaps has found his game, he is Heisman material after the last 2 games in a row."

How predictable.

South Jordan, UT

East Coast Coug.

Heaps does show intensity against high school competition. BYU would still lose but it might be closer. Heaps panics under pressure. The teams that pressured heaps allowed him to make bad decisions. The tough defenses hurt BYU. The princess defenses make BYU look terrific. Look at the stats.

Provo, UT

While I think in some ways the change was needed to go to Nelson to fire up the Cougs a bit, in the end against subpar competition, Nelson is no better/worse than Heaps. Now the Cougs have a real dilemma especially when it comes to the bowl game and next year.

Sandy, UT


They haven't improved, they are just playing a cupcake football team.

I expect any QB at D1 level to play better against New MExico St. and Idaho...

You can only measure how good a team has become by worthy competition.

Salt Lake City, UT

The local yocals from such international locations such as Sandy are the first to mention BYU and the last to mention that their team is squeaking by the PAC-12 left overs. The utes joined the PAC-12 so they could be assured of playing their bowl game in Las Vegas, something they couldn't do in the MWC.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Gosh these seniors sure are neat.

Fallon, NV

Ute fans, thanks for watching and caring. Your team barely beat a team that has been as bad or worse than NMS for the last few years. There are probably some high school teams in Washington that could beat both the Utes and WSU.


Hey Utes, how about you go troll your own articles, heralding a 3 point OT win over a sub .500 bottom dweller, and let us honor our seniors. You can use the time you save to get geeked up for next week's great contest with Colorado. Here's hoping you can dispatch them in regulation.

Moses Lake, WA

@Bleedred 6:31 you have a touch of class. Thanks

Farmington, UT

Funny stuff from Ute trolls, especially since they needed overtime to beat WSU, a perrenial bottom feeder. They will be Utah's new rivals---because they're COUGARS! Ha-ha-ha.....enjoy BBall season!


7 of 8 wins are against teams that cannot become bowl eligible because they won't win 6 games. The 3 losses are to teams that are already bowl eligible. Hmmmmmmmm. Impressive. NOT!!!!!!!

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT


I can comment whichever article I feel like.

Don't be bashin Washington St. of the PAC when your team played New Mexico St. of who knows what conference.

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