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Published: Saturday, Nov. 19 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

This will be as competitive as the other game with the cougars.

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

I am having problems with my internet feed and can't watch this game. What's up with that?

Centerville, UT


Nice prediction.

Saint George, UT

Well, they won it. But they didn't deserve it. How do you give up a 10 point lead in that kind of weather? Congrats Utes, nice win.

Sandy, UT



On a snowy day in Pullman on Senior night, Ill take any win! Good game Utes! U showed Halliday what a DI defense really looks like (21-48??, 4 INT)

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Frankenberry "Well, they won it. But they didn't deserve it."

Spoken like a true BYU fan.

Doesn't matter who had more yards, or more turnovers, or more penalties. Winning is winning.

Iowa City, IA

This win was special. As in hooray for the special teams.

With Washington losing, Utah ascends the bowl tie-ins. A win next week, and the Utes (regardless of who plays for the PAC-12 championship) will at least head to the Sun.


Frankenberry | 6:45 p.m. Nov. 19, 2011
Saint George, UT
"Well, they won it. But they didn't deserve it."

Explain why Washington State "deserved" it. The Utes led for most of the game, forced 4 INTs, and had awesone special teams play. Yet, we're supposed to believe that a team that had a quasi-miracle last drive was supposed to win? But I do enjoy the monster cereals....

Provo, Ute Fan
St. George, UT

Great win Utah! Wasn't the prettiest of wins i've ever seen but ill take it considering the weather conditions and how the game played out. A couple of fumbles allowed WSU to stay in the game but as well as their 4 turnovers made for an interesting night. Need to work on penalties! Fun game to watch

go Utes

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

I thought it was over with Utah leading 27-17 with a little over 6 minutes left after White's 60 yard TD run. WSU made it exciting. I admit to getting nervous, getting a first and goal at the six with less than a minute to go down by 3. Our defense generally played well, but WSU was able to exploit the prevent defense to get it to a tie. Much better defense in overtime, driving the Cougars backwards and setting up the interception, which took pressure off the offense.

Meanwhile 9 miles away, USU was also in overtime at Idaho at the same time, where they also were able to get the win sealing it with an interception after two reviewed calls went Idaho's way. Aggies keep their bowl hopes alive and with 5 wins on the season, this is officially their best season since joining the WAC 7 years ago.

Salt Lake City, UT

Change of pace to see a Cougar team that didn't quit.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I like the win but the DB's going MIA the last quarter is disappointing. Immature penalties were also ugly.

One more next week!

Bountiful, UT

Have to agree with the DB disappearing act. Not good. Thank goodness for a reliable kicker.

Ute's R Gr8
Sandy, Utah

Isn't it great watching your team play PAC 12 games!

And beat them!

Sandy, UT

Way to go Utes!! 4 in a row and counting...

South Jordan, UT

Kyle will be upset with the silly penalties. We will destroy Colorado next week. How about Hayes in the 2nd hale and the Wolfman played like a stud again. The weather was crazy. Utah has a serious shot at playing in the pac12 championship. About a 50% chance. Hard to believe. Keep it up. Going 8-4.

Orange County, CA

Where's Lifelong? U of A up 7-0 at ASU.

Mcallen, TX

Umm! According to Chris B, the utes have the best defense in the pac. Washington State, twenty seven points and Oregon seven at half with USC. Again, Chris off target. USC has a better defense. Yep--Stanford, Oregon and Arizona State also has a better defense.

Looks like Utah and Washington State are the same caliber.


Hate the prevent defense in the 4th quarter, but a win none the less.

Las Vegas, NV

Just wanted to point out how amazing Kyle Whittingham is. He has taken the first non-bcs team to the big leagues and (assuming the Utes beat Colorado next week) will finish a very respectable 8-4. With a possible 9th victory in a bowl game against another BCS team, which probably is the third highest tier bowl game in Utah history. Utah lost their staring QB early in the season and have been using a QB who did not have one division 1 offer and did not participate in fall camp. Utah returned NOBODY at running back, the only team in division 1 to not have at least someobody who had played before. Utah's RB is statistically one of the best in the Pac-12. Finally, the Utah defense is absolutely tough as nails, one of the better ones in a long time. Whitt should be a candidate for Coach of the Year. What he has done is unheard of, Utah was playing 2-3 BCS teams a year and going undefeated a few times. This year Utah played 10 BCS teams and was kicking a field goal to send the USC game in OT in the Colisium.

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