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Published: Saturday, Nov. 19 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Supposed to be cold and snowy. Hopefully this helps the running team. Defense needs to put a hurt early on the freshman to rattle him and put a lot of pressure on this guy. Let's go Utes.

Owens Cross Roads, AL


Highland, UT

It is on KJZZ and it is on a delay.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Looks like it is delayed for an infomercial per the KJZZ website. Pretty lousy reason.

Woods Cross, UT

It's a game that has means something....and it's not at 8:15 at night when anyone who cares about college football is watching Stanford and Cal on "your" network

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

It's a game that is so meaningless that its playing 2nd fiddle to an infomercial in Utah's home market.

Palo Alto, CA

Current weather conditions in Pullman:

28.1 °F
Feels Like 23 °F
Chance of Snow
70% chance of precipitation

A slick field won't be helpful for White who relies on quickness and agility.

MN Ute

I'm looking forward to this game. We handled snow pretty well last week, but like KamUte said, I'm putting the main burden of the win on our defense. This WSU QB is a talented kid who's riding a good high right now, so they need to get to him and put him in the dirt a few times early on to rattle him and force him to throw early, badly and, preferably, to our corners and safeties.
As for our offense, we all know they're gonna be loading the box to stop White, so I put this on Chow's proven ability to change up the running plays to give White the chance to do what he does best: grab the ball, read the routes, squirt through, and RUN. Hays just needs to keep doing what he's doing: handing it to White and keeping the defense honest with a few good throws when they focus too much on the run.
For special teams, they just need to not fumble punt returns and the kickers just need to keep doing awesome.
All in all, definitely a winnable game, but not one to take lightly. Utes 28 WSU 17 GO UTES!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

The prediction of my post above was for Chris B. He continue to be child play in the Cougar Section. So, tell Chris to have fun or whatever.

Centerville, UT


"It's a game that has means something....and it's not at 8:15 at night when anyone who cares about college football is watching Stanford and Cal on "your" network"

What is your problem? I'm not the biggest BYU fan in the world, but seriously! Are you so little that you can't see what BYU is in the middle of trying to do? Everyone who is a rational college football fan knows that BYU couldn't just schedule powerhouses right off the bat. It would be nice to see some better teams than New Mexico State, but they have to start somewhere, right?



"It is on KJZZ and it is on a delay."

Yeah it's pretty lame. But you know what would be much, much worse? Not being in the Pac 12 and having four bye weeks in a row, and being so upset about it that we feel the need to get on another team's articles to throw out tv smack :)

Palo Alto, CA

Relevant programs play weak teams and their games are still nationally televised on ESPN.

Irrelevant programs play weak teams and their games are taped-delayed locally on KJZZ.

The truth hurts -- being a bottom-dweller in a big boy conference doesn't make you a big boy.

Evanston, WY

If the game is so meaningless, why so many trolls?

Iowa City, IA

"The truth hurts -- being a bottom-dweller in a big boy conference doesn't make you a big boy."

I'll let Colorado know.

Baltimore, MD


--It's a game that has means something....

Yes, it will determine whether Utah finishes with a winning or losing PAC 12 record.


--why so many trolls?

Non-crimson-glasses-wearing sports fans check in once in awhile to help keep the Utah blogs somewhat grounded in reality.

Salt Lake City, UT

Come on fellow cougs now's our chance. Let's embarrass the utes with TV smack. That'll show em.

Fort Worth, Texas

Utah should win this game. The defense is outstanding, lets hope the offense continues to play like they have over the last 3 weeks.



Relevant programs prove it on the field, so do irrelevant programs.

The truth hurts, 2-8 vs teams above .500 in the last 24 games makes BYU irrelevant.


Last time I checked, Utah wasn't fighting to stay out of the cellar. Your inferiority complex is showing. Beating up on New Mexico School of Trucking doesn't make you a big boy. The truth hurts sometimes.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


I agree wholeheartedly! That's exactly what I thought... as I read the comments on the BYU gameday. Why so many trolls for a team that is supposedly irrelevant.

Don't know about up on the Palouse, but here next door in the Columbia basin, it is cold, wet, sloppy and snowing well enough that you probably won't complete a 40 yard pass.

My respect goes with Coach Whit and his men. My heart goes with the university that means so much to Eastern Washington. My condolences go to you loyal Ute fans who are represented so poorly by the brats.

And my apologies go out for my own brats on your board. Here's hoping for a more civil future.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Research shows that the Ute game is live today on DirectTV FCS 623 at 3pm.

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