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Published: Friday, Nov. 18 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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SLC, Utah

Lone Peak! way to go. No one in the state is even clos. The championship game was a blow out. Lone Peak Dominated! It was like the Varsity vs little league!

I was totally bored after the 2nd quarter.

It's almost like Lone Peak is in it's own class way above anyone.


Great job Lone Peak. That was a bigger blow out then last years championship game.

There was no real competition.

Almost embarrassing how easy that win was.


Congrats LP. You guys absolutely dominated the Silverwolves. You'd think with what all the Fremont fans were saying before the game it would have been closer. It will be interesting to see if all those fans give credit where credit is due to a clearly superior team.

South Jordan, UT

Best team of thhe year, wins it! congrats to the First team to win a state championship football title for Lone Peak high school!



Great game by the States best quarterback and even a better young man. Congrats Chase. You deserved the championship.

SLC, Utah

The final state standings are as follows
1 lone peak... Undefeated
2 Logan... Undefeated
3 East... Beat Fremont
4 hurricane... Undefeated
5 Syracuse.... Beat fremont


Syracuse didnt beat Fremont. Jordan did however so they should be rated.


My hats off to Chase Hansen and the rest of the Lone Peak team. You whooped us and deserve to be called Champions. I really thought we could contain him, hang close and win it down the stretch but it just wasn't meant to be.

Thanks for the memories Silver Wolves, it's been a great run and you have no reason to hang your heads.
For you seniors, good luck with your future ventures and remember you'll always be in our hearts. And the rest of you we'll see next season.

West Jordan, Utah

Lone Peak won dominantly in the championship game but to say that nobody is close is absurd. It wasn't like Lone Peak steam rolled through the playoffs. They barely beat Northridge and should've lost to Jordan. Fremont is a good team but they clearly don't have the offense to match the other top teams in 5A. Congrats to Lone Peak for winning but they are not head and shoulders above everyone else, especially when there are 2 other teams that finished undefeated today.


Good job LP what a season! You deserve all the recognition you've received and then some! Hansen and crew were too much for anyone to handle. So much more than a one man team the talent and speed of the whole team was incredible to watch! Hats off to Fremont on a tremendous season! Your community should be proud!


No actually they shouldn't have lost to Jordan. There is literally not one good explanation for that statement. Lone Peak made more plays than Jordan when it counted. It's absurd to sit here a week later and say they should have lost. They are the best team in the state no questions asked.

SLC, Utah

great job Lone Peak.

One thing for sure. Lone Peak steam rolled Fremont.

There is no question who has the vastly superior team.

Fremont was totally out classed.

Alpine, utah

Congrats Knights! There are some great programs in Utah 5A football and you beat everyone you played. Chase you are the best quarterback in the state, you're an amazing athlete, student and young man. Thanks Tony! Great season, couldn't have done any of this without you.

Dickshooter, ID

Good game LP. Hansen kid is one tough gunslinger with wheels. Very hard to contain.


Did I read that right? 233 RUSHING yards? Goodness.

Welcome to the Pac 12 Chase. We're excited for you.

West Jordan, Utah

No questions asked hsfootballfan? I have a question-how do you know they are the best in the state? They are apparently the best in 5A based on winning the championship but how do you know they are better than Logan or Hurricane? Did they play either of them? 5A tends to have the attitude that they are the best in the state regardless of what any other classification does. I believe that Logan would give LP a run for the best team in the state and I couldn't care leass about Logan.

And if Jordan doesn't lose the starting QB and doesn't get some very questionable penalties on LPs final drive, yes they do beat Lone Peak.

Salt Lake City, UT

LP is head and shoulders above the other teams. A couple teams did play them very good in the playoffs but they didn't win. As far as 2 other teams being undefeated and close. Having watched all 3 games state championship games, you can spare me the line of all undefeated teams are close. Hurricane's state championship is well deserved but being a small school, they would get worked by LP. As for Logan, played well enough to win but you also wouldn't score enough points to hang with LP. For those who think the Logan QB is as good as LP's, ( he even made the comment in the other SLC paper that Chase is having as good a season as me.) but look no further than the state championship game states for the Logan QB. Rushing 33 yds on 20 attempts and 135 yds passing on 8/23, yikes. Check out LP's QB stats against a better team. Case closed. Fremont is a good team but they were fortunate to not have a 50 spot dropped on them tonight.

west jordan, ut

I admit it. As a BYU fan, I am jealous of Utah for getting Hansen. He seems to be a good one. Just hope he can carry it over to college.

Cedar Hills, UT

Want wine with that cheese?


Not apparently the best in 5A, they are the best in 5A. And if not for very questionable calls against Lone Peak on Jordans final drive, the calls you are referring to don't matter. There are questionable calls in high school athletics. Lone Peak overcame and made the plays necessary to win the game. Also, Jordans backup played as good if not better than the freshman. I feel bad for the backup I thought he should have played all year. As far as classifications go, there is a reason they are put in place. Most of the time, key word most, the top 5A teams are clearly better than the other teams in the state. As far as Logan goes, anything anyone says is completely speculative. Other than Logan fans and Lone Peak haters, most people believe Lone Peak is the better team with the best player in the state. Like I said, speculative, but non biased observers that know what they are talking about, believe Lone Peak would win and I personally don't think it would be close.

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