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Published: Thursday, Nov. 17 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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EJ!EJ!EJ! Eddie Johnson was the MAN! My vote for #1

Orange County, CA

Bud Scalley!

South Jordan, UT

I thought Jamaal Anderson was one of the best. Mant games we simply gave Jamaal the ball and he would carry the team. Everyone knew he was getting the ball and nobody could stop him. Very physical runner.

jake heaps = ben olson
Orem, UT

Jamal Anderson, Juan Johnson, M'Afala, Mike Anderson, John White.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

In my 17 years of watching fairly seriously, Chris Fuamatu-Maafala stands out as the most memorable. It seems like it took 2-3 defenders to bring him down. He was sure fun to watch.


I sure loved watching Eddie Johnson - he was just so smooth. Fuamatu- Maafala was so powerful - I loved watching him blow up people trying to tackle him - same with Jamal Anderson. Mike Anderson had a few of those massive yardage games like the bowl game vs USC that were fun to watch. But I have to admit - I love watching John White - for the speed, the elusiveness and maybe most of all how dang tough he is - he really is great at blocking when he needs to - I am so glad the Utes have John White - it has made the season really fun despite some challenging games and I am glad Asiata is helping to spring White - good combo - hope Asiata gets a chance to be a fullback in the NFL.

Lehi, UT

Jamal Anderson ran for over 1800 yards and scored 14 touchdowns in a single season in the NFL in 1998. He did the "Dirty Bird" in the Super Bowl and was widely considered one of the top five backs in the NFL before the ACL tear. Jamal was the best the Utes ever had!

Gold Canyon, az

Here is another vote for Jamal Anderson. Next is Maafala and then Mike Anderson.

Santa Monica, CA

3. Del Popcorn Rodgers
2. Eddie Johnson
1. Aaaaaaarrrrrroooooooooooooh--(ahem--the Wolfman).

Holladay, UT

A couple of things that you have to consider also are the players around them. Some of those past running backs had no lines to really block like these guys? Also some of those teams had no defenses. I do not think you really can decide on one player like that because there are so many factors.
I do know that White has earned all the accolades he has recieved and will recieve.

Ogden, UT

The best are Luke Staley, Harvey Unga, Ronnie Jenkins, Jamal Willis and Curtis Brown.

Provo, UT

White is on pace to finish the season on top, and he's done it against better competition. Imagine what awesome numbers he'd be putting up if we were still in the MWC. Add on top of that the fact that everyone knows he's getting the ball... If you put a brick wall in front of this guy he would do his darndest to run through it, whilst having the time of his life. Watching him is the most fun I have had as a Ute!

Orem, UT

As a cougar fan who watched only sometimes, I would say Jamaal Anderson and Maafala. John White IV is extremely impressive this year and could end up being the best. Especially given the quarterback situation.

Kaysville, UT

John White is the best. He's the only one who's done what he's done in the Pac-12. Not the same as running against WAC or MWC teams. And he's carried the team.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I like Mike Anderson and Maafala. If Maafala had worked harder in the offseason, he would have been hands down the best and would have been a great NFL RB.

Murray, UT

@ChuecoCoug - funny how not one of those guys ever played in the NFL. Ok, on a roster but really?

Eddie Would Go


Those are some pretty good running backs, but this is a discussion of Utah RBs.

Of those you listed, I like Unga and Jenkins. They could score on and off the field!

Sandy, UT

My vote is for Mike Anderson. Jamaal Anderson would be my number 2, John White would be number 3, and Ma'Afala would be my number 4. Ma'Afala was great if you needed 3-5 yards as he could get short gains almost everytime he touched the ball, but rarely broke out for huge gains. Also, teams did learn how to tackle him.

@ ChuecoCoug: No BYU running back compares to any of the four Utes backs I mentioned above.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

It's obviously JJ Deluiji. He's in Utah and the very bestest.

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

I'm surprised nobody mentioned Marty Johnson. Had he not made the poor decisions he did and missed a year of not only play but practice the sky would have been the limit for him. My criteria would be an all around back, a back with decent speed, power and able to be a receiving threat out of the back field. With that said I would say the top five backs would be, 1. Jamal Anderson, 2. Mike Anderson, 3. John White, 4. Marty Johnson and 5. Darrell Mack and Eddie Wide I put both of these backs together simply because they were both back-ups who when called upon delivered in big ways. I really think if Asiata hadn't blown out his knee he would have been in the top 3. Let's not forget he was leading the nation in rushing before that injury, and not by a small margin.

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