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Published: Thursday, Nov. 17 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

I was in the end zone, directly behind the goal post to watch Manumaleuna's blocked FG, that was a fun moment.

Not quite as much fun as sitting in the middle of the Crimson Club to see Beck scrambling for what seemed like forever before finding Harline all alone in the end zone.

And none of those will ever compare to sitting in the end zone at the top of Jack Murphy Stadium watching Clay Brown catch Jim McMahon's hail Mary pass.

But they were all great moments in BYU lore.

Glad to see that Jake is eager to be starting on Saturday. He's going to be another great BYU quarterback by the time he finishes his career at BYU.


I predict this will be Jake's big coming out party, he'll dominate NMSU and will once again gain the love and trust of his teammates, coaches, and fans and will be right back on track to the national championship we all know is coming. Write it down, Jake is BACK!

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Let's be honest. At least last year, Jake excelled against the "lack luster" part of the schedule. No doubt he'll do the same against New Mexico State and Hawaii. Good luck, Jake. I think these games will be critical to determine whether he'll stay or transfer. This will still be Riley's team in the bowl game and next year.


Even though its against NMSU I'm eager to see him start. Hope he does well! Goodluck Jake!

Cedar Hills, UT

Jake just needs to calm down and stay within the confines of the offense. No turn overs. Jake has the arm to log alot of yards in the air - his problem early in the season was accuracy. I think if he has a good first half he will rack up the yards in the second half. It will be nice to see BYU actually throwing the ball again.

Rexburg, ID

Beware: Heaps is just as bad now as he was in September. He could lose this game for the Cougars, even against New Mexico State.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

The test for Heaps will be Hawaii. They will come after him. It will be a good measuring stick. I hope he does well.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

Despite not really liking Heaps and advocating for Nelson to be the QB before the season began, I am a proponent of letting Heaps play in the next game or two without giving any thought to injecting Nelson back into the game. My reasoning is that I want Nelson fresh for the bowl game when the stakes are much higher.

the longview
North Salt Lake, UT

BYU is very lucky to have such a highly talented back-up quarterback when Nelson goes down. Probably the best thing to do is to not redshirt him next year to have the great insurance if Nelson has to sit out a game or two.

Go Cougs!

Wiley Old School

Broom... did you really say "when the stakes are much higher?" You might want to check that bowl schedule again.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Heaps said:

"I feel really comfortable with where I'm at right now"

Look - with all due respect, no one including Heaps should make a statement like this. It's like the musician who advertises how good he is just as he is entering the stage. Sorry - just shut your mouth and SHOW the folks how good you are by your performance.

Having said that - I hope Heaps can go out there Saturday and make some heads turn.

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT


You are one of many who still think Jake Hypes is a god.

Let me refresh your memory.

He is terrible. He only won last game decently because it was ummm.... that one football team in Idaho.
Any QB could throw a ball around those guys.
Yet when Hypes plays a decent team he looks just plain bad.

I really wonder why people are so set on this kid still. 2 seasons to prove he is somebody, but hasn't even started. Nelson is more of a QB than Hypes will ever be. If you compare him to the great QB's at BYU, it should not be that hard to see.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

"I hope Heaps can go out there Saturday and make some heads turn."

Even if he performs well, it won't be much in terms of making a statement. I don't think NMSU will provide much resistance.

Wiley -

Yes, when the stakes are higher.

Las Vegas, NV

All I saw earlier this season, was the team was not run very well by young Mr. Heaps. Riley came in and LED the team as the QB.

I am not anti-Heaps. I just hope he has matured and learned from Riley what it takes to lead a team rather than run a scrimmage.

If Jake has grown, he has the skills needed to be great. If he is still too worried about getting hit and the impact that might have on his PRO career then it will be very disappointing.

Go Cougars! Show us Jake!!!!!

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

The Top Five list of reasons why Heaps is eager to start this Saturday:

#5. "I can't find any videos of me on YouTube anymore!"
#4. "My bionic arm is getting a little rusty."
#3. "My wife is tired of me moping around the house all the time."
#2. "If I don't play well, Bronco said he may bring in Jimmer at QB."
#1. "It will be just like playing in High School again."

Pleasant Grove, UT

Broom Hockey Champ

"Even if he performs well, it won't be much in terms of making a statement. I don't think NMSU will provide much resistance".

Funny how when Riley went through that tuff part of BYU's scheduel, he was the next great thing in D1 football.

Jake would have been so much better off today if he would have been in there all this time.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Robert | 4:09 p.m. Nov. 17, 2011
Rexburg, ID
Beware: Heaps is just as bad now as he was in September. He could lose this game for the Cougars, even against New Mexico State


Juice Box
Eureka, UT

BlueCoug | 3:28 p.m. Nov. 17, 2011
Orem, UT,

A "great quarterback" shouldn't be needing to fight for a starting spot (and might I add not even starting for the last few games).

Heaps is eager to play because he hasn't. Obvious. He got a scholarship to come PLAY quarterback. Wow, he can only play because Riley went out injured. This is a no brainer, of course he is eager.

I can only hope he does well, but it will not earn his starting spot back. The team was more excited to play at his command and the fans (the majority, anyway), cheered louder when Riley came on the field than they did with Heaps.

Jake Heaps is a bust. I hope he has fun playing powder puff football teams in the 4th quarter with 5 minutes left when Riley is back.

South Jordan, UT

I wonder if Heaps can "carry" the team to a victory against new Mexico state? Will need a huge game out of Heaps.


The 2 quarterback system works well for the best team in the country. one passer one rusher. Why doesnt byu give it a shot too? Teams would have to prepare for both riley and jake. Jake has a good arm (sometimes too good) and riley can play his smash mouth football

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