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Published: Thursday, Nov. 17 2011 8:00 a.m. MST

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Bountiful, Utah

Who am I to question any of the candidates beliefs that they felt influenced by God to run? Seems to me it would take a pretty prideful person to question that belief.

safety dictates, ID

If I were Mitt Romney I would want a partition between me and the rest during debates. The article should include Newt's saying that his adultery was a natural overflow of his passionate patriotism and that God understood that.

I don't agree with all of Romney's views but he is by far the best person to lead this nation right now. I'm still open on whose views are right - where we disagree. It seems that the Lord chose to be born in a stable for some reason.
And I wonder if Mitt had been reared in Searchlight, Nevada would he still have the same political philosophy?

Springville, UT

Pretty amazing! They're all receiving the same "revelation" to simply "run" for president; and, only one of them will win the election? If you want something bad enough and pray hard enough; even though it's not necessarily God's will at all, you'll convince yourself that He did in fact, speak to you. Perhaps God gave them all the same answer to simply entertain them and feed their ego. Their responses are politics at it's very best.

Other than Ron Paul, I woundn't give a single one of them, the time of day, much less vote for any of them - Romney included.

Kimball Woodruff
Salt Lake City, UT

It's a perfect description of the Republican nomination process. A bunch of guys who think they're God's gift out to convince the religious right that they are.

Miami Area, Fl

Seems like a common theme among GOP candidates.

Is anyone buying that?

From any of them?

Leesburg, VA

I would like to invite the writer of this story Mr. Joseph Walker, make a follow up story the next day of the election in 2012. I would be very much interested on the explanation of those who didn't get elected to office.

Would be even more interesting if Mr. Obama is re-elected president of the United States.

If we are to take this article seriously we could conclude that God favors the Republicans.

If Mr. Obama is re-elected we could conclude that God has a sense of humor and was just teasing with these people. Because as Kami 10:28 wrote, who are we to question the candidates believes?

Mr. Walker please write a follow up story, I will be eagerly waiting.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

Well there is no reason that each individual voter could not gather all the information he/she can, study it out FIRST and make an informed decision, and they pray for confirmation. Of course I'd guess that most votes will sidestep this process.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mostly TIC. Being a devout Christian, I actually believe god told these Republican to run for president, he is showing the electorate that every one of the republican candidates are knuckle heads, and that God gave all of us a brain and the intelligent thing to do would be to vote for the smart candidate, President Barack Obama! Flame On!!

Dallas, TX

Kind of ironic, don't you think? The one thing Mitt was/is taken to task for, everyone else is now carrying around like a heroic banner?

Like him or not, when was the last time Mitt said anything about religion?

Salt Lake City, UT

So, I can do anything I want because I think 'God' told me to?

What about each other? Is God wanting them ALL to be President? Or would even this be an admission that maybe, sorta, kinda, not really God favored ONE person to be President?

Baccus0902 | 10:54 a.m. Nov. 17, 2011, nailed it.

If Obama is re-elected, do you think any of these persons will recant their claim of support from the almighty?

I doubt it.

Rather, like with ALL things about claims of the almighty, they will just try to 'not talk about it', and sulk in their corner.

Happened during Clinton, and Obama's first election, right?

Here's another example.

Harold Camping.

The world was supposed to end on May 21st, 2011.
Then, October 21st, 2011.

Now, 2012.

Hard to take 'devine influence' seriously with examples like these....

Tooele, UT

Re: "If we are to take this article seriously we could conclude that God favors the Republicans."

Well, given intractable, unalterable Democrat positions on the wrong side of pretty much EVERY moral issue, it wouldn't surprise me to hear that God MAY favor more Republicans than Democrats.

Even the Gingrich and Cain wandering eye issues are illustrative. Ted Kennedy, the lion of the Democrat Party and Chris Dodd, one of its most powerful power brokers, even post-Congress, viciously harass a very young Carrie Fischer, and it's just a cute little back story that will helps sell books. And, no Democrat even dares remember that there's a bridge in Chappaquidick.

Yet, political careers of Gingrich and Cain have both been irreparably damaged -- neither will ultimately be nominated -- by allegations of sexual impropriety.

You see, the Nation has come to EXPECT what would otherwise be shocking misconduct from godless liberals. It no longer shocks. Only Republicans can be portrayed as evil when they engage in misconduct that is all too common among Democrats, liberals, socialists, and OWS protesters.

Bountiful, UT

Evidently the Lord is trying to educate the American population on the dearth of competency and solutions offered by the GOP.

I'm listening to the Lord.

Provo, Zion

God should have chosen a better bunch of candidates than these clowns. He must have a sense of humor.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Like him or not, when was the last time Mitt said anything about religion?' - Macfarren | 11:20 a.m. Nov. 17, 2011

*'Romney: God wants US to lead, not follow' - By Steve Peoples - AP - Published by DSNews - 10/07/11
He says God did not create America to be a nation of followers.

Or, when Mitt Romney is against gay marriage....after he supported rights for LGBT persons.

*'Mitt Romney pledges opposition to gay marriage' - CBS News - 08/04/11
'It's also notable because Romney was not always such a strong opponent of gay rights. In 1994, he sent a letter to a gay Republican group saying he would be a stronger advocate for gay rights...'

But this is closer to when Mitt Romney wanted to invade Iran.

*'GOP contenders argue on Iran' - By Kasie Hunt - AP - Published by DSNews - 11/12/11
"If we re-elect Barack Obama, Iran will have a nuclear weapon. And if you elect Mitt Romney, Iran will not have a nuclear weapon," vowed the former Massachusetts governor.'

The 'Nuclear Weapsons' lie...


"The Iraqi regime . . . possesses and produces (sic) weapons. It is seeking nuclear weapons.' - George W. Bush - Ohio Speech 10/7/2002

Riverside, CA

I would think any religious person would spend some time in prayer before making such a decision. No one should be mocked for seeking guidance and making a decision they genuinely believe was the correct one.

I suspect that a lot of the time the answer would be -- if that's what you want to do, go for it.

Bountiful, Utah

Pagan | 11:28 a.m. Nov. 17, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
"So, I can do anything I want because I think 'God' told me to?
What about each other? Is God wanting them ALL to be President? Or would even this be an admission that maybe, sorta, kinda, not really God favored ONE person to be President?"

Pagan -- From my perspective, it could be God's will for all of them to run, but possibly not to win. We don't always know the reasons behind His will for us, but wherever that path takes us there is likely something for us to learn. I would disagree with the notion that out of the blue God tells a bunch of people to run for President. To the contrary, the decision would more likely have come from thoughtful prayer and a confirmation from God that yes, that is the path for you at the present time. This is where faith comes in. You may not know the reason why, but if you have faith you are willing to follow His will for you.

Cedar Hills, UT

@Pagan - just because someone prays and gets confirmation they should run for office, does not imply that God supports them to ultimate victory. That's only the interpretation of a faithless unbeliever with no concept whatsoever of how God works.

Win or lose, these candidates may experience a very personal refinement of spirit and character through the process. Win or lose, they may provide valuable ideas to the debate and help prepare the eventual winner for better service. Win or lose, they might be a good example to others.

You have no idea why God might approve a person to run, so please don't presume to tell them whether they've had a spiritual confirmation of their decisions.

And, who said that people running on the Democratic ticket haven't also received a spiritual confirmation of their decision after personal consideration and prayer? Who suggested that only the GOP candidates are backed by God? Again, just presumptions of the spiritually ignorant.

That being said, I was quite amused by Cain's begging of God for the opportunity, then feigning surprise and humility by the "call," followed directly by assuming the mantle of Moses. Wow - I must admit the possibility of hubris.

Marlborough, MA

Devine inspiration


Humbled in defeat

Colorado Springs, CO

I think we all know what Cain was praying for: Please don't let me get caught!

@10CC: Is that why God is having all the GOP candidates bash each other?

Cedar Hills, UT

In my opinion, anyone who says God favors one political party over the other has probably run out of ideas in the debate over the topic at hand, has little or no capacity for understanding opposing political philosophies, and is ankle-deep in the ocean of knowing God.

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