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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 16 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

Utah vs. Colorado, byu vs boise. The times are a changing. I could see more of a rivalry with byu and boise than utah and colorado to be honest.


Ah, but you've forgotten about the skiing championships, they're becoming downright nasty.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Kiss the BYU vs Utah rivalry goodbye. I think that sun is setting.

Look for BYU's new rivals to be Boise State, Hawaii and Air Force, and MAYBE SMU and Houston.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

I was at the 2 BYU vs Boise State games. I am not sure the Cougars want to take on the Broncos just yet.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Kiss the BYU vs Utah rivalry goodbye."

BYU will always be Utah's biggest rival.

"I was at the 2 BYU vs Boise State games."

Then you obviously didn't stay to the end of the 2004 game where Boise State barely avoided defeat when the one of the worst BYU teams since the 60's missed a chip shot FG attempt to preserve the win for Boise State.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

I would love to see BYU & Boise play every year. The only problem is, I wouldn't know who to root for! I've always been a fan of BYU, but I've had a blast watching Boise's rise as well.

It should be fun!


I am sorry, but BYU and Boise have shown what they can do against decent competition--- and it's not all that much to talk about. Funny the Big East will be competing against the MWC for a BCS bid and I think the MCW/CUSA will win out. BYU has dug their own grave by ruining two conferences (WAC/MWC)--(for thier own selfishness) and now they are weighing options? BYU football is the thing of the past, no matter which direction they take.!.

Federal Way, WA

BYU is used to getting clobbered by their "rival" every two years or so, so playing BOise State should fit right in.

At least when you watch this game you will have a chance to see competent and precision football. Should be fun.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT


The new look Big East will be in the following major markets:

Salt Lake/Provo
New York
Tampa/St. Petersburg
Denver/Colorado Springs

Do you realize that those are major markets that will bring in a ton of $$$? The Big East will be able to be viewed at all times across the country... From NY to Boise. People on the west and east coast can catch a Big East football game at a great time.
AFA and BYU have large national followings as well, and everyone knows and likes watching BSU. Stop telling yourself that the MWC/C-USA will get it...

Farmington, UT

@ mightymite

The MWC is left with Nevada Reno and Sand Diego State. Do you honestyly think they will get AQ status? When they play the likes of UNLV, New Mexico and Wyoming?

Life certainly must be interesting when viewed through those crimson-colored lenses, coke-bottle thick!

Miami, Florida

If BYU joins the Big East good luck to them. Making it to a BCS game will still require that they win their games.

Good luck with that too.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Who knows what BYU will do, but I think it'd be silly to not play independence out a little longer and see how it goes. They've got 7+ years remaining on the current ESPN deal, no rush to go anywhere.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I'd also say:

--Rivalry with Utah needs to just go away. All it does is stir up feelings in the state, the country doesn't care at all about it.

--I'm not sure the BigEast is the right way to get AQ status since its own status will be reevaluated in a couple of years.

Maybe BYU should join the BigEast and then immediately announce they'll go independent after the 27 month waiting period the BigEast would enforce. By then the BigEast might be lacking AQ status...

But seriously, would the BCS drop a conference like the BigEast? It'd seem that would just add a lot of fuel to the already hot and contentious AQ vs non-AQ fire. Not sure adding more high power enemies would help the BCS at all.

If BYU joins the BigEast they'll probably just marginalize their brand again, like the MWC did to the school.

Payson, UT

wow mightymite, you think very highly of byu´s power over the conferences they are in. Not sure how you think byu ruined wac or the mwc.
What ruined the wac was the expansion to a superconference of 16 teams which was a disaster because there was no real powerhouse in football other than byu.

and the mwc? no one in the conference liked or respected byu, but it was Utah leaving for the pac 12 that set tcu to looking elsewhere even after BSU announced they were joining. And once tcu left, that was when the mwc was destroyed. It could have kept itself ahead of the big least with tcu and bsu, even if byu ended up in the big east.

Harwich, MA

"besides the fact the Cougars are led by a coach named Bronco and BSU's nickname is the Broncos." Are we writing for grade school kids here?

Iowa City, IA

When was BYU invited to the Big-East? I've only heard that reported by the media from inside sources. There has been no offcial invitation. Until something comes from the Big-East, BYU should just enjoy the indy ride and people should stop hyperventalating.

Frisco, TX

"BYU has dug their own grave by ruining two conferences (WAC/MWC)"

Please expound on your statement. How did they ruin two conferences? The decision to leave the bloated WAC and form the MWC was a joint decision between many schools. And who was the first team to leave the MWC, the Utes or Cougs? Had the Utes not left, BYU would have stayed. And with Utah, BYU, TCU, Boise State, and AFA; the probability is pretty good that they would have gotten AQ status.

If you want to blame anyone for ruining the MWC, you need to look to the Utes.

And for anyone who thinks that MWC and Conf USA have a shot at AQ status without Utah, BYU, TCU, Boise State, Houston, SMU, UCF - you're missing the boat. The Big East is trying to pick off the best teams in both conferences to retain their AQ status.

Iowa City, IA

I would love a new rivalry. Utah is so over the top, their fans can't even wake up in the morning without thinking how much they hate BYU. We need a rivalry with a fan base that loves their own team just because, not because they hate another team so bad.

Danbury, CT

@mightymite and others of your ilk:

Define "ruined 2 conferences with their selfishness". The WAC had a weird alignment of goofy teams, the MWC had a ridiculous TV contract. You have it backwards. Besides, what inside view do you have of board discussions that backs up your claim. Can you produce a single e-mail or meeting transcript? No. You are just going off assumptions. Why do you automatically assume the worst?

Utah, BSU, TCU, WVU, Colorado and dozens of schools are moving around to find an alignment that makes sense for them. BYU is actually being less opportunistic than most (less than my preference). In my view they are not being selfish enough.

BSU is a great program, more successful and ambitious than BYU's in many ways. I like the idea of a rivalry and even more the idea of being in a conference eg. Big East. I'd like to see them eventually go full on in basketball and other sports. Big TV markets, better exposure, helps build the program.

Provo, UT

I like the rivalry that will form with Boise State....they are an awesome program and it will be fun to watch... The Utes and Colorado? I don't think the people in Boulder care much for Utah but I hope they enjoy their "new" rivalry as well. Colorado football is a big yawn.

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