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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Clearfield, UT

I'm just so impressed with Davies' maturity and leadership. He is accountable for his play. There were so many people that expected him to go downhill after last year and he hasn't.

Go Cougs!

Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats Brandon on a great game and new personal best in scoring.

Still way to many turnovers and sloppy play, but the Cougars are still ironing out the kinks and working a lot of new players into the system, but they have lots of potential for improvement.

Realistic Goggles
Alpine, UT

Davies has stepped up his game. While I don't believe him to be a good defender, his offensive abilities have significantly improved. His shooting form is so much better than in the past. And he is even looking good at the free throw line. In the past he seemed scared at the stripe but this year, it looks like has has loads of confidence.

Frisco, TX

Davies was dominant. I think we'll see many more 20 point / 10 rebound games from him. Harrison continues to impress me. He made a couple of Freshman mistakes, but it's not hard to see his potential. Cusick and Sharp continue to play well, especially considering it's their first year in Rose's system. I'm glad they decided to transfer to the "Team Down South", so they could be part of a winning program.

davis county, utah

This is a great pic. Obvious foul by Davies but no call. The refs fouled out Dixie's bigs with horrible calls, and they did the same thing last night with Hawaii's big. Davies is talented enough - does he really need to be protected by the BYU refs? From DII schools?

Fresno, CA

I was nice seeing Steve Cleveland commentating the game. It is always insightful to hear a coach's perspective on the action.

Boise, ID

Harrison is very athletic. He needs some polish but I expect great things from him. He has a nice shot a moves well. Go cougars.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

That picture of the so-called block on the shot by the BYU Hawaii player is a foul, which apparently wasn't called as observed by Uthoops message. I can't believe the scheduling of Div II and other lesser programs. How does that help the BYU team get ready for the rigors of the mighty WCC schedule. Scheduling cupcakes, including Utah State will not grow the Cougar basketball team, if indeed they are capable of being any kind of a force as the season progresses. We need some large meaty players on the roster. No calls and mustery calls and calling it officiating is ridiculous.

Lehi, UT

@Anonymous Infinity - I'm not quite sure how you consider Utah State a cupcake. Only three Universities in the country have amassed more wins than Utah State in the past 10 years. 6 NCAA Berths during that time. 23+ wins each season. Doesn't sound like a cupcake to me, but maybe you have a different standard.

Eagle Mountain, UT

ute hoops and anonymous

Adams state!!! HAHAHAHAHA!
At least BYU beats the patsies they schedule.

Go troll somewhere else.

Sandpiper Air
Salt Lake City, UT

I have to agree Anonymous Infinity, BYU needs to schedule the tougher teams like Adams State to get ready for conference play.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

I think it is anybody's guess who wins the next few games. BYU has a lot of parts to the puzzle, but a guard who can shoot 3's needs to step up.

Temecula, CA

Turn Overs and NO killer instinct yet! Out played the last 30 minutes!

Somewhere, UT

They do look shaky at times but they are still figuring things out. You have to remember that they only have 4 guys that saw much court time last year. They are breaking in a new guard rotation. Time will tell if they will get it. I think they will because Rose is a very good coach and they have some talent on this team.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

I predicted this outcome yesterday before the game, but that's not saying much. Oh how we could have used Davies in last year's tourney run! I think we could have gone to the Final Four or.....Painful to think about.

Anyway, I feel like we will need improved guard play to win the WCC title and amass another 20+ win season. Do I think we'll get there? Absotutely! I predict 25+ wins and another run in the tourney. How deep that run is will be based on how well the guards play. Sweet 16? Probable.

Park City, UT

Whining about officiating and scheduling a few tuneup games is the last resort of a desperate fanbase who have watched helplessly as their once proud program became an endless series of train wrecks.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

I meant "possible," not "probable."

UoU 1991
Park City, UT


Grow up. Lots of turnovers and not lighting up the opponent for the entire game is the natural consequence of Coach Rose liberally substituting throughout the game as he's giving game experience to alot of new players and using alot of different combinations.

As far as being outplayed the last 30 minutes:

30-5 start +25
73-52 finish +21

In the second half, BYU-Hawaii played much better and outscored the Cougars, 35-33.

Wow, that's really being "outplayed".

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Cougars are really going to need Carlino to play well to have a chance to win the WCC. Lots of WCC wins of PAC 12 teams so far. The conference might be more difficult than I thought. Zylstra at point guard is not a permanent answer but hopefully will be good enough to get us to December.

Does anyone else think Chris Collinsworth looks like a shadow of his old self? It's hard to watch. I hope he is still getting back into shape and can be the player he was.

Davies mid range jumper and Hartsock's shooting are going to make it difficult for other teams to double.

Orem, UT

BYU is suffering some obvious growing pains from replacing the concensus national player of the year and one of BYU's best ever back court defenders, but this team is starting to come together.

Working many new players into the system is going to take some time and ragged play at times should be expected, but Coach Rose has a solid history of making the most of his available talent. I expect BYU to be a very good team by the time WCC play begins in late December.

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