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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Re: Anonymous Infinity

Who cares if it's called the Big East? The Pac-12 doesn't consist of purely pacific coast teams. The Big XII only has 10 teams and the Big Ten has 12. So BYU should turn down the opportunity because of its name and diametric geography? A western division composed of programs that have been suggested would be a good thing for BYU, and the trolls know it and they're getting even more irrational, if that's even possible.

Boise, ID

Independence is just fine. If the Big East is willing to offer the stability of a conference (as stable as it is), exposure across the nation (some games played east coast), continuation of BYU's tv deals (BYUtv,ESPN), and no Sunday play, I think BYU should jump at it. The western division would be a lot tougher than some of the other BCS conference divisions out there. Go Cougars!


Good ol Deseret News. A tip toe, yes, maybe, not yet,...Why bother if you have no news. We learn elsewhere about TV wrinkles, about visits by Bog East school presidents impressed with BYU's facilities and TV capacity. I join the other commentators in saying Amen, lets go. I am a Big East WVU fan. I HATED to see WVU abandon ship, but, ironic as life is, it helped bring this about.I am sure most of you will not be swayed by the "you ain t the PAC" blogs from the 1960 left overs imitating actual Utes from Sugarhouse, but these teams are better than you know. And they are also world class institutions. BYU will associate with dear old Rutgers, the home of college football, and if you have a child in BYU's music program, know that U of Cinn is right up there with them.They also play their home games in the NFL Paul Brown stadium. Louisville is an LDS type city.. clean, green, and cultured. Its stadium is much like Rice Stadium, slightly larger, and home of a Bowl game.i.e, this no little brother conference

Raleigh, NC

Now that everyone knows BYU is relevant in football, can we dismiss Chris B as irrelevant?

Orem, UT



Utah State(4-5) beat Hawaii(5-5) 35-31
Hawaii(5-5) beat Colorado(2-9) 34-17
Colorado(2-9) beat Arizona(2-8) 48-29
Arizona(2-8) beat UCLA(5-5) 48-12
UCLA(5-5) beat California(6-4) 31-14
California(5-5) beat Utah(6-4) 34-10
Oregon St(2-8) beat Washington St(4-6) 44-21
Sacramento St(4-6) beat Oregon St(2-8) 29-28
UCLA(5-5) beat Arizona State(6-4) 29-28
Washington(6-4) barely beat Eastern Washington(5-5) 30-27

Don't kid yourself. Except for USC, Stanford and Oregon, the PAC 12 is filled with cupcakes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Independence Is Bliss:

Contrast that to the "no money for the first 5 years/it's not our place to make demands" deal made by another team.

Wow, seriously? How many times does Utah's deal have to be explained on this paper?

first year Utah receives 2 million from divided conference championship revenue (approx. $24M divided by 12), plus any of the divided bowl money. So, Utah could get about 4 million this year.
second year, Utah receives HALF of the projected TV revenue, plus another 2 million for the championship game, plus any divided bowl money, plus 100% of the network revenue. This means Utah could get about 15-16 million.
third year, Utah receives 75% of the projected TV revenue, plus another 2 million for the championship game, plus any divided bowl money, plus 100% of the network revenue. This means Utah could get about 20 million.
Fourth year, Utah would receive 100% of TV revenue, 2 million for the championship game, plus any divided bowl revenue, plus 100% of network revenue. At this point the revenue is projected to be above 30 million. 4+15+20+30=69 Million. That's a lot more than "no money".


Here's a Utah fan who wants to see BYU join a more reputable conference. They have done enough to warrant an invitation.

I had hoped the Cougars would end up in the Big-12, but it looks like that won't be happening. Teams in the Mountain Time Zone becoming members of the Big East Conference certainly sounds funny. But if the Western Division consists of the teams suggested, then membership would only require a few trips to the East Coast each year.

Now, a few responses to some earlier comments:

Truth Machine - the won-loss record of the "Big East - West" is 40-18. You should take into account the SOS of the teams. EVERY team in the Pac-12 South played a more difficult schedule than the teams in the "Big East West." The BEW average SOS is 74, and that of the P12S is 22.

Bluto - so you hope this move prompts Holmoe to "shed Utah from BYU's schedule?" Be careful what you wish for. The Utes have beaten BYU 7 of the last 10 times, 3 times by blowouts. I doubt your chances are any better against Boise State.

Looking for more "meaningful" blowout losses?


Just because you might join the Big Least does not mean it will keep its AQ status.
If your program is so great, go ask the Big10, SEC, ACC or Pac12 to take you.
Instead we hear about rumors of failing conferences needing you to keep afloat.

Go ahead and join with Boise St. The Big Least will look like a glorified MWC or WAC. That's all.


From one Cougar(University of Houston) to others,

I hope BYU and the other considered universities join the Big East.

BYU would bring a tremendous amount. The Western Division would have some great football.

The article, "Y. invited to Big East but still talking" indicated BYU was getting everything wanted. I hope basketball is one of the items. Your school and mine could have an excellent competition. University of Houston basketball is on an up swing.
Rival.com rated their latest recruiting class at number 10. The prior class was very good as well. Could we have a Cougar versus Cougar basketball championship game in Madision Square Garden?

I see the Big East as a great opporturnity. Even if AQ is removed or eliminated, the media market will drawf other conferences. This should provide contracts, to be negotiated next year, to provide good income to each member school. The exposure in the Big East will be great for the schools too.



You said, "The western division would be a lot tougher than some of the other BCS conference divisions out there."

Specifically, which divisions?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Macfarren | 7:26 a.m. Nov. 16, 2011

"Clearly BYU isn't comfortable in their own skin. They've been independent now for what, like 10 minutes, supposedly the greatest decision ever, and yet already they're scrambling to be accepted by another conference?"

Nice misconstruction of the facts, friend. Must improve reading for comprehension. You will notice, upon re-reading, that others are doing the scrambling. And BYU is the one not jumping, or had you noticed?

Quite a high profile group of representatives beating a pathway to Provo. I'd say BYU seems VERY comfortable "in it's own skin."

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

I have not read all the posts but am I the only one that thinks that staying independent is not such a bad thing? OK I get the fact this is a possible great opportunity but we have some good teams coming on the schedule and in time I think more will follow suit. And who does not play a few powder puff teams. Go look at LSU and Nebraska Ohio State and Michigan. They all do.

I will respect the decision of BYU on this. But if they turn it down I will not be the first to stand up and say you should go and you are making a huge mistake. I see lots of positives staying to be honest. I don't think this is all about football. We have a mission and like it or not this is a huge part of it. There is much more to life than football. As people are exposed to BYU and the Church look further eternal truths are now involved. Those who are not members or BYU haters may not understand but I think those of us that are and really think about it will.

I am excited either way

Bluffdale, UT

It's not just about getting into a BCS Bowl. A big conference is fun to the end scratching for position. Utah is not going to the Rose Bowl, but the fans will be crazy on Saturday for a possible position over UCLA. The conference games have more meaning. Did you see that WA ST-AZ ST game? Fantastic. And the USC-UCLA game has real significance to the Utes. Fantastic.
I wish it was BYU Big 12, but I'll take the Big East and BYU TV with a great smile.
And Notre Dame, which will never join the Big East in football because they have a better BCS deal already.

Orem, UT

Typical BYU schedule in the new Big East

5 games (home/away) against BSU, Houston, AFA, SMU, and Louisville
3 games against UCF, So Fla, Conn, Cinn, Navy, Rutgers
Utah St
2 games against teams like Texas, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, and Hawaii

At most, BYU would play a couple of conference games in the East each year.

it's 2,180 miles from Provo to Newark, NJ;
it's 3,685 miles from Provo to Honolulu, HI

The trolls are really getting desperate if the only smack they have left is whining about travel and conference geography.

Mike W
Syracuse, UT

It's not the PAC 12, in terms of quality or money, but I think this will be an improvement over independence. I'd like to see the Big East make the western division more logical (maybe a 7 team division that puts BYU, Boise, Air Force, San Diego, Tulsa, SMU and Houston together?) as opposed to the current proposal that has Louisville or Central Florida in the West however.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the ACC or Big 12 raid teams like Louisville down the road, or if the BCS continues and the Big East can retain an automatic bid... winning this conference will surely be easier than any of the 5 other AQ conferences... maybe BYU can finally do what Utah, Boise, Hawaii, TCU and probably Houston have already done!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I see some comments complaining about the travel distance. I'm puzzled by that given the fact that the BYU administration stated one of the reasons for going independent was to be able to play all over the country where their fans are so more fans could see a game in person.

I think this is a win-win for BYU. They get to play in far flung places every year so they accomplish that goal of playing all over the country where their fans are and they also get the BCS affiliation that will give them access to more money, the BCS bowls and a better shot at the title.

This would also be a coup for BYU against those original founders of the Bowl Alliance (which preceded the BCS) whose secret objective was to prevent BYU or any other non-AQ school from ever having a shot at the national title again. Not to mention keeping all the money away from those schools to prevent them from being able to build programs that can compete with them.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Congrats BYU, if you accept you deserve to be in a AQ conference. I hope the rivalry game can continue under these circumstances.

Salt Lake City, UT

If the LDS Church is serious about making an example of "no Sunday play" why then do they continue to have BYU be part of the NFL farm system? I'm now of the opinion that it is honestly time for church leadership to think more seriously about droping football at BYU and just continuing basketball and other sports in the WCC.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

If Air Force and Boise State leave the MWC for the Big East and BYU and Houston also go to the Big East, you will see the Big East surge past the MWC in the rankings. The Big East is fighting for survival and it needs teams like Boise State to survive. After losing TCU to the Big 12 they had to do something. The other teams they lost weren't comparable to TCU in football.

Boise State has basically made the formation of a West Division their condition of accepting the invite. BYU, Air Force, Houston and SMU are keys to that division. If any one of them rejects the invite, the deal falls apart. Sorry to burst some BYU fan's bubbles, but BYU is wanted so badly right now in order to keep Boise State interested. The interest in BYU isn't just for what BYU itself brings, but because of Boise State's demand. I would wager the same interest that is being shown for BYU is also being shown for Air Force, Houston and SMU. Why do I say this? Because Boise State was contacted long before BYU and made their demand of the West Division very clear.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


see CG | 9:27 a.m. post

PAC 12 teams are fully capable of losing to cupcakes.

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