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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Iowa City, IA

I really don't think BYU is going to do anything until there is some stability in conference realignments and BCS inclusion. Until then, indy is best.

Sandy, UT

Why Big East, Utah is in the West why don't we wait until the Pac 12 becomes the Pac 14? As for ESPN they want BYU because they have fans all over the country, and they get the TV views that is what advertisers want, ESPN will follow BYU to another conference.

Idaho Falls, ID

No brainer - do it!

Sandy, UT

Truth Machine,

The records don't matter when they play cupcake teams, just like BYU does this year and next year.

What's with BYU beating cupcakes and everyone thinks that they are good enough for the NC?

Utah, TCU, Texas...... try those caliber teams on a weekly basis.

Baltimore, MD


"What teams have those "Big East" teams played? If they play somebody even remotley good like TCU they will will get beat. Just like BSU and BYU did."

Except for USC, Oregon, and Stanford, there's not a team in the PAC 12 that could beat Boise State or Houston - a much better Utah team got destroyed by both TCU and BSU last year.

Payson, UT

When no one in your neighborhood, or the adjacent neighborhoods want you, just go look at the farthest neighborhood from your house that still plays football and maybe, just maybe, they will take you in.

Enjoy all the flights to the east coast. Playing at Rutgers in sleet is very enjoyable. Much more so than that soft white stuff in happy valley.

Baltimore, MD


"Clearly BYU isn't comfortable in their own skin. They've been independent now for what, like 10 minutes, supposedly the greatest decision ever, and yet already they're scrambling to be accepted by another conference?

Get over it already. Just move forward with the decision you made and stick with it."

Would you say the same thing about TCU and BSU.

Clearly, all of the whining of the trolls is based more on their hatred of all things BYU, than on any valid criticism of BYU charting its own course and making decisions that are in BYU's best interest.


AQ status + ESPN/BYUtv > ESPN/BYUtv

Why is this so hard for the trolls to understand?

Orem, UT

I'd rather be in the Big 12, but if the Sunday play is the issue, there's no getting past that.

Orem, UT


"Wake us when their is news to report."

Why? U troll BYU news 24/7.

Boise, Id

Anti Bush Obama: you must mean the same BSU team that spanked the Utes and made them like it in the Vegas Bowl Last Year??? The same would happen to the utes this year if the played TCU.

Oceanside, CA

I can't see any other conference beating the Big East for AQ status in 2013. The MWC, MAC, Conf USA and WAC will have been completely gutted. They are giving BYU the no Sunday play AND our TV deal.

The brethren are smart guys. They know how to hold out for the best deal. I'm sure that they are working on details like renegotiating the ESPN contract and making sure that the fan base in the west can see the games.

There are 7 bowl tie ins with the Big East. If BYU wins the conference they'll go to a BCS. If they have a winning season, they'll be in a bowl game. This is a no-brainer. Need to work out the details and take the deal.

M. Butler
Brooklyn, NY

As long as they're joining the "Big East" why don't they move somewhere closer? Maybe Palmyra.

Sandy, UT

I am looking forward to see Boise, Air Force and maybe San Diego State to leave the MWC - I want that conference to close their doors.

Layton, UT

The biggest advantage for the Cougs to join the Big-East is help in scheduling (Nov). A Western Division would also be tougher than the current Big-East. It would be a combination of the best of Conference USA and the MWC. It would dump the constant bottom dwellers (San Diego State, Mexico, UTEP) of both conferences and potentially ensures the conference remains within the BCS.

I think that BYU has the potential of winning the potential conference once every 5-10 years. The best thing about the tougher competition is that it will make the Cougs better and even more competitive over the long-run, and winning the conference would mean something. I am not sure that the Cougar fans have the patience to be a 2-3rd place team during most years.

I still am not a fan of BYU going to the Big-East, but I can see some of the advantages.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I really hope that BYU is also asking for help in pre-seaason basketball scheduling. What I'd like to see is 2-3 HOME basketball games from the Big East schools in the east and 2-3 games on the road against them. Teams like G-town, Depaul, ND, St Johns, Villanova, etc. That would really prepare us for conference play in the WCC and not hurt our RPI that much. In addition to BYUtv replays or live if not covered by ESPN, no Sunday play and an easy exit if the Big East loses AQ status (which I do not think they will). And if the Big East keeps its AQ status, all schools, including BYU should sign off on a stiff penalty for leaving, making it difficult for Louisville and/or Cinncinnati to leave for Big XII. I know Pitino does not want to go to Big XII, but football rules all decisions.

Syracuse, ut

Take it! The opportunity may never be there again. I highly doubt the BE will lose it AQ status, it's based in the east coast for heaven's sake and the huge media presence there. Stop singing praises about the MWC, it's only becasue of TCU and Boise State that the MWC is getting so much love this year, guess what, TCU is definately gone, and Boise will likely go to the BE.

Take it BYU!

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

You join the Big East. How do we define the geography of the "Big East"? You have to be kidding me. How about joining the Big Sky; then we wouldn't have to change our scheduling of Idaho State and the Montana schools, with the added bonus of keeping/adding Weber State and those pesky Northern Arizona Lumberjacks on our schedule. Unbelievable.

Midvale, UT


BYU didn't go looking to join the Big East, nor the Big 12, or any other conference. BYU only went looking to go Independent and control their own destiny. Those other conferences came looking for BYU. The Big 12 lost interest because of the no Sunday play rule, the Big East is desperate simply to survive and sees BYU along with BSU as an anchor point. Enough with the generalizations that BYU is the one seeking out new conferences in desperation, because it just doesn't make sense.

BYU is fine right where it is and is in a position to call its own shots. I'm kinda hoping that BYU stays independent and sees where it takes them. College football is going to look completely different 2 years from now than it does today because it's changing so fast. Sit back, be patient, and enjoy the freedom of conference politics couple with a fantastic tv deal. There is no reason to run to the Big East just because they came calling. The Big East needs BYU; BYU doesn't need the Big East.

Farmington, UT


Have you not been paying attention? There would be a Western Division of the Big East and BYU would make maybe one or two trips to the East Coast during a 12-game season. And going to Florida on a regular basis is a good thing.

Minneapolis, MN

Does anybody seriously think that a MWC consisting of:

San Diego State
Fresno State
Colorado State
New Mexico

Would get AQ status over:

Boise State
Air Force
Central Florida
South Florida


Really? Really?

Oh well...nice to see so many of Craig Thompson's Facebook Friends post on these message boards.

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