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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Cowboy Dude

Join with the condition that we can escape when we get a winning season like TCU and follow them to a real conference.

Cowboy Dude

To those that think BYU fans will become BCS fans; isn't that what the U did? 2008 is not that long ago. Are you still getting congress to look into it?

Atlanta, GA

I gotta hand it to the Ute trolls on this article, they never let the truth get in the way of their warped prejudices. BYU has never claimed that independence was better than a BCS conference. But, it is certainly better than the old MWC. BYU has always wanted AQ access, just as Utah did. Some fans may feel that independence is better than an AQ conference, and they may be right. As to the Big East being ranked behind the MWC, what exactly will the MWC have left after BYU, Utah, TCU, Air Force, and Boise State have all left? BYU does not change conferences like they change socks. Grow up, Ute trolls (I don't include all Ute fans), and lose the assinine statements. You don't have to like BYU. But if you are going to make an anti-BYU statement, at least try to make it sensible.

Bluffdale, UT

As another die hard Ute I like the comments from Ufan too. The Troll Nation is an irritating small group that can't stop the hate, from both sides too. Sad really. Now, we're like brothers from different families.

Since 2004 the Utes have hated that the Big East had AQ status with no ranked teams. We hated getting Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl and we loved embarrassing the Big East and the SEC in the in the BCS Bowls.

But, this is not that Big East. Forget the name, imagine a whole new conference with Boise State, Air Force, Houston, UCF, and USF. Add a contract ahead of other non-AQ conferences in the BCS and you have every reason to be excited. I say it's a no-brainer.

Wiley Old School

No, we Ute fans think Pitt has a pretty decent program. That's why they are leaving the Big East.

Milford, CT

big 12 may have been worth it but the big least isn't. we can still schedule boise state, air force, houston, and any other big least team as an independent. we dont need a conference for that. the only thing this adds is maybe a shot at the BCS. a big maybe since there is no guarantee the big least keeps their BCS status going forward. weren't we so high and mighty about the big least being a joke conference and now we want to join them? i don't get it.

Salt Lake City, UT

All the biased and hate talk aside. I see extremely positive elements.

No Sunday play issues. This means that players on women's soccer, basketball or spring sports will have not have to play Sunday games to maintain scholarships. This has become a struggle for LDS kids and families who attend schools that do play on Sunday.

TV scheduling will be readily available on BYUTV if games are not scheduled by conference contract. This also includes the hugely popular rebroadcasting of games.

The Western "division" will greatly elevate the "BCS numbers" for the Big East Conference as a whole. This will resolve any qualifying issues. Boise State, Houston, BYU, and Air Force are excellent trades for Syracuse, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and TCU.

A fourth key point is revenue. BYU will not need to "buy" their way into the conference. No years of no money or partial money. This is a huge factor. I still feel bad that Utah got the bad money deal from the PAC and lowly Colorado didn't.

Finally, this will also help Utah State who will almost certainly move to the MWC before the WAC is forced to merge with the Sunbelt Conference.

Hope it happens.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

So, somehow the traveling in the West bracket of the Big East is supposed to be worse than the traveling as an independent?

Home and home with Boise, Air Force, SMU, Houston and Louisville (okay, that's a trip), plus home and home with three or four east coast teams. Hopefully keep the marquee games already on the books. I just don't see it that bad.

I still think BYU should bargain for a position as an independent associate of the conference through 2013. Go for the benefits of playing in the conference without having to reprint business cards. Who knows how the landscape changes in two years - they may no longer be an AQ conference, or they may no longer be desperate.

Salt Lake City, UT

A lot of talk about travel. What BYU will be in a a 5 game package every year with BSU, AF, Houston, SMU and Louisville or Cincinati. And then 3 games alternating with the "eastside". BYU fans in Texas, Florida and the East Coast are going to love this. Plus with the West Coast Conference ties for the other sports, BYU will be a going all over the country. A lot of travel but also a lot of exposure. Heck, BYU could end up playing Rutgers in Yankee Stadium.

Down the road, it should also open some basketball doors with home and aways to some pretty good teams.

Great move.

Nice landings for Utah and BYU after the tepid no money years in the MWC.

Sandy, UT

It's a long and winding road for BYU.

The opportunity to shed Utah from it's schedule and create a meaningful rivalry with Boise St. and our friends to the North is advantage one.

Provided BYU keeps
a-BYU-tv, with flexibility
b-Some modified version of their ESPN deal
c-Re-broadcast rights and
d-The ability to Broadcast their games live, when they are not picked up by the Major Networks


This could be a good deal for BYU. I suspect they will trade some revenues for the security of Conference scheduling, BCS access, and a Championship game in Yankee Stadium.

Unfortunately, this whole ball of wax is a "Political-Animal".

And the few teams left in the East, carry alot of political power and therefore the Big East will not lose their QA status.

Unless, the AQ for Conferences is done away with all together.

Then what Utah? Your "Phony-BCS-Superiority-Card" has just fallen, right?

What I find interesting is just how coveted BYU really is by the Big East schools. They know they need National Brands like BYU, Air Force, Navy, and Boise to survive. Intersting that even Notre Dame is on board.

South Jordan, UT

Wake us when their is news to report.

Minneapolis, MN

Hmmm...playing in a conference with representation in the Denver, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Orlando, Hartford, New York, and Washington D.C. markets, among others?

Plus Boise State?

Plus keeping the ESPN/BYUtv deal?

Plus keeping our obligations and budding relationships with the schools of the WCC?

Plus Notre Dame?

Me likey.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

This looks like the WAC revisited to me. Other than Boise St the rest of the schools in the Big Least are road kill. I would rather have BYU stay independent than join this irrelevant conference.

Provo, UT

If Notre Dame football decides the join a conference one day....it would be in the Big East. That would awesome to have the Cougars, Notre Dame, Boise State, Air Force etc. all in the same conference.

St. George, Utah

Don't do it. I just found my snowmobile suit for late Saturday night game with New Mexico State and it still fits. I could use it next year also. This independence is the way to go.

Dallas, TX

Clearly BYU isn't comfortable in their own skin. They've been independent now for what, like 10 minutes, supposedly the greatest decision ever, and yet already they're scrambling to be accepted by another conference?

Get over it already. Just move forward with the decision you made and stick with it.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Big East will be number one in the country every year.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Before you embarrass yourself with anymore silly comparisons:

Big East - West - Overall(40-18)
#10 Boise State(8-1)
#11 Houston(9-0)
Air Force(5-5)

PAC 12 - South - Overall(29-32)
#18 USC(8-2)

What teams have those "Big East" teams played? If they play somebody even remotley good like TCU they will will get beat. Just like BSU and BYU did.

Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT

What are they waiting for?? Hoping the bottom half of the WAC will be invited to insure a 10 win season again??

Baltimore, MD

@Wiley Old School

"Ufan, No, we Ute fans think Pitt has a pretty decent program. That's why they are leaving the Big East."

Spin it however makes you feel better, but all of the conference ratings nonsense that Utah trolls have been spewing is based on the CURRENT configuration of the Big East, NOT on the conference configuration that BYU would be joining.

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