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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Umm... to all you BYU fans,

BYU has not accepted. Be prepared to eat some crow when they decline it for their "almighty Independence" idea.

Hang in there Band of Lil' Brothers.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

If we join the Big East, can someone please tell BYU and Provo city to not put up Big East banners lining the streets? It's tacky.

Centerville, UT

Lovely. Here we go with the "Our conference is better than yours!" posts.
1) The Big East (or whatever it ends up being called) is NOT going to lose its AQ status.

2) If the 'Super Conferences' emerge, this is the last helicopter out of Saigon. BYU better take it.

3) Who cares what Chris B thinks? His team has been on a winning streak against the worst of the PAC 12. Congrats on your team doing their job.

West Jordan, Utah

As a Utah fan, I still found the comments above by 'Flynn is the coolest' to be funny and right on point.

To Duckhunter, you still have insightful comments but you are to obsessed with Naval Vet, Chris B. and other irrational Utes. Look those that are that way won't change for you. Not many listen to them. I don't. Those that do aren't going to fall on your side of the fence because you make attempts to call their bluff.

The more we (red and blue) ignore these guys (we know who they are) the better.

Now moving on. The Big East has its' uncertainty and bad football rap, but it might be a good fit for the Cougars. BYU is a power play school in that conference, and make no mistake, it's far better than independence and MWC.

Traveling across the country has its' downside. That said, BYU gets diverse exposure (so to speak). BYU's schedule won't be to tough, yet it stays clear of the poor opponents scheduled now.

What's in store for 2013 is up in the air. Still, leaving independence was the right call to me. Play it out? I think not. Not winnable.


Y Fans-It finally happened for you, I didn't think it would but I think it is great for you to be in a conference. Utah fans like to razz you all, just as much as you Y fans give it back. I think the boys down town are going to look at this very carefully. I personally cannot see how playing in a conference that is going to be in 3 different time zones, with a rank being so low that it would be the best for the Y. I certainly don't know all the facts but the "economics" of the whole thing does not add up. Atleast 2-3 trips back east 100 plus plane tickets and hotel rooms(and one of you wants the championship game to be played in Hawaii) WOW. I have been a very long time UTE-(over 50 years) I would hate to see our game go away. Utah, Utah State, BYU should play each other every year, quick bus ride and a discount hotel stay. As a UTE fan I hope you all get what you want. "I can't believe I just said that" Good Luck Cougars, Go UTES

Salt Lake City, UT

Troll Nation is in full panic mode tonight, as illustrated by their inane comments:

"When the ship is sinking, aren't you supposed to jump off it, not on it? Will the Big East even exist in 2013? BYU bailed on a conference that is four places worse... blah, blah, blah"

Jealous Utah trolls simply can't handle the truth that BYU, Boise State, Houston, and Air Force joining the Big East will make the conference stronger.

It's hillarious how quickly Utah fans started trashing the Big East as soon as BYU was invited to join the conference.

Obviously, Utah fans never really believed that Pittsburgh was any good - not this year, not last year, and certainly not in 2004.

It's ironic that they're so filled with hate and BYU-envy, that they'll trash the opponent of one of the only two signature wins in Utah history, just to make BYU look bad.

Big Rock
Salt Lake City, UT

I hope byu considers all the miles that they'll put on their HD truck. Driving out to UCONN, then back to provo, then out to S FLORIDA is going to wear that poor vehicle out. I'm sure that one of their concessions has to be new tires every year.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

mightymite | 8:38 p.m. Nov. 15, 2011

"I am not sure if the Big East will even rival the MWC in years to come. BYU has just put itself in a bad place....."

Pac invited Utah because they needed a body.

Big East invited BYU because they needed some muscle.

Both teams invited because of who they are.

BYU put out what they wanted, and I am sure that Big East wants what BYU is and represents.

I hope they don't give BYU a pass on the two toughtest teams in the conference the first year. That would be disrespectful to the program.


Can we lose the "nobody wants BYU" now?

If BYU stays Indy, it's because it's best for BYU.

With BYU's and BSU's resume, Big ten will get AQ past 2013, and ESPN will probably put in a hefty bid for a nationally televised contract.

No KJAZZ. And probably a much larger $$$ package, without having to hide from Oregon and Stanford.

Another team would jump and getting the leftovers, but BYU still will contemplate what is best for the school. Indy is pretty sweet. Others could not go Indy.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Personally, I would take the PAC with byes against Oregon and Stanford.

How big is the TV contract ESPN is delivering to the BYU led Big East?


I like Independence, but I think joing the Big 12 is the best move at this point.

1. Current talk is the BCS system will move away from AQ to taking the Top 10/12 teams and a Plus One Championship game. Either way, BYU has better access because of conference play and title game versus Independent and having to go Perfect for the season to make the top 10. Joining the Big East is better.

2. While the competition will be elevated with the new teams, the level of competition will be just that--competitive, but not oppressive. BSU will be the toughest game each year.

3. Travel is irrelevant. BSU, AFA, Louisvill, SMU and Houston are really no further than SDSU, USC or Washington--not to mention Hawaii. And with those five teams comprising 1/2 of the league schedule, that leaves only four or five other games that would be in the East time zone. As an Independent, BYU would be playing three or four games in the Central or East time zones anyway...so it appears to be a non-issue.

Take the chance BYU...all is well.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

not so Brave Robin

"before Y fans get too proud about this move, in your beloved ESPN's latest power rankings, the Big East is 10th out of 11 conferences."

Before you embarrass yourself with anymore silly comparisons:

Big East - West - Overall(40-18)
#10 Boise State(8-1)
#11 Houston(9-0)
Air Force(5-5)

PAC 12 - South - Overall(29-32)
#18 USC(8-2)

Iowa City, IA

This is neat, for BYU, if they take it. Still not sure about the contingency "football only and maybe other sports in the future (basketball)" but it may be a slightly better move than independence. Maybe. I don't know. That's up to the brethren.

Potential Big East Schedule for BYU (current 2011 sagarin ratings):
Utah State
@ Utah
Mandatory non-AQ cupcake (i.e Weber State)
@ Houston (23)
Central Florida (86) (crossover)
@ Louisville (71)
Air Force (68)
@ Rutgers (47) (crossover)
UConn (78) (crossover)
@ South Florida (46) (crossover)
SMU (57)
@ Boise State

Compared to the 2012 Indy schedule
@ GATech (40)
Weber State
@ Utah
@ Boise State
Idaho (137)
Utah State
Oregon State (99)
Washington State (77)
@ New Mexico State (121)
@ San Jose State (113)
Hawaii (88)
@ Notre Dame (25)

Some games would be a direct wash (Boise St.) and others indirect (Notre Dame and Houston).

Therefore, they would have a somewhat better schedule.

This may be the time to jump.

Lindon, UT

BYU should take this deal if it really is as outlined in the article. Clearly the BE really wants BYU since they are willing to let BYU have things their way. The hangups with the big12 don't apply. If all the West division teams come as outlined on most sports sites, the BE will keep AQ status. If BCS bags AQ status altogether then BYU is back where they are now for getting to a BCS bowl except with better teams on the schedule. Either way is a positive. Independence may have been the springboard BYU needed to finally overcome previous obstacles to getting into a BCS conference.
To all the Ute fans trashing this--- Give it up. Enjoy being in the PAC. Work your way up the ranks. Quit obsessing.

Salt Lake City, UT

@I Still Can't Say it
"The Big East is on the verge of losing its AQ status to the MWC."

The only reason that would happen is because of Boise, TCU, and Air Force, three teams that either are already going to leave, or aren't going to be with the MWC if this Big East stuff goes through. Boise and Air Force moving to the Big East will stop the MWC from getting AQ status and will probably keep the Big East from losing theirs.

Walnut Creek, CA

Enough with the "gnashing teeth" references. It's freakin' sports rivalries, not God vs Satan.

Herriman, UT

Seems like the Big Least is Hemmoraging teams worse than the BIG 12. You have to ask yourself why dont you?
Do you really want to be a part of that?

Orem, UT

For those worried about travel, this is exactly what BYU was looking for with independence. A chance to travel the country to new locations in order to gain exposure. We all know that playing on the west coast in the pacific time zone means very few east coast fans ever stay up late enough to watch a game. The east coast bias is a real thing.

With this move, BYU would get the best of both worlds. Keep a few local rivalries like AF and BSU while still getting to travel to the east. It is a win all the way around as long as all of the mentioned schools join in. The Cougars were going to be traveling a LOT with independence so that is really a moot point.

The more I look at this, the more I like it.

Not to mention the fact that the Big East basketball teams are MUCH better than what the west coast is offering right now. I think I am more excited for a possible future move for the basketball team to the big east more than anything.

It all looks good.

I hope we take it!

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

Travel would not be a huge detriment in this deal. The league is split in divisions. BYU would be in the west with Houston, SMU, Boise, Louisville and Air Force. Likely once to TX each year, once to Boise or AF every year, KY every other year, another east game every year. That isn't onerous. They did MISS and TX, OR and HI this year. Not that different. Not that different from UTEP in the ancient days.

The difference is trading SMU, Houston, Louisville, Boise and AF for the WAC teams. Quite an upgrade to SOS. Win that conference and a tough out-of-conference game or two, and a BCS Bowl will be there, AQ or not, undefeated or not. Boise lost this year and still might make a BCS Bowl. If they did that from the Big East, with games scheduled when East and Central writers and coaches actually see them, they'd be a lock, AQ or not.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Beats the pudding out of being an Independent!

Payson, UT

...and if BYU rejects this invitation, the conference will extend an invitation to Idaho State University.

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