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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Phoenix, AZ

I'm still on the fence. If BYU can have their cake (conference, BCS) AND eat it too (BYUtv), then go for it. Otherwise, it might be problematic.

Murray, UT

Well looks like our plan is working...Independence was the spring board to something bigger, that being AQ status. Now it appears BYU will have that if the Big East deal truely proves to be better then Independance. And as long as it has long-term BCS AQ status it is. BYU wont join the conference without knowing for sure that The Big East has long-term AQ status, which all indications are they will.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Everybody is making such a big deal about the Sunday play issue. In reality that isn't an issue with this invite, because it is football only and nobody plays college football on Sunday. Sunday play only becomes and issue in the other sports. I think this is a great deal for BYU, but of course as the article points out none of our opinions really matter. The Board of Trustees will decide based on their criteria. We'll all just have to wait and see.

Orem, Utah

So I hear reports on here that the Big East is ranked below the MWC, C-USA etc.. Let see they want to add Boise St the best team from MWC, Houston one of the best from C-USA and then they want B.Y.U. whose jump to Independence as well at Utah to Pac-12 and TCU to Big-12 made the MWC realize that if they want a shot at AQ they needed a Boise St. The Big East loses Pitt, Syracuse which has been down right awful, and West Virgina, but they gain B.Y.U. a former MWC powerhouse and Boise St. who was king of the WAC and the best from C-USA so it can only help their bid for AQ status.

Independence Is Bliss
San Jose, CA

Interesting. A BCS conference wants BYU so bad that they are willing to concede on all of our demands and get their power brokers to lobby hard for us to join.

Contrast that to the "no money for the first 5 years/it's not our place to make demands" deal made by another team. I'd wager BYU could've had a slightly better deal than this in the Big 12, but chose to stick to their guns rather than being a lap dog.

For the record, I love Indy, but I will also love the Big East. As long as I get to see my cougs play, I'm good.

Cougs Man
Sandy, UT

I'm confused, I thought everyone wanted Independence?

I'm a BYU fan, I want them to join the Big East (just because it's better than Independence).

However, will the Big East be guaranteed AQ status after 2013? If we already have teams scheduled for next year, will they just be replaced? Someone inform me please. Even though the Big East has horrible teams, it's still better than the WAC (I mean Independence). Can't BYU join a respected conference?

Farmington, UT

With BYU's policies & desires (no sunday play, BYUtv) they are not going to get into a conference that doesn't NEED them desperately. The reason the MWC allowed them to dictate these terms is because they were the big dog. Big 12 already has a big dog (Texas)...

Now, the Big East...they NEED BYU...and it looks like BYU could once again be the big dog in their less than stellar conference. This is the only formula that works. At least this less than stellar conference has AQ status...and I think BYU can dominate like they did the WAC and the MWC. I think it's gonna' happen.

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV

@Dave S

Same way it felt for Utah I imagine...

Tooele, UT

Remember back in 2008 when the U of U and thier fans were begging and pleading to get into a BCS conference?

"Let us in! Let us in!"

Now that Utah finally got their wish, what is their reaction to schools like BYU, Boise State and TCU joining a BCS Conference.

"Keep them out! Keep them out!"

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

Independence Is Bliss,

Does sticking with their guns consist of jumping ship after finding out that big brother got some lovin' from the PAC?

If you join a good conference, any team will not be in any position to make demands.

If you join a weak conference, you already run the show because your best team is.. I don't know, Pittsburgh?
It's better than Independence, are you crazy?

This is why:

Big East teams > WAC teams.

Not that hard to see there.

Frisco, TX

BYU would not consider this move without Boise State, and probably the other rumored schools - AFA, SMU and Houston. It's a package deal.

For those who say the new Big East will not retain it's AQ status, the new Big East has the same number of teams in the BCS Top 12 and AP Top 25 as the PAC12.

The new Big East will be stonger than the old Big East. Compare the records of Syracuse, Pitt and WVU to Boise State, BYU and Houston over the last five years. Only WVU has played better than .500 football and been consistently ranked. But their performance is no better than BYU's, and Boise State trumps anything the Big East is losing. Houston is clearly a better football program than Syracuse (BB is a different debate).

And to say the new Big East is less than the MWC is ignorant. In 2010 and 2009, that statement was true. But without BYU, TCU, Utah, Boise State and Air Force; the MWC is in the same category as the WAC.

By 2013 the AQ status will be dead anyway. The BCS will select the Top 10 or 12 ranked teams for BCS bowls.

Farmington, UT

@ Chris B

To use your own words, you sir and your predictions, are "irrelevant."

@ Brave Sir Robin

Keep talking up the MWC. Now that Boise State, Air Force (likely), TCU, BYU and Utah have bailed maybe SDSU can win a conference crown, assuming they can beat Nevada Reno, UNLV, Wyoming, Colorado State and New Mexico. LOL!!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

@ morganh

Thank you. My thoughts exactly. So somebody says the MWC, as presently configured, COULD take the AQ slot away from a Big East conference minus it's defectors but without it's targeted additions. Thanks for meaningless factoids, go contribute somewhere else please.

Why is it so hard to take this at face value? Because it would require admitting that the BYU brand DOES have national value, even in the middle of a second down year.

I think some die-hards and some over-intellectuals have insisted that independence was THE BEST option. Most of us feel strongly that independence was clearly a better option than staying in the MWC, and was the only other option.

Now, to the chagrin of the under-the-bridge crowd, it no longer is the only option AND the cougars are in a position to dictate terms. The Big East wants us. Boise State and Air Force want us. Shoot, Notre Dame wants us. I won't even tell you what ideas THAT brings to mind.

And now it is up to the brethren to decide what is best for the mission of BYU. I see NOTHING wrong here.

Fresno, CA

Well, the trolls sure have crawled out from under the bridge tonight. They sound a bit worried about BYU getting into the vaunted BCS system. Silly.

I don't know the details of the proposed deal, so I don't pretend to know if this is a great thing or just flattering. BUT I really do like playing Air Force every year. I have three teams I always cheer for (until they play each other and then I have a pecking order): BYU, U of U, and Air Force. I also like the idea of playing Boise annually. I think that could become a nice rivalry. The Texas teams and Central Florida would be good for recruiting. Plus, this Conference would still give the team a chance to travel the nation and let the back east fans see them live.

Basically, as long as I still get to watch my boys in blue play, I'm a happy Fresnogirl -- Indy or Conference.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If it happens, I can only hope you enjoy your first year as much as I have with our Utes in the PAC-12!! (And hopefully many more years to come for both programs.) If, as a new member, you have 9 conference games you'll understand why so many Utes fans do not want to schedule the Y every year! And think of the opportunity for air miles!

Salt Lake City, Utah


"if this really happens just watch and see how many people pull a 360"

directionally challenged?


Utah trolls feasting on crow - gotta love it.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"And now, we can add the Big East as yet ANOTHER conference who wasn't interested in the cougars. They want Boise State. BSU can get in all on their own. They just need to pick up the phone. The cougars on the other hand cannot. At least not without hopping on the Broncos' coattails.

Make no mistake Ducky...the Big Least ALREADY voted on who to add. And THOSE teams were BSU, AFA, SMU, Houston, UCF, and Navy. They DIDN'T vote on the Y"
-Naval Vet

"Are byu fans prepared for life with byu football being the equivalent of San Jose State?

I am!

Recruting? Gone
Chance for BCS game? gone
Chance for BCS title? gone
Coaches? Gone
Chance to ever join big leagues? Gone

Loving it!"
-Chris B

" The continuous articles pertaining to BYU's acceptance somewhere is all hype and a desperate hope that somebody "may" like them someday........ which will NEVER be the case."

Needless to say there are more examples of Ute fans/BYU haters saying BYU will never be invited. Guess what happened, guys?

I don't know if they'll accept, but they did get the invite that trolls said would never come.

Big Rock
Salt Lake City, UT

So in joining the Big East, that means at least 5 long cross country road games every year. If they don't happen to win most of those, then it'll be tied into a bowl game like the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl. I'm sure lots of byu fans want to go to that!

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Utah is 4-0 against Big Least opponents sounds like a great conference for BYU."

What's Utah's record against Boise State? Where are Boise State and Houston currently ranked?

Utah trolls aren't even savy enough to understand that the Big East is undergoing a complete makeover; comparing records and standings of current Big East members is meaningless.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I hope all the players are enrolled in a good frequent flyer program.

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