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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Issaquah, WA

This is great news and is very well deserved. I have to admit that my first post was deleted by the DN editorial staff due to some expletive laced comments directed at Chris B, Naval Vet, HedgeHog, etc.

Yes, in some ways it's fun to spar with the Ute horde, but when it comes to the likes of those mentioned above, I've come to the conclusion that their venomous bias towards all things BYU will forever prevent any rational conversation. So, to the rest of the Ute fans that take a more cerebral approach with their BYU rancor, I think we could actually get along if we simply embraced some common ground...

1. The Utes have an excellent football program and have earned every right to be invited to the PAC 10.
2. BYU has an excellent football program and the primary reason they weren't invited to the PAC 10 was because of the religious bias that exists within the voting block of that conference.

Again, congrats to BYU. Even if they don't accept the offer, it will hopefully stifle some of the rhetoric from the haters, but I'm not holding my breath.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

And the Big East just lost TCU, shame. That would have been a fabulous schedule.

It will be interesting to see BYU's response. ESPN will have the TV contract, so BYU will be able to maintain their re-broadcast rights. Sunday play has already been resolved, otherwise the inviation would not have been extended. I would presume BYU would also be able to pick up a number of non-conference Big East basketball (and other sports) games to solidify their programs.

Why 2013? Is BYU concerned about losing that Weber State football contract? Or are they waiting to join with all of the new teams?

Sandy, Utah

If you get the invite, TAKE IT!

Blow off this Independence fantasy

Good Luck Band of Lil Brothers


The true reality of all this is: BYU holds all the cards. I'm sure they'll do what's best for BYU. The thing that's scary is in 2013 the BCS restructures everything again. It's hard to say what's best. One thing for sure....conferences want BYU...but BYU will join on their terms.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

When the ship is sinking, aren't you supposed to jump off it, not on it? Will the Big East even exist in 2013?

And before Y fans get too proud about this move, in your beloved ESPN's latest power rankings, the Big East is 10th out of 11 conferences. The only worse conference is the Sun Belt. The Big East is behind the MWC, WAC, Conference USA, and MAC. So BYU bailed on the MWC to join a conference....4 places worse. Yeah, that sounds like a good move.

Enjoy those yearly trips to Connecticut as part of Conference USA v.2.0!

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT


I'm afraid Chris B is right. The Big East is on the verge of losing its AQ status to the MWC.

When this happens, the school in Provo will not be an AQ program and will beg to get back in the MWC. LOL!

McCammon, Idaho

I hope that BYU and BSU both end up the BE. As a BSU fan I am really excited about the rivalry with the Y and if both are in the same conference so the games have conference significance so much the better. The exposure for BYU would be excellent in that they would basically be playing all over the country; I cannot see it being much better than that.


I hope BYU accepts the Big East invitation, as being independent is helping BYU football program.This 2011 schedule was being in Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) conference and did not help BYU gain respect among BCS conferences. BYU independence schedule after 2011 does not looking promising. The Big East is automatic qualifier conference in the BCS bowl system. Congratulations to BYU if it accepts the Big East invitation.

Highland, UT

Hmmm...well I am still not in favor of BYU joining the BIG EAST, I want to remain independent for a few years and see if it pans out. That said there are some very interesting things in both this article and Jay Drews article in the Trib.

1st of all this article confirms that BYU's discussions with the Big 12 were ended in part because BYU stuck to its demands. With the Big East BYU has also stuck with its demands and the Big East has apparently given in to all of them. Sounds like BYU is in the position to set their own terms.

Also Jay Drews article states Big East officials, along with Boise St. and Air Force officials have been visiting Provo for WEEKS trying to woo BYU. Of course I posted last week that BIG East officals were in Tom Holmoes office the previous week, I knew ot for a fact, but naval vet, who has been wrong on every single thing about this, claimed they had not. LOL! tomahawk red claimed the same thing. LOL!

I guess ute "fans really aren't the best sources for BYU info.


Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

BYU should go... maybe in 2 or 3 years the Big 12 expands to 12 and maybe BYU could also get an invite then....

Chris B, I thought nobody wanted BYU?

Lindon, UT

I find it interesting that the Trib has pulled their articles about BYU to the Big East. Wonder what that means. Personally, I see a football only situation working with the west division. The WCC is a decent fit for olympic sports since bball has a tourney. People want to talk about the big east losing AQ status which is less of a possibility with the new teams but there's also the possibility of no AQ's at all. If that's the case, it wouldn't matter which way BYU goes. Either way you have to be in top 10. We'll all just have to wait and see what happens and what it will all mean for BYU.

Serenity Now
Highland, UT

If BYU joins the Big East in football only, I hope its attorneys are ensuring that the contract/bylaws:
1-Give BYU a reasonable exit (no fee and quick wind-down)if AQ status is lost, since that would be the primary catalyst for joining;
2-Give BYU third-tier broadcasting rights for football games and no revenue share to the conference for whatever modest revenue BYUtv brings in;
3-Give BYU 2-3 games a year against Big East basketball teams (a yearly game against Notre Dame and 1-2 against other BE teams); and
4-Schedule the football conference championship the first Saturday in December in either Hawaii, Houston, or other warm weather location.

It may seem like a lot, but BYU appears to have some leverage and can afford to walk away from the invitation...

Provo, UT

To the Utah Trolls the part I loved most is BYU can become a full member down the Road, Big East Basketball is 10 times better than the Pac 12.

Just a reminder No one has excepted anything yet.

Utah how is that Basketball thing coming ?


We just got out of a mediocre conference and a bad all-around deal, and the Big East is getting even worse with teams leaving! The Big East was already worse than the pre-exodus MWC, and with Syracuse, Pittsburgh, TCU, and West Virginia leaving (TCU was never really there, of course), the Big East drops from mediocre to below mid-major. Adding Boise State, Air Force, Houston, and Southern Methodist would maybe get it back to mediocre overall, but again, BYU already had a mediocre conference. Joining the Big East would just add jet lag, and regular games against a handful of teams that nobody in BYU's core area (the west) cares about.
Don't trade away opportunity in favor of security!!!

Lehi, UT

I'm completely in favor of this move if Boise State and Air Force go along also. SMU makes a nice addition because that puts another religious school in the conference.

I'm also in favor of dropping the Utes from the annual schedule and having Boise State be BYU's new region rivalry game.

Also,I love the BYUtv aspect this year and being able to watch games online or on channel 11. I hope BYUtv stays.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Big East is a tier 3 BCS conference.
West Virginia got invited from tier 3 (BE) to the 2nd Tier (Big 12).
Texas A&M got invited from tier 2 to tier 1 (SEC).

So is independece a tier 4 status?

Building rivlaries in Big East may be difficult. Louisville and Cinci are probably next in line for Big12.

I though independence was the best decision (according to fans and athletic dept). Now apparently independence wasn't such a great thing.

Orem, UT

1. The BCS may not exist by 2013.
2. If it does, it may not be including the Big East.
3. This is a bottom feeder conference.
4. BYU travel schedule would be good for 2-3 losses each year, just being that far away on the road each year.
5. All the good teams from the Big East have already bailed...ever wonder why?

I hope BYU plays it out a few years, this years schedule was only because it was last second. They'll do a better job of scheduling down the road. Stay independent!

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

The MWC will not gain AQ status under the current system. The MWC is currently rated higher, and would take that spot if the decision were made today. However, when TCU, BSU, and Air Force leave, San Diego State will be the premier remaining football program. So, Unless Utah, University and Oklahoma and Oklahoma State decide to join the MWC (or something equally ridiculous), they do not stand a chance.

Kaysville, UT

For all you people who think independence is better and want to try it for a few years and then decide. Think about it, it may not be there ever again. You just don't decide to join a conference and decide what conference to join. And for all you who think it's worse then the MWC, I don't buy it.

Salt Lake city, UT

we've heard these reports all season. IF they are true, then congrats byu. even though i throw the Y under the bus a lot i still believe they deserve an AQ bid somewhere. too bad it wasn't the big 12 though. you have to wonder if this means air force and boise will be on board. the way i feel about it is the big east needs boise more than they need byu (and i don't mean that in a disrespectful way to byu). however, i look at that "west" division of the big east and wonder if that will be enough to save their AQ bid. houston is a good team, boise is a great team and air force is normally pretty solid. byu will probably improve, but western expansion looks like another stop in the conference u.s. mountain for byu.

but for the time being, congrats to the cougars for allegedly receiving another invite.

(would hope it's true for byu faithful sake, but i'll hold reservations until july 1st of next year)

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