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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Lees Summit, MO

If the pieces fell into place on this one it would leave only two FBS programs in place: Notre Dame and Army. Looks like independence is not the answer - does it really even work for Notre Dame anymore? BYU should join - actually the Big East may be the best choice for national exposure anyway.

Lees Summit, MO

Apologies, my comment should have read "independent FBS programs"

Corona, CA

you guys are excited about Big East? TCU Air force Boise SMU??? UMMMMM


Duckhunter said:


"What kind of example is BYU setting by making demands?"

Uh, a good one. This really isn't something a utah "fan" would understand. To a utah "fan" setting a good example means keeping your mouth shut and taking whatever scraps your betters give you. That isn't how things are done at BYU."

Apparently that is how things are done at BYU. They will only join a conference that will take their list of special preferences. That does not sound like an invite at all. Oh well, the Big Least is desperate to keep their AQ status. Perhaps they might give in.

Lincoln Park, IL

PAC 12 loves U and monkeyzoo

Are Utah fans incapable of following a train of thought?

The BCS decided BEFORE BYU lost to Hawaii, when BYU was still UNDEFEATED, that BYU was out of the running for a BCS bowl, regardless of whether BYU beat Hawaii or not. It wouldn't have mattered if BYU had beaten Hawaii 100-0 to finish the regular season 12-0, the BCS had already decided before BYU even boarded the plane to Hawaii that they weren't going to invite BYU.

Is that so hard to understand?


As far as the Big East is concerend, what difference does it make where the Big East currently stands? The Big East is growing stronger while the MWC and C-USA are growing weaker. Without TCU, Boise State and Air Force, the MWC doesn't have a prayer of replacing the Big East as an AQ conference.

Highland, UT


Perhaps? Uh, they already have. They aquiesced to everything BYU wanted and gave them an invite. They have been basicly begging them to join. Not really sure how you can read the article and still not realize what you read.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah


We know it's difficult for U to understand, but BYU expects to be treated as a full partner from day one, rather than as an indentured servant that has to spend that next several years proving that he's worthy to sit at the master's table.

Everett, WA

Another vote to join Big East. Go for it!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"That isn't how things are done at BYU."

And perhaps the "BYU way" is why BYU is on the verge of joining the desperate leftover orphans of the MWC, CUSA, and the Big LEast.

You know... those orphans that were past-over and rejected by the nation's most powerful power athletic conferences.

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT


I don't get what's so hard to understand why BYU can't join the PAC, Big 12, get invited to a BCS game, go undefeated, or not talk so much in their interviews.

It's like rocket science isn't it?

Bountiful, UT

I'm a big BYU fan and I find this whole thing stupid.

Orem, UT

Luv 2 Troll U

You don't understand what?

How BYU could join a BCS conference and still keep its own television network and exclusive contract with ESPN?

It's not rocket science when you're not so desperate that you'll accept whatever terms are offered, is it?

Sandy, UT

I have to say, the Big East is really desperate to retain AQ status. The conference shouldn't even be called the Big East if all of these teams join. Furthermore, the quality of the teams joining doesn't necessarily ensure that the Big East will be able to retain AQ status much longer. The Big East will be only slightly better than the current MWC or C-USA if they remodel the conference this way.
Hopefully the Big East will lose it's AQ status soon anyways and a better conference will be formed, consisting perhaps of Cincinnati, Louisville, Notre Dame, USF, West Virginia, Navy, Boise State, Nevada, BYU, and perhaps Houston. The Big East needs to find a way to get rid of the bottom feeders. Teams like Rutgers and Connecticut meed to go, and I'm not sure that UCF, Air Force, and SMU could contribute much either.
The elimination of one of the AQ conferences would open the way for more at large selections for the BCS bowls.

Sandy, UT

@Truth Machine

"Before you embarrass yourself with anymore silly comparisons:

Big East - West - Overall(40-18)
#10 Boise State(8-1)
#11 Houston(9-0)
Air Force(5-5)

PAC 12 - South - Overall(29-32)
#18 USC(8-2)

Before you embarrass yourself with more silly comparisons, keep in mind that Boise has only played two good teams all year (TCU and Georgia), Houston is in a terrible conference, SMU is in a terrible conference and is only 6-4, Air Force is in a mediocre conference and is only 5-5, and don't even get me started on BYU's record this year, seeing how they have lost to the only three winning teams that they've played, and the rest of the teams are complete cupcakes.

Springville, UT

Geewiz Dnews, can't I join the party and get a comment in? (sniff, sniff)

All I want to say is "We told you so" to some of the special 'little troll types' that have said BYU would never get an invite.

"Is that so wrong"

Meridian, ID

@ just-a-fan

That was insightful. Thanks for your input.

I find it so funny to see Utah fans getting on here and calling it "The Big Least" and other clever names. Lets take a look at the wonderful PAC 12. Stanford is good. Oregon St. is good. Arizona St. is decent. USC is ok. Everyone else? Bad. Colorado? Really bad.

I'm not saying the Big East is the best conference in America, but come on Utes, your cute little PAC 12 is no SEC.


Hey BYU Congratulations on backing into the only conference desperate enough to invite you. You criticize the U for being a "backup" plan for the PAC-12, but man this wreaks of scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Sandy, UT

Better the Western Division of the Big East
then the Eastern Division of the Big West!!!!

Arlington, VA


Sorry to burst your biased bubble, but as proposed, the new Big East - West would be stronger than the current PAC 12 South, according to the unbiased Sagarin Rankings, which do take into account SOS.

Big East - West
Boise 7
Houston 27
BYU 53
SMU 57
Air Force 68
Louisville 71
Average 47.17

PAC South
USC 17
ASU 28
Utah 34
Arizona 80
Colorado 111
Average 55.17

Arlington, VA


The Utes did back into the only conference desperate enough to take U, but it was a two-way street, because the Utes were so desperate to be accepted, that they agreed to take whatever scraps were offered, even if that meant not being a full-fledged conference member for several years.

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