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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Congratulations Mr. Thompson-MWC Commish...

Messing with your Flagship Institutions, BYU and Utah, has brought You to this?

Beebe of the Big 12 was fired for much less.


Good luck BYU. The Big East will be an interesting conference.

Interesting that Utah and BYU are no longer in the same conference after they both dumped the Skyline Conference to form the WAC and then both abandoned new friends in the WAC to form the MWC.

Will the next step be the implosion of all current conferences?

Surfers Paradise, AU

Naval Lint's comment about BYU riding BSU's coattails is as funny as Utah riding Colorado's coattails. Oh wait, CU was picked ahead of U? How bout dem apples? BSU is a great program and got an invite on their own merits. BYU can draw stadium audiences all over the US, especially in the east.

I don't think the U can even sell their allotment of tickets at opposing stadiums. For anyone to suggest, or even claim to predict, the crazy conference realignment of the past few months is comical. Are there better scenarios? Probably, but the Big East does provide a way to keep their own network distribution rights. Much more to come and the BYU leadership will weigh all the options before commiting.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Big East? Right. Why don't we just buy a fleet of corporate jets and burn up the airways flying across the country to play sports? Are you kidding me? Who is going to pay for all this travel and extra expenses? Forget about it and stay independent on football and let it go at that. Who wants to go to most of the current (what is left) Big East (Least, whatever) venues to play football anyway? The TV money is not a bottomless pit. Let's get realistic. Minor sports are going to have to stay in the west anyway. So why go crazy with football and basketball. I thought universities and colleges were about getting an education. Come on people.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"BYU lost to Mississippi State to take themselves out of the BCS picture in '01, then underscored their undeserving status by losing to Louisville in the Liberty Bowl."


BYU lost the best running back in the country at Mississippi State, but BYU won the game.

It was losing Staley, coupled with the disappointment of being locked out of BCS consideration regardless of what they did in Hawaii, plus the fatigue of having to travel from Provo to Mississippi back to Provo and then on to Hawaii, that lead to the meltdown against a very good and energized Hawaii(9-3) team that has always viewed the Cougars as one of their most bitter rivals.

BYU, still without Staley, lost to #17/#16 Louisville(11-2) in the Liberty Bowl, a much better opponent than the unranked/#25 Pittsburgh team Utah faced in the Fiesta Bowl.

BYU also beat a pretty good Utah(8-4) team in 2001, the same Utah team that beat USC in the Las Vegas Bowl.

How does that PROVE that BYU was undeserving of consideration for a BCS bowl?

Kearns, UT

Let me see--travel to Boise, Colorado Springs, Houston, and Dallas. I would be willing to do that and add a few east coast teams to the schedule each year. It doesn't sound like an outrageous schedule to me.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

I must admit I think BYU would be a great addition to the Big East. It will allow me to laugh on a weekly basis at their crazy travel schedule and still watching them play WAC style teams!!!

BYU is looking more and more like a Red-headed step child!!

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

BYU 2001 was 11-0, with wins
at New Mexico(6-5)
vs Air Force(6-6)
vs Colorado St(7-5)
vs Utah(8-4)

when the Cougars were told that they wouldn't even be considered for a BCS bowl

Utah 2004 was 11-0, with wins
vs Texas A&M(7-5)
at New Mexico(7-5)
vs No Caro(6-6)
at Wyoming(7-5)

when the Utes were selected to play in the Fiesta Bowl

It's easy to see why the Utes were soooo much more deserving to play in a BCS game...



If not for 9-11, BYU might still have been the first "BCS buster"

After starting the season beating Tulane(70-35), Nevada(52-7), and California(44-16), BYU was scheduled to play at Top 25 ranked Mississippi State the next week, until 9-11 forced the game to be postponed until late November.

A more rested Staley may not have suffered a season-ending injury at Mississippi State. And a more rested BYU team with a healthy Staley would have had a better chance of beating Hawaii and winning a BCS bowl.

Park City, UT

Honor Code

For image of red-headed step child, see mirror.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ Snack PAC

"BYU also beat a pretty good Utah(8-4) team in 2001, the same Utah team that beat USC in the Las Vegas Bowl.

How does that PROVE that BYU was undeserving of consideration for a BCS bowl?"

Because BYU lost to Hawaii 72-45 in the regular season finale, that is why the Cougars are undeserving of a BCS bid. The problem for all non-aq teams is if you lose a regular season game your out of BCS consideration, period! Every BCS buster since Utah in 2004 were all undefeated going into their bowl games. 2004 Utah 11-0, 2006 Boise State 12-0, 2007 Hawaii 12-0, 2008 Utah 12-0, 2009 Boise State 13-0 and TCU 12-0, and 2010 TCU 12-0. See the pattern? All were undefeated going into their BCS Bowl games. 2001 BYU 12-1 (Disqualified from BCS game). BYU couldn't even win their bowl game in 2001. That is another reason why the Cougars are undeserving in 2001. BYU didn't break down any doors for Utah in 2004. Utah did it themselves by going undefeated and ranked in the top 6!

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

In 2001, BYU beat Utah on November 17th and the Cougars were scheduled to play Hawaii on December 1st. The Hawaii game was moved to December 8th so BYU could play at Mississippi State on December 1st. If not for 9-11, the Cougars would have had two weeks to prepare for Hawaii, with a likely higher ranking because of an early season win at a then Top 25 ranked Mississippi State.

Walter Bellhaven
Las Vegas, Nevada

You'd have to be completely mental to think that the Big East would only want BYU because of Boise State demands. Really? Take stock of your life, and re-think your future.

Salt Lake City, UT

Honor Code

Aren't you a fan of WAC style teams!!! like CSU and Wyoming?

do you remember ???

Utah State 63 Wyoming 19
San Jose St 38 CSU 31

west jordan, ut

What makes me laugh is how people say that the Big East is about to lose AQ status to the MWC. So, the two best schools in the MWC is Boise State and TCU and then the next best is Airforce. So, when those three teams leave, tell me again how the MWC becomes better than the Big East. Please all you spinsters, tell me because inquiring minds want to know. May not be the best but if no one else is going to accept your no sunday terms and TV rights, what do you do? Lot of Ute fans here who now have something new to whine about because they are being proven wrong and oops, BYU gets a chance to be in a BCS game without going undefeated. Anyone want to bet that Utah doesn't see an undefeated season again....maybe never? It doesn't happen too often in the PAC.


Christmas has come early for the Cougars! Enjoy your new conference, if you get to go, that is.
Disappointed not to see a Chris B post yet - I look forward to those!

Now we may get to see if the Cougs can walk their NC talk!

Lehi, UT

@marked it down
Utah went UNDEFEATED! say it again, undefeated. byu was smoked by Hawaii. and did you seriously just blame 9-11 for byu not being the first BCS buster? you're a tool.
you have to be undefeated and respected as a mid-major to bust the BCS. something byu will never be

Lehi, UT

you byu fans are really grasping at straws with your 2001 could've should've would've. ha ha ha
enjoy your new Mountain Least conference
fyi the Big least is ranked behind the MWC and conference usa this year, with NO teams in the top 25

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Mr. Bluto seems very pleased that "schools from all over this Nation want BYU".

Imagine how proud he would be if any of those schools had good football programs.

Now that would be something to be proud of.


CougarKeith said:

"Well, AQ status, no SUNDAY PLAY, keep the BYUtv Network, and the ESPN Contract, be in a 14 team "Super Conference", and ssy "NO"? I can't say that I see that one coming around the corner. Do I think the Big East as it's new make-up will be equal to the PAC-12? Some years yes, some years no, once in a while SUPERIOR. I do see a NATION WIDE CONFERENCE building itself up RECRUIT wise, facility wise, strength wise, and power wise.....
As they grew they out grew the Conference! We could KILL Conecticut, even last years Automatic Bowl Team! Face it, THEY SUCKED!!! Houston deserves it, Boise State Deserves it, and BYU all Deserve it! Air Force has an oportunity to get in too! As far as joining with the other sports in the future, I think that is GREAT!!!"

Deserve it?
What kind of example is BYU setting by making demands?

Highland, UT


"What kind of example is BYU setting by making demands?"

Uh, a good one. This really isn't something a utah "fan" would understand. To a utah "fan" setting a good example means keeping your mouth shut and taking whatever scraps your betters give you. That isn't how things are done at BYU.

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