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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

@Duckhunter [9:19pm]:

If you "knew ot [sic] for a fact" that Big Least officials were in Provo a couple of weeks ago, why didn't you link us to your source? I asked you on more than one occasion to link me to a source that stands up to scrutiny, and you failed every time. I did my own google search to find ANYTHING, but nothing turned up. Until now. Now we have a Jay Drew article making the first mention of them visiting published just yesterday.

So how did you know?

Answer: I don't think you DID know. I think you WISHED they were there, and by some coincidence, it panned out.

I was wrong. As a Ute fan, I'm allowed to admit that without getting kicked out of the Crimson Club, or having my degree revoked.

Farmington, UT

Re: ConferenceofChampions

I'm not sure you can support your claim that jumping to independence was a "knee-jerk" reaction to Utah doing anything since independence in its first year alone, and the ESPN TV contract, has been world's better than what was endured in the MWC for the previous 10 years. If something better than independence comes along then BYU should make the move and it would not be "knee-jerk" either, especially since independence provides a lot more flexibility than if part of a conference. I love it how you insecure Utah fans assume that BYU does anything because of what Utah does.

Draper, UT

since when has any byu fan said independence is better than being in an AQ conference..... never. Is independence and the ESPN deal better than the MTN... no brainer. So all you eeuwte trolls who want to say we are flip flopping from "independence is best" to "the BEAST" rules.... save it.... AQ is AQ. AQ>Independence>the MTN

N. Las Vegas, NV

Those claiming that the Big East is worse than the MWC had it right. However, with TCU gone next year and if BYU, Boise, and Air Force leave, the MWC is left with Wyo, NM, CSU, UNLV, SDSU, Hawaii, and Nevada. Others may also join but I'm afraid this new mix will not be close to the new pending Big East. My MWC is going down.

Layton, UT

@PAC Man
"It's amazing all of the chest-beating Utah fans continue to do about a "meaningless" win two months ago."

Given the current state of affairs I would agree with your assessment of your team. Thanks!

Sandy, UT


BYU created the whole problem of the BCS. You didn't unlock anything, but rather put bolts on and tightened them. Nothing could get through that BCS door until a juggernaut team busts it open by themselves when everyone said it couldn't be done.

I think BYU has done enough "helping" for other teams. Thanks to BYU, mid-majors get dumped on and no respect.

Way to go.

Portland, OR

Simple question?

If this is such a great idea, the Big East, then why has byU not accepted the invitation.

Food for thought

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ BlueCoug

What planet are you from? BYU is the reason the Bowl Alliance and the Bowl Championship Series was created. The Bowl Alliance and the BCS were created to prevent undeserving WAC teams who play cream puff schedules from playing for a National Championship. In other words, your 1984 National Championship caused the problem. You are incorrect about your 2001 BYU football team opening the door for Utah's BCS busting season in 2004. When the BCS was formed in 1998, the rules for a non-aq team was to finish the regular season in the top 6 to get an automatic bid to a BCS Bowl game. BYU's 2001 team was sitting around 7-10 in the rankings. They were not going to qualify anyway because they were not in the top 6. Utah's 2004 team opened the gates for all the future BCS busters. The new BCS rule for a non-aq is: Win your conference, stay undefeated, and finish in the top 12 for an automatic bid. If Utah never busted the BCS, Boise State would never had their famous Fiesta Bowl.

No sour grapes BlueCoug, your Cougars haven't done squat in the BCS era!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

@Independence Is Bliss [10:21pm]:

"A BCS conference wants BYU so bad that they are willing to concede on all of our demands and get their power brokers to lobby hard for us to join....Contrast that to the 'no money for the first 5 years/it's not our place to make demands' deal made by another team."

By "power brokers" do you mean Boise State? Because it wasn't until THEY lobbied for you that the Big East took a look at you. In fact, the Big East voted and approved to extend invitations to BSU, AFA, SMU, Houston, UCF, and Navy, but did NOT vote to approve the Y at that time.

The Big East is in a weak position. They're close to losing their AQ status [and still is], so they're desperate. The Pac-10 was not [and is still not]. Furthermore, Utah is receiving $4.6M now, and will be receiving $15+ million in 2012, $20+ million in 2013, and $25.5 million in 2014. And those figures don't include whatever we're expected to rake in on the Pac-12 Network, which is est. at $8-11 million more per yr, and effective 2012.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks for all the interest and advice from ute fans. In the end, it's not that important. Athletics is not BYU's reason for living as opposed to some Utah schools.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Without BYU forcing the Bowl Alliance and the BCS to allow greater access to their cartel, Utah never would have had the chance to play in a BCS game.
U can thank BYU for unlocking the door to the BCS."


Wow! That's some bright lipstick you've tried to put on the pig of history.

In fact, the cartels of the Bowl Alliance and its successor the BCS were created BECAUSE of BYU's being voted national champions despite their pitifully weak regular season schedule and narrow victory over a 6-5 Michigan team. They wanted to make sure such a travesty never happened again. It wasn't until Utah came along in 2004 to kick down the door with a team that went undefeated in a season that included games against some decent teams (excluding the Team Down South, of course).

That crystal football the Y was belatedly awarded is a simply a monument to BYU's role in creating the athletic equivalent of OPEC. So, no, the Utes have only Urban Meyer, Alex Smith, Sione Pouha, Eric Weddle, etc, to thank for kicking in the BCS door.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

@Independence Is Bliss [10:21pm]:


Do you think the new "Big C-USA's" TV revenues will be come anywhere NEAR ours? You're gloating is very premature. I remember all the smug gloating cougar fans were doing with their "imminent" invitation to the Big XII...and that was back during the summer of 2010. But they didn't want you.

I also remember gloating back during the summer of 2011 when DeepShadesofBlue pretended that the Big East invited them back THEN. But they didn't want you.

I also remember gloating earlier this fall when cougar fans boasted of a Big XII invitation "already in hand". Seems you didn't learn from your previous 2 stumbles. And again, they didn't want you.

So now it's back to round-2 with the Big East. And contrary to your misconception, NEITHER party is in a position of power. The power position rests a few hundred miles north; in Boise.

Orem, UT


You need to study college football history pre-2004 my friend.

The BCS door was locked and bolted before BYU 2001 forced the BCS to grant reasonable access to BCS bowls or face congressional investigations and/or anti-trust lawsuits.

The BCS caved and Utah walked through the unlocked door in 2004.

The Utah "juggernaut" would have crashed and burned against an impenetrable BCS stonewall if not for BYU.

Farmington, UT

Re: GoGetter

How's that for revisionist history? Utah was able to "bust open" the BCS in 2004 because of what other programs did between 1996 and 2003. I'm talking about what BYU did in 1996 and 2001, and also what TCU, Tulane and Marshall did during that same timeframe. If the same rules existed in the BCS in 2001 that existed in 2004 that enabled Utah to go to the Fiesta Bowl, then BYU would not have been told it would not be invited to a BCS game while it was still undefeated and before their season was even over. Because of anti-trust issues launched at the BCS along with Congressional hearings, Utah has other programs to thank for busting down that door because no way Utah would've been invited by the grace of the BCS. It was the top-12 BCS ranking criteria that was established because of what other programs fought for prior to 2004 that made Utah the beneficiary. What exactly did Utah do prior to 2004 to help break the BCS?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

@ClarkHippo [10:32pm]:

"Now that Utah finally got their wish, what is their reaction to schools like...Boise State and TCU joining a BCS Conference. 'Keep them out! Keep them out!"

Ah. Classic cougar strawman attack. Can you link us to a post where Utah fans are promoting suppressing TCU and BSU from membership in a BCS conference?


I thought not.


Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

CougFaninTX [10:36pm]:

"BYU would not consider this move without Boise State, and probably the other rumored schools - AFA, SMU and Houston."

Actually, the cougars would not have considered this move with Boise State. Period. Because without BSU, the cougars don't get an invite.

And to your point about the Big CUSA retaining their AQ status, you need to understand that the current AQ cycle is 2008 - 2011. Since BSU and Houston are currently playing in the MWC and the Little CUSA, their '08-'11 records won't follow them to their new conference. And that gives the Big CUSA 2-yrs to justify themselves. BSU loses Moore; Houston loses Keenum; and the Y is still stuck with Heaps.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Big CUSA loses their AQ.

Interesting fact: The Big CUSA voted to raise their exit fee to $10 million. So if they lose their AQ status, the cougars will have to remain in the Big Least for 27 months, then pay a staggering $10M penalty just to return to Indy-WACness. Haha!

Farmington, UT

Ute fans constantly beat the drum that BYU is to blame for the BCS ever having been created. What a farse!! If so, then why did it take over 10 years to create it? Go do some research and you'll see that the BCS was created for two reasons: 1) to avoid situations where there is not a consensus national champion a la 1990, '91 and '97 (notice how 1984 is not included since there was a unanimous champion that year); 2) to keep the large amounts of post-season/bowl money in the hands of the big conferences.

That's it. The myth that it was created because of BYU is something you only every hear about being perpetuated by jealous Ute fans.

Farmington, UT

Re: Bleed Crimson,

I haven't double checked your fact on the top-6 in 2001 but you've proven the point I've been trying to make: BYU in 2001 would've been at least still in the running for an auto-BCS invite while still undefeated (12-0) if the criteria existed in 2001 that existed in 2004. Or, on the flip-side, Utah never would've had the coveted BCS-busting year in 2004 if the criteria for 2001 still existed. Once again, my question is, what did Utah do in the world of college football prior to 2004 to enable the criteria to be loosened for which they became a huge beneficiary?

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

JohnInSLC, Bleed Crimson, GoGetter

Now that you've thrown your jealous little tantrums, have a nice nap on the couch. You're obviously just spouting old anti-BYU propaganda and don't have a clue about the real history of the Bowl Alliance or the BCS.

If the BCS hadn't changed their rules after BYU 2001, Utah wouldn't have qualified to play in a BCS game. It's as simple as that.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Riverton Cougar [11:00pm]:

"And now, we can add the Big East as yet ANOTHER conference who wasn't interested in the cougars. They want Boise State. BSU can get in all on their own. They just need to pick up the phone. The cougars on the other hand cannot. At least not without hopping on the Broncos' coattails...Make no mistake Ducky...the Big Least ALREADY voted on who to add. And THOSE teams were BSU, AFA, SMU, Houston, UCF, and Navy. They DIDN'T vote on the Y" - Naval Vet

It would appear as though you are trying throw my words back in my face, but failed miserably. Those WERE my words, but they were not refuted in light of the Y's recent invitation. You WERE invited because of Boise State's coattails. Had you gotten in on your own, you wouldn't have needed them to bully Big CUSA - who had already approved invitations for those aforementioned 6 schools not named BYU - into going back for a 2nd look. Plus, the Big East REALLY wanted Army. You were the booby prize when they balked.

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