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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Minneapolis, MN

Actually, looking at Uteanymous' reshuffled rankings...

A merged Pac 12 South and Big East West would be a really good conference :)

Gilbert, AZ

Portland Beavers

"Utah's football program HAS left BYU in the dust, anyone that has any idea of the game of football knows that."

Utah 34
BYU 53

Yes, that's some monumental disparity.

Utah has absolutely NO CHANCE of playing in the Rose Bowl this year. Even if the Utes somehow managed to backdoor their way into the PAC 12 championship game (Arizona State would have to lose at home to Arizona), the Utes would be destroyed by Oregon or Stanford.


180 posts on "BYU football: Cougars invited to join Big East, but have not accepted invitation yet"

6 posts on "Utah Utes football: Improbable, but Utes still have shot at Pac-12 title game"

Who's really obsessed and delusional here?

Layton, UT

"The bone was the win, gift-wrapped with 7 turnovers."

Uhhhh...thanks for clearing that up, and thanks for letting the Utes go "Arcade Game" with your score board!


"We'll find the place which God for us prepared,
Far away, in the" ..... East?


Counter Intelligence
For that matter: Which NBA bastketball teams besides the JAZZ (regular season) don't play on Sunday

FYI - Dallas Mavericks and Charlotte Hornets same as Jazz. But it's only home games that are not nationally televised. Not a problem for Jazz of late. Long time season ticket holders know this.

There are more people in the South that honor Sunday than there are people in Utah. I'm from Jacksonville. So, why do we have NFL and Nascar Sundays? Because the population is big enough to support Sunday sports too.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ all of you making conference comparisons
"BE Boise 7
BE Houston 27
PAC Utah 34
BE Air Force 68
BE Louisville 71
PAC Arizona 80
PAC Colorado 111"

Why are we ignoring the Big East - East and Pac-12 - North? Does it just not fit into a narrative people are trying to make?

Pac-12 South (listed above) avg. 55.17
Pac-12 North Oregon 5 Stanford 6 Washington 35 Cal 41 Washington State 77 Oregon State 99 avg: 43.83
Big East - West (listed above) avg: 47.16
Big East - East: Cinci 32 South Florida 46 Rutgers 47 Navy 72 UConn 78 Central Florida 86 avg: 60.17

Conference avg
PAC-12: 49.5
Big East: 53.7

Of course that's not a very big difference at all. The Big East, if it were to be that, would be a good conference. Though the funny thing is... the current makeup of the Big East has an average Sagarin rank of 48.0 (32 36 46 47 59 71 78 79). Maybe we need to replace Colorado with BYU, Colorado's weighing us down.


Schools like BYU, Houston, and Central Florida will do well
by joining a higher level conference.

These schools have large enrollments, numerous alumni, and support.
They will have greater resources in the Big East. They have good
facilities and coaches. They are in areas where they can recruit
exceptionlly well. They will have nationwide exposure in the Big East.

They will boom!

I can speak for no one but myself, but I believe BYU would be great
in the Big East.

Isn't it nice to be wanted?

Anaheim, CA

Portland Beavers

"the UTES are in a conference and loving it. WE are part of the PAC-12."

So why are you here?

If it's not an obsession, then it must be insecurity.

What difference does it make to Utah fans whether or not BYU joins the Big East?

Ultimate Ute Fan

As a die hard Ute fan I hope BYU gets into a BCS conference as soon as possible.

I love the BYU-Utah rivalry, my first choice would have been to see BYU in the Pac 12 South division with Utah. USC, UCLA, ASU, AZ, BYU, UTAH - would have been a lot of fun. My second choice would be to see BYU in the Big 12. Let's call a spade a spade, the Big East is not as good as the MWC was when BYU, Utah and TCU were all at the top of their games. That said, this is a brilliant opportunity for BYU. I would say that most people would agree the Pac 12 is a stronger conference, and the Big 12 is also a stronger conference than the Big East. I think BYU would have a tough time winning consistently in the Big 12 as Utah has in the Pac 12. But if BYU can get past Boise, they should compete for a Big East championship every year = BCS invite. My point: Big East < old MWC, great news for BYU. Hopefully BYU gets to a BCS game within 3-5 yrs. They should.

Salt Lake City, UT

Correction... I messed up my math in there, the Big East as currently constructed has a Sagarin rank average of 56.0.

Layton, UT


"Not Ute fans. They can't. That's why they point and say "Scoreboard."

Ute fan 1: "What the score?"
Ute fan 2: "I da no. Scoorree bored."

Okay, that's 10 seconds I'll never get back...now that they have wifi at the playground you win.

Ultimate Ute Fan

To all BYU Fans, this is a truthful question, not a dig: What is it about BYU's program that hasn't allowed them to run the table and get into a BCS game yet? Do you feel it's the coaches? The schemes? The players? The mentality?

Utah has done it twice, Boise has done it twice, TCU has done it, Hawaii has done it, and it looks like Houston might bust the BCS this year as well. There's no reason BYU shouldn't have done it by now. Thoughts?

Sandy, UT

@ Duckhunter: Have you ever had a post not end in "LOL!"? Do you really laugh out loud at the end of each of your posts? I doubt anyone else has ever laughed at the end of any of your posts.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Stay Independent!

Going to the Big East is backward.

I don't need to see Houston and SMU on the schedule as 'rival' games. That is the WAC of the 90s. We ditched that idea to go to the Mountain West, and then to independence ... and now back?

The November schedule will be okay in a few years.

Wait this thing out.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


It's amazing all of the chest-beating Utah fans continue to do about a "meaningless" win two months ago.

What it really shows is that, despite all of their denials, BYU is still by far the most meaningful game on Utah's schedule. Utah fans would rather finish in the basement of the PAC 12, than lose to BYU.

U can deny it all you want to, but the fact that you're here talking trash on a BYU blog, rather than talking trash about your upcoming game on another Cougar blog, proves otherwise.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ jazzfan14 | 2:00 p.m. Nov. 16, 2011
Sandy, UT

You need to keep in mind that Duckhunter is a 12 year old girl, so yes she ends her posts with LOL.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

I have to laugh at the hoards of these frantic and emotional cougar fans gloating about this invite. It's going to take some time for me to get through these comments, but I'm going to have fun doing it.

@BigSkies [8:47am]:

"I have to admit that my first post was deleted...due to some expletive laced comments directed at...Naval Vet.......I think we could actually get along if we simply embraced some common ground...2. BYU has an excellent football program and the primary reason they weren't invited to the PAC 10 was because of the religious bias..."

Haha! I got so far under your skin, I made commit an Honor Code violation. And no, "religious bias" was not the reason you weren't invited. There is no "common ground" to come to in that desperate excuse. You weren't invited because you didn't fit the Pac-10's "academic, athletic, and cultural" standards. In other words, you weren't invited because you weren't wanted.

Raleigh, NC

This will be a good move for BYU. We will get everything we asked for and did not get from the 12-pack and big-12...in spite of chris b's rantings. Now all he can say is that the conference will lose its bcs status. Well, that won't happen if the conference gets the teams it is seeking. As for johnjamesjingleyourhindend, all I can say is that the BYU fans doing a 360 and singing the praises of the bcs will not be as over the top as it has been on the mole hill up north. Don't have time to read any more troll posts, but I see the pattern. Now that BYU's relevance comes to the fore again, the trolls are panicking.

Herriman, UT

Its just strange that the BYU admin sold this indy thing HARD to the fan base. Now 2/3 through the inagural season, they are jumping ship to go to the big east? Dosent seem very well thought out. Makes it certainly appear as if the move to indy was simply a knee jerk reaction to Utah getting invited.

Orem, UT

Ultimate Ute Fan

Utah simply got a little lucky with timing and wins -- playing a weak schedule in 2004; squeaking out a couple of home wins against TCU and OSU in 2008; and BYU 1996 and 2001 opening the door for Utah to qualify for a BCS game.

Without BYU forcing the Bowl Alliance and the BCS to allow greater access to their cartel, Utah never would have had the chance to play in a BCS game.

U can thank BYU for unlocking the door to the BCS.

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