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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Overton, NV

Huh. I thought nobody wanted BYU.

Go 4 the gold
Orem, UT

After looking at November schedules BYU should jump at this opportunity.
Not the roughest road to a BCS game in the Big East either.
Good opportunity.

metamora, IL

I'm beating Chris B to the punch. Hmm . . . Somebody wants the cougs.

Chubbuck, Idaho

Sorry Chris B-Looks like BYU has been invited to a BCS conference. You must be going crazy in your Mom's basement with anger, dissapointment, and gnashing of teeth. It appears there is a BCS conference that wants BYU-so according to your earlier premise that BYU is not relevant because they are not in a BCS conference-you will now have to re-examine your premises why BYU is not relevant. I'm waiting......

Jimmy James
Salt Lake City, Ut

Wow. It looks like it's going to happen: BYU to a BCS conference. I don't see any way BYU turns this down. Congratulations!

Salt Lake City, UT

Though Ducky and all the other BYU "fans" have talked endlessly of the greatness that is idependance, here comes all the gushing about the Big Least and how it is, in realty, the strongest football conference in America.


Sandy, UT

Utah is 4-0 against Big Least opponents sounds like a great conference for BYU. I would worry about losing AQ status in 2013. If you look at ESPNS power conference rankins the BE is 8th behind the MWC and CUSA and is with their power schools Syracuse, Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

I guess the powers to be of the BCS needed to form a conference that the BIG12, PAC12, BIG10, and SEC can use to prepare for their coming seasons.

Remember BYU fans the Big Least does not have a tie in to any of the BCS bowls so when the BE loses its AQ status in 2013 it wont really matter

Eagle, ID

So if BYU gets everything they asked for AND the AQ conference then perhaps this is not so bad, no?


MWC < Indy < Big East in the proposed alignment. I'll take it.

Cedar City, UT

This article was posted 35 minutes ago, and there are no Ute Troll postings yet -- weird.

Still not sure how I feel about a move to the Big East. It will be interesting to see the details.

Layton, UT

Great...now we can go 2-10 every season providing we schedule Idaho State and Idaho. If not, we may go 0-12 while our basketball team gets to stay in the very exiting WCC...it is too bad that Coach Rose and his players got pushed under the bus.

Tooele, UT

As a Cougar fan I say, the Big East is better than independant. Games against Air Force, TCU, Boise State and SMU will be much, much better than games against Idaho, San Jose State and New Mexico State.

Could BYU do better than the Big East? I would say considering their "No Sunday Play" rule, their LDS affiliation and their TV deal BYU Television, playing in the Big East in football and in the WCC in all other sports is about as good as BYU can expect at this juncture.

If BYU tells the Big East, "No Thanks," I will be very interested to find out why.

Napolean Dynamite
Magna, UT

Well schazamm Batman! That sounds like a deal too good to turn down! Let's do the hokey pokey, turn our selves around and jump on that band wagon!

sandy, UT

AQ status is something the cougars will never obtain...
Chris B

Tonights special--------Crow

Oh, wait, now AQ status won't be enough will it Chris???!!

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

So... what happened to the whole "Independence is the best thing in the world" talk?

How long should I wait until I expect to hear that "Conference X is the best thing in the world?" again?

BYU needs to stick with a decision. They change conferences like dirty socks.

Committed players will soon realize that they will not even know what conference BYU is a part of by the time they actually get there to play.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Lol! Big east will lose bcs bid next evaluation! Lol!


I am not sure if the Big East will even rival the MWC in years to come. BYU has just put itself in a bad place.....

Wash DC Reader
Reston, VA

This would be far less favorable than being independent. I'd like to see how being independent works for at least four to five years before seriously considering jumping ship to a conference, be it the Big12 or the Big East.

Beverly Hills, CA

Ha ha, if this really happens just watch and see how many people pull a 360 and sing the praises of how good it is to be in BCS conference. It will get ridiculous the amount of chest puffing.

St George, UT

I like it, the idea of a western conference in the big east, with an automatic BCS qualifier, is intriguing. I think the Y needs to get in before all the conference shuffling ends and they're left out for good.

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