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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 15 2011 8:00 a.m. MST

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Go Jon Boy!

Ogden, UT

I really wish Johny Boy would go back to China or where ever he calls home and quit taking up space in this or any other election.

Danbury, CT

And Huntsman is irrelevant...

He must not want a job in Romney's administration.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

jonny jr
and what is it that you are constantly doing. go work for your brother and get out of the limelight. you have no chance. remember, you are not jon sr.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Huntsman is the only Republican I would even consider voting for in the General election next year. He seems to be the only candidate not trying to out right wing the others. He appears to be the most calm, collected and moderated tone of any.

If anyother candidate wins the nomination, I will simply cast my vote to re-elect the President.

Common Sense Czar
Sandy, UT

I hope Mitt can bounce back from Huntsman's rebuke. He might need the 14 voters who are supporting Huntsman.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

Darrel, well said. I could tolerate Romney as president, but Huntsman clearly outweighs him in foreign affairs matters, also better on social policy, and I'd bet he'd do almost as well in economic matters. No, better there too because he is a truly balanced, rational leader. Huntsman was right when he called Romney a weather vane.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

good for you. o is doing a great job. fortunately, utah will not vote with you.

Bountiful, Utah

So are any of the Romney supporters here capable of giving this article a rational thought and actually responding to Huntsman position here, cause he may actually be correct. Is your poster boy on such a high pedestal that no one could be correct if their opinion opposes Romney's opinion? This is the scary thing about many mormons .. just follow the white horse no matter where it may lead you.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's my impression that Huntsman resents Romney's Olympics work.

If you remember, when the 2002 Olympics became scandalized and the governor was looking for someone new to head up the organization, Huntsman volunteered. He said that "people close to him" (people he didn't name) were encouraging him to volunteer. And as we all know, Romney got the offer, and he took over and did a great job.

Consequently, there is some resentfulness, and it's showing.

Orem, UT

Amazing how multi-billionaires have so much to say about our nation...
have they ever had a callous, or a dirty finger nail? I think not. Has Huntsman
ever worked a day in his life to earn any of what he has? Now he wants to be
President...that's nice.

PA Rock Man
Allentown, PA

Romney, pandering?

No kidding!

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

is this article only being responded to by mormons? glad you always find a way to bring your mormon drivel to light. remember, half of the state is non mormons and the rest of the readers may also be. look at jr's record and you'll see why many don't want him for president. you might consider wandering back into your phone booth and get out of that tight suit..

Rocket Science
Brigham City, UT

Unless there is some major swing in support Jon Huntsman Jr. will not be the Republican Candidate for President. If Romney gets the nomination Mr. Huntsman will not be the VP candidate either but he is certainly one of the best, most qualified persons to become secretary of state.

Herriman, UT

And Huntsman knows a pander when he sees it. He went to China after all! They are sooo cute!

Tremonton, UT

Looks like somebody wants attention! And it's not Romney. Maybe those tacky websites and you tube videos by the Huntsman daughters aren't having much impact?

Cedar Hills, UT

At this point all want is someone to bubble to the top who can beat Barack Hussin Obama in a year. My T-Shirt says "ABO For President 2012". ABO stands for Anybody But Obama. I believe any of the GOP candidate would be light years ahead of what we have now in the White House. Romney, Huntsman ..... doesn't matter. Just need to get rid of this virus called Obama.

Orem, Utah

Understatement of the week.... and the thing that holds me back the most from supporting Romney.

Romney - Stand for what you beleive in yet stay teachable.

You weren't a NRA member until you ran for President. What? You just discovered you owned a gun - or perhaps it was you decided you wanted to pretend you were pro gun.

I wish the real Romney would show up and just let us vote on him as he is... not as he thinks will get him elected.

He is for universal coverage except when being for it will keep him from being elected.


Bountiful, Utah

@ ute alumni, I guess the answer to my question for you is no, correct? Are you capable of any critical thinking whatsoever?

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Darrel: spoken like a true American, very inspirational on you end!

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