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Published: Monday, Nov. 14 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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All these things came up when JFK ran and was dubbed the Pope's candidate. That he silenced that by buying protestant West Virginia has escaped Professor Bloom's memeory. JFK, who I liked as a president, had no interest in religion. In fact he was quite a pagan. If Sen Reid was a conservative Republican Las Vegas and Nevada would remian just as they are. Neither Reid nor any alternative is going to change Nevada. He wouldn't last very long. To think Gov Romney is going to Mormonize fun loving, half stewed, law hating Americans would make good material for Saturday Night Live.The president of the US does have great power, but not as much as the powers that elect him. Gov Romney was elected in a liberal, Catholic state.Home of the Kennedys. Mark that, Professor Bloom.

Idaho Falls, ID

@ Jiggle

$3-4 per member? That's a drop in the bucket for some members and about a week's earnings for others. Yes the Church is spending a big hunk of money on a mall. Look how many people it has employed building it, how many people will be employed running it and how many people of every religion- not just LDS, or with no religious affiliation, will enjoy beautiful downtown Salt Lake City because of it. It is basically a gift to the city and the state- free of charge to anyone who wants to enjoy it. In the mean time, despite the whinings of the naysayers the Church will continue on a happily steady pace of helping people in need all around the world. And don't forget to factor in the missionaries around the world who offer help and service that isn't on any accounting sheet.

I don't believe any church member minds our beliefs being scrutinized and discussed if portrayed accurately. Mr. Bloom is twisting the truth and putting out a false picture. That's unfortunate and annoying. But no matter. It will ultimately kick the Church up the stairs rather than down.


Your essay is a biased rejoinder.

You have selectively omitted Professor Bloom's most telling observation: "There are other secrets also, not tellable by the Mormon Church..." "That aspects of the religion of a devout president should be concealed from all but 2 percent of us ... merits pondering." I have pondered Romney and concluded that he will be guided by those secret things as his most fundamental values yet he is keeping them from us. In Romney we won't know what we are getting. As long as he is not forthcoming he won't be trustworthy, at least to me.


Bloom's an old style right-winger who in his heart would only let those with property vote. An elitist's elitest...


To Renrut: I was very puzzled by the "secrets" Bloom mentioned. Did he mean the temple rites? Werent they broadcast on national TV in the series Big Love? Can't the temple rites be read on the internet?

Was the the Big Love expose was so startling that the national psyche has suppressed the memory? Or maybe it was so anti-climactic (except for those who have spiritually prepared for it) that it was forgotten.

Again, Bloom was deceptive to imply that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has concealed secrets. The Church does not share them outside the temple, but they are not concealed.

I, for one, have not wanted to watch the Big Love episode, or look up on the internet to see if the rites are correctly portrayed. They are sacred, and only in the temple am I prepared to comprehend their significance, one tiny step at a time. I love the sacred things of the temple, and they make me want to be a better person for God, family, friends, and world.

Washougal, Washington

Wow.......lot's of passion here.......just what we need to get conservatives elected in 2012............keep up the good work.

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