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Published: Sunday, Nov. 13 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Mr. Heaps played very well Saturday and there was a difference that one could observe from his early season efforts. He hs improved a great deal and I personally cheered for him during the game.

Beverly Hills, CA

Don't worry Jake, they will replace you at a moment's notice to beat another lousy WAC team again since they were more interested in winning than your long term development. Try not to look over your shoulder too much.

Salt Lake City, UT

Here we go, the beginning of the build up to next year's BCS run.


Orem, UT

Well, a nice win...but beating high school teams is just not in the cards for excitement.

I gave my tickets away, and I had several friends call and offer me their tickets...

uh, that just doesn't happen friends. BYU may be in a "heap" of trouble, and I mean long term.

I love BYU, but I can't stomach these games.

Washington, UT

Two questions: 1) will Matt Reynolds sit this week because he allowed a tackle from Idaho to launch an untouched missile at our QB? and 2) why are we playing games in late November that start at 8:15 pm? That is nonsense, and it bothers me. Sure if the weather's perfect, but this is Late November in the mountains of Utah, and it could be 5 degrees and snowing that night--and nobody will come to the game. ESPN should apologize, pay BYU there money anyway, and let the game start at noon.

Mapleton, UT

I would like to hear Bronco and Doman publicly apologize to Jake for making him take the heat for Doman's inexperience in the first 5 games.

DR Hall
Clearfield, UT

I think their coaching staff needs more wisdom and leadership talents to notice abilities and to develop talents much better than they do now. Perhaps new head coach for a start.

Fort Worth, Texas

"As I've said many, many times, I think Jake is an NFL quarterback." - BM

Normally a NFL QB wouldn't be backing up a QB that wouldn't be starting at Utah State.

Maybe BM needs to stop telling Jake he's an NFL QB instead ask him to show that he's a college QB.

Big Pappy
west jordan, utah

Hey 54-10 How does it feel to be in the middle of the PAC 12. Just like the Ute fans of old, the season is a success if you beat BYU.

Jake Heaps looked better last night. I know we played a pretty bad WAC foe, but Jake hung in the pocket and looked more poised than ever. Keep it going Jake.

Salt Lake City, UT

Whatever pioneer blood remains in BYU fans has been severely watered down, and I mean severely. It's too cold for football?

Put on some winter underwear, put a couple hand-warmers in your gloves and socks. Seriously. Never been on a winter campout with the Scouts? Never slept out in sub-zero weather?

A Wyoming fan wouldn't complain about the weather. A Colorado State fan wouldn't complain. A Utah State fan wouldn't complain, and they don't even have benches or chairs in their end zone, just concrete to sit on. (What's up with that?) A Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, Buffalo, Montana, etc, fan wouldn't complain. You get my drift.

Glendora, CA

We have to be brutally honest, BYU needs to be in a serious league, very soon.

Belgrade, Serbia

Heaps still looked at the 2-3 yard pass instead of the 7-9 yard pass. He failed to notice wide open recievers and threw the ball with mustard EVERY time. No touch. He will throw a bullet to a back doing a screen pass. His body may be an NFL body and arm, but he does not yet possess even a college level mind for football. Look at the difference in Yard Per Pass with Riley. You will see a big difference.

I was on his bandwagon at the start of the season and excited, but his first 5 games and now this one cause me to eagerly anticipate Riley's return.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

So BYU beats a horrible Idaho Vandals team and many notice a change of "Leadership"????!

Always good to start Monday mornings off with a laugh!!

Wiley Old School

"As I've said many, many times, I think Jake is an NFL quarterback." This line will be repeated over and over in an attempt to keep Mr. Heaps from transferring.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

I see our jealous little brothers have been spamming the blogs again with their inane comments.

Jake played much, much better coming off the bench cold than their DII QB with weeks of starters reps. Don't kid yourself little brothers, pathetic UCLA isn't that much better than Idaho.

True BYU fans are proud of Jake for the way he's handled himself with honor and dignity through what has certainly been a more difficult and disappointing season than all of these jealous naysayers could possibly imagine.

Springville, UT

Fairweather Cougars?


"and 2) why are we playing games in late November... and it bothers me."

Unless you are a fan that drove up from Washington, UT and had tickets for the game, I really don't think you have a valid complaint.

Would you like to lodge a complaint for UCLA for playing in the snow in November in Utah as well?


"...BYU may be in a "heap" of trouble, and I mean long term.
I love BYU, but I can't stomach these games."

Is waiting a year or two really that bad? As this schedule improves 2013 is really shaping up to be something great.

Or I suppose being in a conference at half talent year end and year out is what you really pining for?

Independence will work out quite nicely in a year or two.

Fallon, NV

Rational, I agree, if I lived there I would be there. Bundle up, buy lots of hot chocolate and cougar tails, and watch the Cougs light it up against NMS.

Patience fans, it won't be long till bigger games will be happening in LES. If you can't wait that long, get to the hill and watch the Utes lose to some quality PAC 10.2 teams.

Sandy, Utah

Article Title; Jake Heaps showed different leadership this time.

Yes, Humility

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

"Will Matt Reynolds sit this week because he allowed a tackle from Idaho to launch an untouched missile at our QB?"

Good point...I hope Reynolds is man enough to own up and apologize to Nelson. Reynolds certainly got caught sleeping and allowed his quarterback to get zinged.

I noticed Heaps didn't look like a doe in the headlights (this game). Maybe he learned that a quarterback is also a "footbal player" from watching Nelson at work this year. Hopefully the kid will remember this important lesson if he wants to be a good football player.

Hayden, ID

What is the mentality of people posting classless comments on here demeaning Jake Heaps or anyone else? Why do they feel inclined to ridicule other's successes and rejoice in other people's struggles! Maybe Max Hall had a point?

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