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Published: Sunday, Nov. 13 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Minneapolis, MN

Perfect timing. BYU's schedule is so full of cupcakes, Heaps should be able to gain some confidence. We saw what he could do against real opponents, let's hope he's somewhat better against the scrubs.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Go figure. And here a lot of us were worried about Nelson's hard running and concerned he was ripe for injury because of the recekless amandon in which he carried the ball. That was a heck of a hit he took. Hope he heals quickly.

Rexburg, ID

Great, now what should have been an easy win against New Mexico State is in doubt.

Heaps is just plain inaccurate and unable to improvise.

North Salt Lake, UT

Get Better Soon Riley. We will need you for the Bowl game and the rest of the games. I think that they should make a rule that if you hit a player and he or she gets hurt then you should be penaltalized for knocking that player out. I don't like it when these guys think that they are all mighty and injury a player.


Too bad for Riley but good for BYU. Coach Doman, the offensive line and the receivers are all performing much better now. Heaps made just one physical error on the slightly overthrown pass in 20 attempts and otherwize was nearly perfect with his throws. As usual he makes better decisions than his gutty counterpart and an unbiased football fan such as a Vandal fan from Idaho I talked to yesterday who saw BYU for the first time was very impressed with the embattled Heaps.

Good for BYU because they have two fine qb's in the future and one that has huge upside in Heaps.

San Diego, CA

15 of 20 for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception is not "innaccurate." Should have been 16 of 20 for 45 more yards if Jacobsen had not dropped the long pass that was right in his hands and gut. Give Jake a break. New Mexico State just beat a good team in Fresno State, but Jake will lead the Cougs to victory this Saturday.

Orem, UT



15-of-20 passes for 185 yards and two TDs, including a dropped 40-yard pass to McKay Jacobson and a 175.7 efficiency rating, is hardly inaccurate. Heaps does need to learn to be a little more patient, to move in the pocket to create passing lanes, to not stare down his receivers, and to put touch on some balls, instead of rifling everything, but he's usually quite accurate.

Only a Utah troll, pretending to be a BYU fan from Rexburg, would suggest that having Jake as BYU's starting QB puts the New Mexico State game in doubt.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Robert, what are you talking about? Go watch last night's game before making that comment. If you had seen it, you wouldn't be saying that about Heaps.

salt lake city, utah

Um, any INTs against a team like Idaho is unacceptable. Remember, this is IDAHO! He had 5 incompletions. Hardly stellar against a really, really overmatched team.

Yourstruly, please explain how BYU is better off without their junior qb? Are you still hoping for a Heaps comeback? Wow. Just...wow.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


75% completions is good against air, especially when it should have been 80% without McKay's drop.

What was Hay's excuse for going 5-13 against UCLA's 61st ranked pass defense?

btw, Utah State's pass defense is ranked 63rd; Utah's is ranked 76th.

Mapleton, UT

Broken rib and just 1 week missed? I had a similar injury in High School football, and I was done for. Broken ribs are VERY painful. Everything hurts--moving, breathing, basic things like that. I can't imagine playing football without the rib being completely healed (5-6 weeks). I think we've seen the last of Riley Nelson for the year.

I hope I am wrong, though, as I LOVE to watch him play! He added a sorely needed spark to the team. I like Heaps also, so I am not overly worried. Best wishes to Riley. Heal fast!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

What was that booing all about when Heaps showed up for? What a low lame booing. Reiley Nelson got hurt and had to leave. Glad to see Heaps on the field and see how he did was pretty good stat on his part. Were they booing because Lark or Mumm didn't get their chance?

Idaho Falls, ID

I'm still in the Nelson camp. The modern college QB is mobile and can pose a threat in the air and on the ground. There is no question that Nelson fits that bill better than Heaps. If you look at the best college QB's for the last 5 years, I would submit that 80% were running/mobile QB's.

Having said that, I thought Heaps did a very good job coming off the bench. It looked like he seized on a couple of throws and was way off the mark, but for the most part was very accurate. And though I still think that BYU will be more successful with Nelson at the helm, I am a little more encouraged by Jake's potential.

The Hawaii game is 3 weeks away. Riley will say he is ready to play, but I doubt he'll be 100% by then. He should be fine for the bowl game though.

I think the question of whether Lark should start over either one of them, was answered in the 4th quarter. . . .uh, no.

Mapleton, UT

I hate to see Nelson get hurt, but Heaps is by far the better qb. He took all the heat for Doman's inexperience. Hopefully, Heaps will finish the season for BYU and won't transfer next year. He has been treated horribly by the coaching staff. I don't know of any other program that says such negative things about a player to the press. The early losses this year were Doman's losses and Heaps was the fall guy.


Snack PAC,

You're right, any quarterback would be proud of a 75% completion rate.

But regarding defense, consider:

-Utah's basic defensive philosophy is stop the run, and depend on the corners to contain the pass.

-Opponents throw against Utah because they can't run on them.

-Comparing USU's rating to Utah's is skewed by the fact that the Aggies have played the 99th toughest schedule while the Utes have played the 32nd hardest schedule. But since you went there, here are the two teams defensive rankings:

Rush yards per carry: Utes-7, Aggies-17
Rushing yards per game: Utes-9, Aggies-23
Passing yards per game: Utes-76, Aggies-64
Passing efficiency: Utes-22, Aggies-43
Total yards per game: Utes-27, Aggies-29
Points per game: Utes-17, Aggie-73

Regarding Hays, he has come a long way in the last month. His priorities are:

-Give the ball to an extremely productive John White IV.

-Keep the defense honest.

-Don't make costly mistakes.

His 5-13 performance (you forgot the 1 TD vs. 0 INT, BTW) was against UCLA's #62-rated pass D, while Heaps' opponent was against Idaho, ranked #110 in passing YPG defense.

Utah Girl
Vernal, UT

Sorry Riley got hurt. My son was a QB in high school and got some cracked ribs that kept him out for several games. Very painful, with every breath, and every move. I hope Riley is given adequate time to heal, and then GOOD protection and lots of tape and padding if he does play.

Give Heaps a chance. He's young and is still gaining experience. He needs to know his team, his coaches, his school, and the BYU fans are supporting him. It's a tough enough job without feeling like no one wants him out there!

Good luck with the remaining games, and the bowl game, too.

Boise, ID

Heaps arm is amazing. He just needs to cut down on mental mistakes. Hopefully with Alisa, the running game can keep the pressure on Heaps down.

Cedar City, UT

hrs4...too funny. I guess missing wide open receivers, an abysmal third and short pass percentage, and being afraid to get hit were Offensive Coord. problems.

I think Heaps can still be a good QB, but to blame the OC for poor performance is laughable.

Baltimore, MD


The comparison of differing levels of competition for Heaps and Hays might have some relevance IF the statistics for both had been relatively equal.

We all know that every time Hays doesn't hand off to White, Utah fans cross their fingers hoping Hays doesn't do something stupid to lose the game for Utah.

Even though Heaps hasn't lived up to expectations, so far, anyone who understands football can see talent and great potential that simply needs a little more polishing. Only a few naive haters are hoping Jake will abandon his dream of being another great BYU QB.

On the other hand, Utah fans are simply hoping to survive the season with Hays. Nobody wants, much less expects, Hays to be anything more than he already is, a mediocre, emergency fill-in for an injury-prone starter. Utah fans will be all over Hays the next time he loses a game because of some stupid decision.

I'll call it
Ogden, UT

Keep on comparing the bottom feeders of the WAC to the likes of UCLA.

I enjoy the good laughs.

If anyone cares, I can't give my seats away with the schedule being played in Provo.

However, folks want to know how they can get tickets to see the PAC-12.

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