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Published: Saturday, Nov. 12 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

In national relevant news utah is one game back from title game. Oregon utah for first pac12 title and rose bowl!

Everett, WA

"Suddenly, BYU's season got a little more interesting in November."

Possibly true, if your job requires you to watch and write about these post season scrimmages.

Woods Cross, UT

Yeah ucla and arizona st. would have to lose their last 2 games and utah would have to win their last 2, not gonna happen. Sorry, 8th place pac12 teams aren't all that relevant.

Alexandria, VA

First comments on all BYU articles - from Ute trolls. Big brothers usually don't care much about what the little brothers are doing. Very telling.


Irrelevance? That would be independent teams that make their own schedule.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@brcougar So you are saying that the 8th place team in the PAC12 is better than your cougars? Remember that 54-10 thrashing at home by that same 8th place team?

Herriman, UT

"Changing QBs at BYU is a big deal, whether by performance or injury."

Why is that Dick? Do you think this event will make any headline, outside of the state of Utah?

You seem to be implying, for some reason, that a QB change at BYU against an absolutely rediculous schedule, with nothing to play for is somehow relevant.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

Lifelong Ute

Thanks for stopping by little brother, although fighting to stay out of the PAC 12 basement isn't all that relevant locally, let alone nationally.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"In national relevant news utah is one game back from title game."

lol, Only in the crimson-colored world of Utedom would a team with a losing conference record in mid November be considered "nationally relevant".

On the other hand, in regionally irrelevant news, Utah is one game from being tied for 10th in the PAC 12.

Ore 7-0
Stan 7-1
USC 5-2
ASU 4-3
Wash 4-3
UCLA 4-3
Cal 3-4
Utah 3-4
WSU 2-5
OSU 2-5
Col 1-6
Ariz 1-7

With WSU (37-27) beating ASU, a team that destroyed Utah at home (14-35) and Colorado pummeling Arizona (48-29) worse than Utah did (34-21), Utah's once cupcake schedule to end the season may not be so cupcake afterall.

Salt Lake City, UT

Listening to Heaps post game interview reminds me why Nelson is refreshing. The kid just needs to condense his answers to to each question to under 20 seconds not the standard 2 minutes.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Lifelong Ute and Silent Lurker

Thanks for visiting; as always, little brothers comparing themselves to their big brother.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

Lifelong Ute

In nationally irrelevant news, starved for attention jealous Utah fans spam another BYU blog with meaningless blabber.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Dick doesn't need to imply anything. EVERYTHING BYU does is big to the kids on the hill. The fact that you're here commenting about it proves that beyond any reasonable doubt.

btw, the WCC champion BYU men's cross country team just beat the PAC 12 champion Colorado men's cross country team to win the 2011 NCAA Mountain Region Cross Country Championship.

now, tell us about your championships in the so-called "conference of champions" little brother...


Orem, UT

@Lifelong Ute

Is there some "nationally relevant" reason that you're spamming the blog of a non-AQ, independent?

The harder our friends on the hill try to pretend that BYU is irrelevant, the sillier they look.

Orem, UT

Irrelevance? That would be independent teams that make their own schedule.

As opposed to dependent teams that play weekly on KJZZ?

Here's a clue: beating up on the dregs of any conference doesn't make you relevant.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

wow...as if Utah should somehow with some kind of luck even come close to making the championship game...and then as if it stands a chance to even coming close to achieving Stanford's pitiful level of play against the Ducks last night. Ssure dude... that's going to be relavent... as to how far behind the Southern division is to the Northern... but I wouldn't go so far as to envoke any national relavency. Even mice that roar are still overpowered by the greatness of silence in the outer edges of the darkest shadows...which is where Utah is playing...relatively speaking!

Herriman, UT


The fact that your user ID refers to the PAC-12, along with having to dig up completely irrelevant information comparing BYU's and Colorado's cross country teams, only illustrates your obsession with everything Utah. It is obvious that you are somehow trying to make yourself feel better about the state of your football team, and it's struggle to appear nationally relevant. Let's talk football. How does 7 out of the last 10 and most recently 54-10 on your home field sound? I'm sure you will be back with some completely ambiguous comparison, perhaps comparing Drama Departments at both schools.


Plano, TX

Hope Nelson heals well, Heaps does well and Lark is ready; he will be next up given just the right hit... it's happened before, it'll happen again. This is a season of irrelevance for BYU really. 1st year independent, had to get a schedule from thin air. I think it's been a really good thing to see Idaho State and the UofI get a shot in Provo given their regional proximity and the density of BYU fans in Idaho, and number of Idaho students at BYU. Hopefully more of the smaller regional teams will get a piece of national attention by playing BSU, BYU in the future.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


The Pac 12 adopted that title because of championships won in ALL sports, not just football. Pretending that Cross Country championships are "irrelevant" just proves how disconnected Utah fans are to the reality of Utah's new conference.

Call us when Utah wins its first conference championship in ANY sport in the "conference of champions". Until then, you're nothing but faux champions, living in the shadows of the real champions of the conference.

Park City, UT


"comparing BYU's and Colorado's cross country teams, only illustrates your obsession with everything Utah."

Obsessions-R-Us - I wonder if you even grasp the irony of a Utah homer posting that on a BYU blog.

It's laughable that Utah trolls whined so much about BYU moving its minor sports to the WCC, when, in reality, Utah's minor sports will obviously be completely irrelevant in the PAC 12.

BYU's Cross Country team is headed to the NCAA chamionships with conference and regional championships already under their belt. Where will Utah's Cross Country team be?

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