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Published: Saturday, Nov. 12 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Congrats Utes!! U deserve it

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Asu losing to washington state! We will just be one game back from title game foe rose bowl!

Kaysville, UT

Simply a fantastic effort on defence.. Great game. GO UTES!!

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Asu lost! They will lose at least one more and then we will have tiebreaker over them if three way tie! Bring on oregon for rose bowl!

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ Lifelong Ute

"Asu lost! They will lose at least one more and then we will have tiebreaker over them if three way tie! Bring on oregon for rose bowl!"

Correction: Arizona State has the tiebreaker over us. ASU needs to lose out and Utah needs to win out for the Utes to advance to the Pac-12 title game. But, ASU most likely will beat Arizona. if they don't, Coach Erickson should be fired!

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

UCLA probably could lose the rest of their games. If Colorado plays the Bruins like they did Arizona, CU wins and ASU will win the south, but if UCLA beats the Buffs and loses to USC. Then it would be interesting to see how the Pac-12 determines who goes to the title game to play Oregon. Regardless how it all plays out. It has been a very successful first year in the Pac-12. Utah will then build upon the success of this season next year.

Go Utes!

West Jordan, Utah

Well we're moving on up.


@Pac 12 loves U

Not true...Look up the tie breaking rules on the PAC athletics website. If there is a 3 way tie there is a very good chance Utah takes the tie breaker.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Pac12lovesu, we are only one game back. If utah asu and ucla all end with same record it goes to highest ranked team which means we would since asu is in a big slide and we will have won our last 5night games. Understand?

Darth Vader
Ogden, UT


Welcome to Utah in November!

Gilbert, AZ

Congratulations on becoming bowl eligible! I'm looking forward to seeing TCU teach your team how the game is played at the Las Vegas Bowl in mid-Dec.

Juice Box
Eureka, UT

This has been a lot more fun as a season watching teams like USC, ASU, UCLA, etc.

This year has been fun, I can't wait to see what the future has in store the the Utes!

Lynchburg, VA

Go Utes! I can't say how impressed I am with how they have put it all together after a tough stretch! They are really playing as a team right now! I couldn't be more proud of them! Go Utes!

West Jordan, Utah

It's far fetched and i don't want to jinx the Utes, but the PAC 12 South is possible. I still say go easy lifelongute.

The thing that I am starting to realize is that although the Utes don't have a tiebreaker against ASU, it seems they do in a three way tie.

If Utah goes 2-0, and UCLA and ASU go 1-1 the last two games, we would have a three way tie. UCLA going 0-2 would hurt Utah unless ASU went 0-2. That's not likely anyway.

First off, Utah has to go 2-0. That they can control. Washington State is no slouch. They play in the north and have had to play Oregon, Stanford, and Washington.

Yesterday, Washington State's QB was a few yards shy of 500 yards passing. Wow!
Washington State beat ASU and Utah has to go to Pullman to play. If the Utes find a way to win that game, they have a chance at the PAC 12 south. ASU has Arizona at home. The SUN Devils should win that one. The last week of the season ASU plays California. We need a loss there.

West Jordan, Utah


As crazy as you have come across for the last few weeks, keep manifesting the Rose Bowl. You might be our miracle.

I was excited to see Washington State beat ASU last night. The problem is that Washington State's QB was just an intermediate throw short of 500 yards passing. Utah will need to dial up some defense on the passing game next week.

Iowa City, IA

Arizona State is starting to slide, and they still play Cal. But there is little, if any, chance they will lose to Arizona.

All Utah can do is do their part. They must take care of Washington State and Colorado first.

Still, congrats Utes on bowl eligibility!

With USC out by in-eligibility, and Stanford and Oregon being the two clear cut great teams, there is a log-jam of 6-4 teams (4) plus UCLA at 5-5. So the next two weeks will make a big difference in who goes where. PLUS who ever the South puts into the conference championship will get an extra game, though there is little to no chance of that team beating Oregon.

Possibilities, and my predictions:
-Rose (

Captain L
Provo, UT

Congratulation utes, your D is really playing well, it is too bad your offense struggled early in the season. I would love to see the pieces fall into place and the utes get into the pac12 championship game, I dought it will happen but I'd love to see it.

Santa Monica, CA

When we were 3-4 and fielding a "not ready for prime time QB" if anyone would have told me that our first year in the Pac12 (please stop calling it the PAC, people)-was going to be a stinking riot, I would have called them crazy. This is Sooooooo much more fun than the MWC ever thought of being. If we were to lose to Washington State next week (which we aren't going to do) and beat Colorado to finish the season 7-5 and go to a respectable bowl game, I would still be doing a little joyful dance. This is great football and a great conference to be aligned with. It's madness, but in all of the good ways.

Cowboy Dude

UCLA needs to lose one and win one to get a three-way tie, ASU needs to lose one, better if lose two, and Utah needs to win two. So, go USC, Go Cal, Go Utes!

Fallon, NV

If by some bizarre twist of fate the Utes manage to back their way into the conference championship game, it will be fun to watch the Ducks destroy the Utes. It will be reminiscent of the BYU-Idaho game.

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