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Published: Saturday, Nov. 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Beverly Hills, CA

The last 2 unfunded wars cost 3 trillion and counting so Republicans can really be for less spending and smaller government by adding a 3rd war which we will go further in debt with China for. Thanks GW Bush for adding 6 trillion to the debt that includes your other unfunded projects such as 700 billion for banks, 1 trillion for medicaid prescription, 2 stimulus packages.

Salt Lake City, UT

Another Republican president, another unfunded war based on heresay.

I wonder how many trillions in debt we will accrue before NO weapons are found...again.

As exampled by:

"The Iraqi regime . . . possesses and produces chemical and biological weapons. It is seeking nuclear weapons.' - George W. Bush - Ohio Speech 10/7/2002

*'US gives up search for Iraq WMD' - BBC News - 01/12/05
'Mr Duelfer reported last year that Iraq had no stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons at the time of the US-led invasion nearly two years ago.'

*'George W Bush says Iraq intelligence failure is his biggest regret' - By Alex Spillius - 12/01/08 - The UK telegraph

'Though the outgoing US president failed to take responsibility for the misfortunes that have beset the country during his eight years in office, he was candid about wishing things had gone better.'


*'U.S. Military deaths in Iraq war at 4,473 - AP - Published by the DSNews - 08/02/2011

Salt Lake City, Utah

what great idea the last to wars the gop started then washed their hands of really did wonders for our economy.

Blue Bolshevik
Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps Mitt should rehire Ollie North and John Poindexter, arms for hostages worked so well for them the the first time, eh?

David King
Layton, UT

JohnJacob, Pagan, and Melanna all ignore one inconvenient little truth. His name is Ron Paul. He has been against all wars of aggression, and stood firm regardless of party. Unlike Obama, he would not involve the U.S. military in Libya without a declaration of war by Congress. Unlike Obama, he would not assume he holds the power to assassinate American citizens without a trial. There's one candidate dedicated to adhering to the U.S. Constitution when it comes to foreign policy, and it is not Romney, Perry, Cain, or Obama. Take a look at what Ron Paul has said for decades and you will see why Ron Paul receives more money from the active duty than Obama, and more than all other Republicans combined. (Center for Responsive Politics study)

Mark B
Eureka, CA

My respect for Cain as a master of obfuscation is rising: "I'm against torture, but I will let someone else define it, and some one ELSE decide who gets it. That's what leaders do." OK, it's not word for word, but it's close enough.

Durham, NC

So a vote for Romney = a vote to go to war with Iran. Very interesting. Because unless Romney has some secret mojo sauce, that is the only option he has left himself.

Buckle folks - looks like were going to send out boys back to the middle east to another war..... and surely re-igniting the war in Korea will be next on his list. Lets see how many votes he thinks this will buy him, predeclaring his decision to go to war.

Morgan, UT

After reading the first three or four remarks to this article, I now understand how Obama was elected, what kind of individual elected him and why America is in a world of hurt presently...and it is this type of thinking which might re-elect Obama again...maybe it is Obama that will usher in the end-of-the-world if so he is well on his way.

Wake up people and smell the roses.

Farmington, UT

A few years ago, a green President Obama figured we could just apologize to Muslim nations, including Iran, and diplomatically become allies with Iran. A few months in, he saw Israel's intelligence on Iran, and realized he is in way over his head. Now President Obama's letters and requests to Iran go unanswered--we are irrelevant to Iran.

So for the past year, we've enacted sanctions, more sanctions, and even more sanctions, which has only made the current government in Iran even stronger.

We really need to find out what other key nations are willing to do. I think we've effectively proven the U.S. can not go into a war in the Middle East with a couple of buddies and clean things up. I give Obama credit on this one--he's currently calling out other key nations to find out how far they're willing to go to prevent Iran from nuclear weapons.

I'm rather disappointed in the responses by the GOP. Although I think we have lost valuable time with Iran the past two years, the approach we need to take is to engage other key nations and develop a plan with the rest of the world.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Care to comment on why you think they are wrong or do you just want to stick to childish comments?

Salt Lake City, Utah

sorry that last comment was directed at veracity. Interesting name for someone that did not put much support for their argument by the way.

Salt Lake City, UT

'A few years ago, a green President Obama figured we could just apologize to Muslim nations...' - ouisc | 9:13 p.m. Nov. 12, 2011

Reply facts:

*'Osama bin Laden Killed: 'Justice Is Done,' President Says' - By DEAN SCHABNER - ABC News - 05/01/2011

'Osama bin Laden, hunted as the mastermind behind the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil, has been killed, President Obama announced tonight.'

*'We have been waiting for this moment': Libya confirms Gadhafi is dead' - MSNBC - 10/20/2011

SIRTE, Libya  Deposed Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has been killed, the Libyan prime minister confirmed Thursday, following news of his capture and reports of his death.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Unlike Obama, he would not involve the U.S. military in Libya without a declaration of war by Congress.' - David King | 8:12 p.m. Nov. 12, 2011

Where did you get your information David?

As, there were ZERO US troops in Libya before and after Ghdafi was killed.

Washougal, Washington

"Tough Talk" is necessary in this tough world. That said, Mitt has left war as the last option on his list of solutions. BHO is almost certainly going to take this country into a wider war in the middle east, if he wins re-election, with or without congressional approval................ Who does not believe this? .........what are their names?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

They need to start a war to win.

Washougal, Washington

Re Pagan: What world do you live in?...NATO struck Libya. The U.S.A. is is is NATO. I understand, your comments are meant to provoke.. O.K.... You yourself couldn't believe half of what you post here. It is, of coarse, a proxy war, funded with the deficit spending(our tax money).

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I missed the debate. Did anyone suggest that we send Dick Cheney to Iran first in order to make sure Iran has nukes before blowing another nation to kingdom come? Did any of the candidates volunteer to lead (or maybe have a SON lead) the first bombing attack, presumably on Tehran? And could we sell sponsorship ads on the sides of bombers to companies that paid no income taxes?

Roosevelt, UT

Perry said....
That's what happens in war. I'm for using the techniques, not torture, but using those techniques that we know will extract the information to save young Americans' lives and will be for it until I die.

I thought he died the other night in the last debate.

Somebody forgot to tell him.

USA maintains overseas bases in Japan, Korea, South Africa, Germany, like it was 1965,and that is not all of them.

Current cost to maintain overseas bases like it was 1965 is $86 million per day.

Has anyone heard one GOP candidate say anything about bringing those folks home...Mitt sort of did when he said he will cut $100 million a year in overseas spending.

How will they get along without that 1.2 days of income? ....oh perish the thought...

In other words he is not going to upset the applecart that has got us into this mess.

Still looking for someone who can be elected and has the backbone to call it like it is.

Mitt is putting perfume over garbage, does not fix the problem but it makes it smell better.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

If we want a decent president in the vein of "normal" presidents, I hope republicans get around to Huntsman. If we want some serious change for the better, we need someone like Paul.

David King
Layton, UT


"Where did you get your information David?
As, there were ZERO US troops in Libya before and after Ghdafi was killed."

Oops. I meant to put simply "U.S. involvement" not military. I stand corrected. I did know that no U.S. ground troops were involved, and for that I give the President credit.

Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

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