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Published: Friday, Nov. 11 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Al Thepal
Salt Lake City, UT

Good job Desert Hills! Now go beat Hurricane and bring the State Championship back to St. George!

Southern Fan
st. george, ut

Loved the fans tonight. Thanks for supporting our Dhhs boys Local fans!! Go thunder!


Great win D-Hills. I guess having everyone back made a difference. Needham looked fantastic. If Harris is 100% next week after passing for 15 of 17 in the first half, could be big for the thunder. It may be Hurricane's only flaw (pass coverage)
Go Thunder !!!

Saint George, UT

You gotta love 3A football! Two semi-finals. Four great teams of outstanding young men who bore their hearts and souls for four full quarter and NOBODY took a single backward step. When the smoke cleared the difference between victor and vanquished in both games: an eyelash. For the Dons and the Redmen the pain of this loss will fade and they will be able to look back and know they were part of something very special. They were part of two very good, very dangerous football teams. The Tigers will be looking to take care of unfinished business and the Thunder will take their first step onto the hallowed ground of the State Championship field. Good luck to both teams and congratulations and thanx to all the playoff teams for a great tournament.

Washington, Utah

Sure hope the game is in southern utah

Hurricane, UT

Congratulations D-Hills on a well-played game! Both teams gave great efforts.

Hurricane, UT

Yes that might be the only flaw but you still have not scored against the varsity team. I was impresses by DH last night as I went to watch the game. It should be a great game indeed DH deserves to be there IMO. I am glad everybody is healthy so we dont have to hear the excuses this time around.

Saint George, UT

Liger, I don't understand your comment


Why is it every time you are on here you shoot your mouth off. Nobody used injuries as an excuse last time, Hurricane was just plain better. The injuries are common in football but for DH this season it has been really hard to get all starters on the field at the same time. Good luck next week.


Leave it to ligers. Dig dig then say something good then dig dig to end your blog. OLD

These are all great young men. Both teams have friends on both sidelines.
By saying pass coverage might be their only flaw is a huge complement .
Hurricane is a machine. These young men should be praised for what they have accomplished.
Hurricane for having not lost a single game and Desert Hills for reaching the finals , two teams remain and both from southern Utah!


Wow! Very impressive. I was very suprised DH took Cedar out of their traditional game plan. The DH fans have been talking about having their full team back and I think that had a lot to do with it (taking Cedar out of their game.) It will probably be more difficult to take Hurricane out of it's game plan but that is what will have to happen to keep the game close. Hurricane's secondary really struggled against SF with two starters hurt but I see them making adjustments next week and don't see DH getting the easy TD's like SF did. It should be a fantastic game and probably pretty high scoring. I'm going with Hurricane 35-21.

Hurricane, UT

Great game by the Thunder! I didn't think they could handle Ursua but they kept him in check most of the night. I only remember three big runs (2 for TDs)...which is amazing because he is good for a dozen of those. Putting 9 guys in the box was expected but I am a bit surprised that the Cedar coaching staff didn't have a counter move for that. Holding Bishop to next to nothing was superb.
As a Hurricane fan, I applaud your efforts! It will be fun at RES!!!

Pic 6


A little early for a drink, you sound punchy.

Of course it will be more difficult to stop Hurricane.
I'm sure SF would say nothing was easy about playing Hurricane.
Of course your going with Hurricane, your name is tigerfan.

South Jordan, Utah

That's Karma for you. Coach Peacock went and bashed Westlake for letting Ursua get his ways and being undisciplined. Then Ursua doesn't show up to any of his offseason or summer practices while harping on integrity. Ursua shows up 2 weeks before the season starts, gets handed the starting job and Peacock apologizes to Ursua and his mother for comments he made.
Just when he thought he was getting to the promised land, karma, in the form of Desert Hills makes things right (to make it even harsher, it was a team they blew out 3 weeks earlier).
It would have been a bit nicer had Westlake finished off TV on gone a little farther, but, oh well.

Go Knights!

Jo Momma

Roses are red, violets are not, good luck stopping, Thompson,Yardley, and Scott.


@pic 6
Don't mock me. I've been 100% with my Hurricane picks this year:)



I am sure that the Tigers had more to do with winning then your predictions.

Saint George, Utah

Doh! So close to having a totally positive post! Keep trying. I know you can do it!

Jo Momma,
Cute poem. If the DH boys can pull it off, luck will have little to do with it.

Hurricane, UT

There are rumors about moving the game south...

Hansen Stadium is too small. SUU is bigger.

Let's move it to Sam Boyd Stadium at UNLV!!!

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

@LAsorda,no rumor fact,details are being worked at as we speak,100% game will be played in So Utah.

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