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Published: Friday, Nov. 11 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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LV Ute Fan
Las Vegas, NV

Mr. Jones, are you a big enough man to admit you were wrong after seeing the replay? Very poor sportmanship.


What a bitter end to a hard fought battle for Syracuse. They are an exceptional team. Good job Fremont what a season and what a game!

Ogden, Utah

Clearly was down! Picture proof. Good game by both teams though! Love too see Region 1 go far! Fremont For Life though! :)

North Salt Lake, UT

LV Ute Fan, I thought they get it wrong watching it live, but the replay showed that it was the right call... Well officiated game!

Ogden, UT

Mr. Jones needs to be fined by the UHSAA for his comments against the officials. In professional sports coaches get fined all the time for making comments about the refs or the officiating. All 10,000 people in the stadium saw that he was down before the ball crossed the goal line and I have another picture that shows his knee down and his foot out of bounds and the ball was a foot short of the goal line. I agree with LV Ute Fan that their coach is showing poor sportsmanship in this game. Good hard fought game between two of the best defenses in the state. Can't wait for the championship game next week against Lone Peak! Go FREMONT!!


Whooo Go Fremont!(:


Get off Coach Jones. I was on the field at the goal line when the final play occured. I was sure it was a TD. After the first few replays on the jumbotron, I and many fans were still convinced. A few minutes later they re-played it and went frame by frame. It became apparent that it was the right call. Before the later replays, reporters approached Coach Jones and wanted an immediate comment. I'm sure Russ wishes he hadn't been quoted. But consider the moment- he's battling for his team. After 1000's of hours, to come so far and get so close to a title game, it was a tough moment. There's a reason reporters give college and pro coaches a "cooling off" period before interviews. One minute is not enough time. Coach Bosgeiter and Fremont deserve the win, Coach Jones DOES NOT deserve the criticism.


FANTASTIC GAME!! All the people who bashed on Syracuse and said it would be a blowout: Every year they're a dark horse! Never count them out! But seriously, what a battle and what an insane finish! Honestly, one of the top 3 high school football games i've ever seen!! Congrats to Fremont for displaying some hardcore defense in closing seconds and inches (literally)... Very impressive game! Now Fremont, go shut those people down South up! REPRESENT REGION 1!!

Ogden, UT

I was on the field at the goal line when the final play occured. I was sure it was a TD.

--Who are you the referee? lol.


All I can say is Division 1 is the real deal and I can't wait for the game Friday. Go Fremont!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

After reading all the comments leading up to this game, I was surprised to see that it was soooo much closer than Fremont expected. It's ok, the next game will end up similar to last year with Fremont ending up in th "Kiss Your Sister 2nd Place." Get it Lone Peak!!

South Jordan, UT

Should be a good game on Friday. Good luck to both teams.


Lone Peak will score thanks to Chase Hansen but they will be kept below 21 points. If you think that last sentence was a laugh then look at how Northridge kept Lone Peak at 21 points. Lone Peak's defense will not be able to keep Fremont from scoring. The reason I say this is they let Jordan put up 41 points against them. But when you look at how the Fremont defense faired against Jordan they kept them under 20. So my prediction for this game is Fremont 28 Lone Peak 21. Good Luck to both teams.


@Sports-nut --- your right ... this year will end up like last year... a close LP v.s. Fremont game that Fremont ends up on top.... Again. Funny the LP fans have already forgot about who the last team that beat them was. should be a good game friday... good luck to both teams.


Lone Peak has gotten lucky the past two games. I had some Northridge fans telling me that they got away with a ton of holding in the game two weeks ago and those calls in the Jordan-Lone Peak game were extremely questionable. There's no question that this game will be loud. My prediction is very simple: Fremont vs. Lone Peak will be a down to the wire battle. It really matters on which offense shows up to play. Fremont's defense will be ready to stop the Chase Hansen Knights and that's why I predict a State Championship for FHS.
Fremont 27-21

Pay Dirt
Kaysville, UT


You want to fine a high school coach? Do you know what these guys make? I don't agree with what Coach Jones said, but I'm sure an apology would be enough. It doesn't even need to be public.

Ogden, UT

@Pay Dirt
Yeah I know how much they make because I've been part of a coaching staff. I've also learned that the things a coach says and does reflects not only him, but the school he coaches for along with the players he coaches. He is giving a poor representation of Syracuse High School. I've also talked to the players from Fremont and they were telling me all of the "stuff" that Syracuse players and coaches were telling them as they shook their hands after the game and it doesn't surprise me as Coach Jones just showed his true colors and showed that he doesn't run a classy program at Syracuse. If the call would have went the other way, you wouldn't have heard comments like that from Coach Bosgeiter. That man is the classiest coach in the state and it shows within his program at Fremont.

--It also looks like multiple people agree with me as I have 7 recommendations from the readers on here. They fined Mt. Crests coach $250 this year because of player infractions which were brought up by a nosey AD from Logan High, so why not fine Jones for making ill-advised comments?

Pay Dirt
Kaysville, UT

Papi Chulo,

I agree a team mirrors the actions of their coaches a lot of the time. So it is important the coaches act with civility(easier said than done). I just have a hard time reaching into the pocket of an educator.

I hope Fremont shows well on Friday.

Ogden, UT

@ Pay Dirt
The UHSAA sure doesn't have a problem reaching into an educators pocket. It is easier said than done, when one doesn't have self control and control over their tongue.

Hopefully Fremont shows well on Friday and represents all the northern utah teams.

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