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Published: Thursday, Nov. 10 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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Highland High Pride
Salt Lake, UT

The back up kicker is a girl. She was brougt onto the team half way through the season so she isn't rostered. Rumor has it that she was messing around, kicking a football after soccer practice , and te coach asked er to show up for kicking practice with Van Minde the next day.

Logan is a beast. Don't go into the game with a bug head about it. But everyone was betting against Highland last year... So best of luck to our rivals. Bring Region 6 another trophy.

South Jordan, Utah


If the TV coaches were bit more humble and stop making excuses for tough game and losses than people wouldn't take shots at them.

In their win against Westlake, it was about their mistakes that kept the game close rather than Westlake outsmarting and outplaying them. If anything, it Westlake that made the costly mistakes and practically handed TV the win (WL should have been up at least 21-0 at halftime).

East spotted them 10 but overcame it because they had smarter coaches than WL ( don't know why they tried to pass in second half when they were running at will in the first half).

All Wong did was say it was TV mistakes and barely gave credit to the other teams. Enjoy the humble pie again.

Your also wrong about them rising again as their demise is here to stay. If their smart, they'll go 3A after next year. Many of the poly players in that area will start going to LP, WL and now even back to Lehi.

Sandy, UT

Good Luck to both teams should be an awsome game, if mother nature helps in the mix maybe a factor for aiding East. The weather would aid in slowing down the passing game, as for the running game of East ball security would be the key and playing a close to perfect game. By all means it can be done, I would throw a wrench in it and run a little spread has everyone forgotten East was running a variation of the spread before Matich got there. Its gonna be a great game hopefully its a nail bitter and not a one sided affair. Good Luck to both teams .

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