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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 8 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Logan, UT

Kudos to Davies for coming forward with it and getting things taken care of. That takes guts in his situation. However, BYU should have suspended the idiot that leaked the more specific nature of his wrongdoing. IMO that is almost as bad as what he did, given the already high profile nature of the incident. But he weathered it like a champ, and although I'll be yelling at him on Friday like all the rest of the players, I won't be making any reference to his past actions. I'll leave that to people who might not respect that as much.

USU 81, BYU 74

west jordan, ut

Kudos to Brandon, who cares about anyones opinions. BYU will never lose sleep over those who don't want to go there and sign the honor code. It is all about principle and those who scoff at it are just ignorant because they know that they could never live the code so they stoop to low levels to blast it.

Chris Degn
Seoul, Korea

Brandon, thanks for showing class and representing well! We wish you much success and happiness. May you have an great season this year - and more importantly, may you have an awesome life! Take the moral/ethical/spiritual lessons learned from the experience and make yourself a positive role model for others. You're a big man physically on the court, but with the attitude you've had through all this, you're an even bigger man on the court of life! God bless you.

Lincoln City, OR

Brandon Davies is a very special kid... Few people will ever know what he had to go through to get back to where he is today... They say that the measure of a man is how well he bounces when he is knocked down... This kid got knocked down about as hard as anyone can be knocked down and he was able to pick himself up, go through the pentance process and return to the hardwood with a blue and white BYU uniform on... I wager that very few people could or would have done that.

Brandon is a talented guy.... I hope he has a career year and that he develops into a solid pro prospect... I will always follow this kid's career wherever it leads because he is someone that deserves respect and deserves to be followed.

Marysville, WA

SG, you and I had very different experiences at the Y. When I was there from 1981-1986, I had plenty of friends and acquaintences at school, and with the exception of a couple of the hundred I knew personally, the students and faculty were striving to live what they had committed to in signing the honor code. Two of my children who are currently enrolled there can speak for the environment now.

Based on the tone of your comment, the broad generalizations and the fact that you are hiding behind a screen name and give no supporting facts, I don't believe your story at all. Back it up, or fess up.

Anaheim, CA


As an ASU athlete, she hasn't had to deal with the intense public scrutiny that Brandon was subjected to; as to how she's doing, I'm guessing she'd probably prefer to keep that confidential.

Come On
Salt Lake City, UT

deepblue....seriously 9 months later people are still saying its the girl from ASU? She had NOTHING to do with brandons suspension!! And you as well have no idea what type of scrunity she has been under or what her life has been like being blamed for something she didn't do!!

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