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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 8 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, Utah

Eligibility, count on it!

South Jordan, UT

My prediction is still 8-4 with at least a game in the Vegas bowl vs. TCU. Possibility of the Sun bowl if the PAC 12 gets 2 in the bcs games. Vegas pays 1.2 and Sun pays 2 million. PAC 12 game will pay us almost 1.3 simply for belonging.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

UCLA is bad.

This offense is coming around and the defense is one of the best in the nation.

Utah 30

I'll be there. Will U?

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

I admire how Kyle prepares his team week in and week out. Through all of the adversity, he never hit the panic button. He just coaches up his team and gets them ready to compete.

I'm excited for this weeks game. Both teams have some momentum right now and I'm expecting it to be a close game.

Here's to a strong finish for the Utes!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

This game should be the toughest regular season game remaining on our schedule. With a win, we will become bowl eligible, and in good position to get to the Sun Bowl. Go Utes!

Fort Worth, Texas

Juan Blanco Cuatro for cien plus yards equals:

Utah 31

8-4 is probable and so is...

Vegas: Utah vs TCU
Sun: Utah vs Virgina Tech/Georgia Tech


Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Both KSL and ESPN are reporting on the possibility of Utah still making the Pac 12 championship game.

We're only 2 games back from Arizona State, and since UCLA beat ASU if we beat UCLA then ASU's tiebreaker over us would not mean anything.

Just 2 games back from playing for the inaugural Pac 12 chamionship and Rose Bowl game!

Spanish Fork, UT

Also lots of chatter from Las Vegas that Utah plays Wyoming in the Las Vegas bowl.

Would U go?

Big Daddy Utah

Utah versus WYO in the Vegas bowl, that would be a joke. Wyoming would be the worst team with a winning record in any bowl. I would rather go to the Sun Bowl and play a good ACC team such as Georgia Tech or Va Tech. Go UTES!!!!

Park City, UT

Go Bruins, Cougars, and Buffs. Hand it to the Utes and let them finish at 5-7 as they so richly deserve. No bowling this year and hopefully next, etc, etc.

Omaha, NE

UCLA just beat ASU, who clobbered Utah. How can anyone say UCLA is bad? They have a decent record, similar to Utah's. If you say UCLA is bad, and Utah with the similar record must also be bad. Odd logic.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Striker, and Arizona clobbered UCLA. Should be a good game. Go Utes.

Iowa City, IA


UCLA is not bad, they are average, like Utah.

While head-to-head is the best factor when deciding who that better team is, transitive logic doesn't generally translate well.

For example, Texas Tech beat Oklahoma rather convincingly then got blown out by Iowa State and Texas. Texas, in turn got blown out by----Oklahoma.

In this case, Arizona blew out UCLA---saw the game on ESPN, it was over at the half (42-7). Utah convincingly beat Zona on the road. Conversely, Utah was deplorable v Cal, who got beat by UCLA. UCLA had the one point win v ASU, who beat Utah.

Both teams are pretty evenly matched.

So, with transitive logic out the window, you have to focus on the match-ups.

The Ute defense is stingy with the run, and has met their most success when playing weaker QBs. UCLA is a balanced foe, so shutting down their run and forcing their average QB to make plays is a must. Certainly, UCLA must be thinking the same thing about the Utes.

This game is a toss-up for me. UCLA is playing better, but the Utes are showing confidence.


Orange County, CA

Lifelong Ute:

Again, I appreciate your optimism but we're not getting to play in the Rose Bowl until we play UCLA there in 2012.

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