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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 9 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Saint George, UT

SF 35 HH 21


Let's get em tigers!

John Paul
Orem, UT

Hurricane 35 SF 14

Ewa Beach, HI

SF 42 Hurricane 21: talent for talent...and, pound for pound--SF Dons will wear the Crown. Saddle UP, Dons...and RIDE da "Canes

juan val dez
Kanab, UT

Ok, let's put this in perspective. Spanish fork got demolished by Delta 35 to 14. Cedar easily beat Delta. Hurricane admittedly had a little trouble beating Cedar, but nothing really serious and beat them by 9. That should tell you who the better team is. Now Hurricane needs to come out and play like they are capable and we should be playing for the Championship..

Ewa Beach, HI

No doubt that SF's got major "home" advantage over remaining so. teams (huge factor)...not to mention rough travel drivin up; and the consensus is that the 3A championship will be played this Thurs. between SF and Hurricane...and, I'm predicting an SF victory. No disrespect to DH and esp. Cedar...but, it is what it is...and, it's no longer bout the past and it's all about the NOW...Go Dons!!! AND, GET YOUR CROWN!!!!

Orem, UT

Hurricane has been to three straight finals, so I don't think the travel will bother them. It didn't when the Tigers beat Skyline 33-14 in week one. Expect a good game, but I favor the ball control & physicality of the Tigers. Besides, this could be a game where the Tigers starting line-up gets to play the whole game. HHS 42 SFHS 21

Ask the Football PRO

Don's haven't been to the BIG show in years, due to Hurricane and Juan Diego hogging it for the past 3 straight years, the Don's are a good team who should of lost to Juan Diego, but they didn't, Hurricane with the power of Scott and the speed of Thompson and the toughness of Parker with the mentally sound with Prince, I'm just saying good luck Don's on even coming close.

Hurricane 42-Don's 21

Lehi, UT

The High School Activities Association needs to wake up and smell the roses when deciding where the semi-finals for 3A and other lower population schools play their post-season games. Why are Cedar, Hurricane and Desert Hills required to travel to Salt Lake City when they could be playing in Cedar City at SUU or in St. George at Dixie? I know those decisions are made early and contracted with the U. but where is the logic in this format? A lot of unnecessary expense for schools and patrons could be avoided if the UHSAA would THINK before they flex their muscle; they're too much like the NCAA/BCS and NBA hierarchy. They would make more money at the gate if they were played locally. Get a life!

podunk utah

nothing against SF, I like Hurricane, they are hungry, so close for so long... I think they win it all, go Hurricane!


just keep hating on us dons just keep hating it motivates us hurricane has never beat juan diego and we have so if that doesnt earn us our respect then we will go get on thursday!!! Don pride!!!!

Saint George, Utah

The Cedar/DH semi IS at Dixie State. However, the UHSAA has announced already that, regardless who the participants are, the finals will be at RES.

Including semifinals, Hurricane has made 6 trips in the past 3 years to RES. I don't think I'd consider that unfamiliar territory.


no offense but we did something hurricane has never done beat Juan Diego..

Jo Momma

No offense but we did something you will never do against Hurricane...lead at halftime.



And when we beat you, we'll have done something you've never done. Four consecutive Final appearances.


Calm down Dons. No disrespect to you or your team for your game against Juan Diego, and don't worry.....our Tiger team is taking you very seriously. One step at a time. Go get 'em TIGERS!!! We're behind you all the way!

Ute Fan In Utah County
Spanish Fork, UT

If the Tigers can stop the running game of Christian Taele and the strong arm of (byu baseball commit) Hayden Nelson they can pull an upset. I think Spanish Fork not only is bigger on defense but has more to play for, considering this is our first appearence in the semifinals since 1995. GO DONS BRING HOME A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TO SPANISH FORK. WE NEED ONE.


Juan Diego is a different team every year!!!! Props on beating them this year....tomorrow will answer all our questions! Go tigers!

true observer
Cedar, Utah

SF is a good team, that being said they have struggled to stop running teams this year (Delta). Hurricane is one of the best running teams in the state just ask Skyline and West Jordan let alone all the 3A teams who faced Hurricane. SF will have to out score Hurricane to beat them and I don't see that happening.

DSC Cougar

In talking to some Hurricane football players, none of them really cared that Juan Diego lost, it doesn't mean that much to the Tiger Football Players but we as a community want to beat them.
Good Luck Tigers and may the best team win.

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