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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 8 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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Let's call a spade a spade.... ESPN exposure has been great. Playing lame schools has been, well, lame. Independence just isn't what we thought it was going to be. However, I'm not sure if the Big East is the answer. Air Force? Boise? Houston? The Big East??? Yuck.

Cedar Hills, UT

"But now the focus is really on how good we can get our team to be". I'm not sure how playing Idaho and New Mex St. is going to gauge how good or bad you are Bronco.

Also, Bronco says his teams gained momentum after getting beat by TCU. What a bunch of hooey. I have never heard a coach claim anything good to be gained by losing. BYU was down BIG for a good portion of this game and came back to make it semi-respectable losing by 10. That translates somehow to momentum?? Yikes.. BYU is in trouble.

South Jordan, UT

"Going into the season, Mendenhall and some players stated that the goal moving forward as an independent was to win a state championship and a national championship. This season, dreams of a national title disappeared following a 17-16 loss at Texas. The following week, a chance for a state title was erased with a 54-10 loss against Utah."


Where is the motivation? Hopefully the faithful can get up for Idaho.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

This program will never be relevant nationally again.

It is the choice you have made by forcing athletes away from your school with the honor code.

it's your choice. Now stop believing you ever have a shot at a BCS win.

You dont.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu was a powerhouse in the 80's because of breakthroughs in offensive efficiency. Unfortunately, coaching has more than caught up with what byu could exploit 30 years ago.

byu fans -

Please tell me what your team has done in the past 10 years to make anyone in the country believe you ever have a chance at national relevance again?

This ought to be good..



Rickwell, P.
Mesa, AZ

Chris B

Please tell us what your team has done in the last 15 games to make anyone in the country believe you are relevant at all?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Did Bronco specifically say the state championship he was aiming for was the "UTAH" state championship? Because if the Y beats Idaho this weekend, they might be able to back into an "IDAHO" state championship since BSU didn't play any Idaho teams this year.

Why WOULDN'T the Y be able to back into an Idaho state championship with a weak Idaho SOS, and having never faced a ranked Idaho opponent? That strategy worked back in '84...


First things first. Chris B you're comments are idiotic! That being said...
There is nothing to be motivated for! They locked up bowl eligibilitya few weeks back and a bowl game months ago. Unless they were undefeated they don't have anything to play for. Coach Bronco Mendenhallsays, "But now the focus is really on how good we can get our team to be." Wake up call, not that great! The quality of opponents won't allow you too. You'll play at their level or be beating them by so much that others will have to play masking any real weaknesses.
For senior center Terence Brown, "just playing football is enough motivation for me." Really? It obviously didn't motivate you to work on snapping. O Line play has been horrible for such an experienced line.
I for one am sick of hearing how great this team is. Show me! Can't happen until next year, but I want better coaching, players and schedule!

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B

"Please tell me what your team has done in the past 10 years to make anyone in the country believe you ever have a chance at national relevance again?"

FIVE AP Top 25 finishes

which is as many AP Top 25 finishes as Utah has had in their entire history

ONE Doak Walker Award Winner - nation's best running back

which is one more national individual award than Utah has ever had

With all of their "inclusivity", Utah has zero accomplishments on a national scale.

No national championships, no Heisman trophies, no national individual award winners, no college football hall of fame players...

and no wins of any significance since they were invited to the PAC 12.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I ask for what your program has done in the past 10 years and you respond by asking what my program has done in the past 15 GAMES?


Clearly, we did enough in recent history.

We earned a BCS game invite.
We won that BCS game.
We earned a second BCS game invite.
We won that game.
We beat the #2 SEC team and finished with #2 ranking in the whole NCAA.
We earned a BCS league invite.

My school isn't on the outside looking in trying to justify BCS league/game inclusion.

Been there. Done that. We'll do it again.

and you?

Eagle Mountain, UT

Being motivated in BYU's current circumstance is a matter of Honor, Integrity and Class. It seems like some of you will never be able to understand these concepts. No big surprise there.

South Jordan, UT

Naval Vet:

You are right that BYU could win the Idaho State Championship or even the Nevada State Championship or possibly the New Mexico State Championship.

That's funny.

Boise, ID

Well, I can get up for my B league old man's sports league so I imagine getting up for a nationally televised game in front of 60,000 fans won't be a problem. Go Cougars!

South Jordan, UT


Where did the 15 games come from? I do believe we beat BYU twice during that 15 games.

When does Cougar history start? From the beginning or from the time that BYU was good? From the time Utah was bad?

Is it 15 games?
Is it 30 years?
Is it 40 years?
Is it only 1984?

I'm confused. Since BYU is private and independent, can they simply erase all the bad years off the record books and start playing the games they win on KBYU?

617-424-31 All time record since 1892 for Utah meaning they have won 60% of their games.

484-369-26 All time record since 1922 for BYU meaning they have won 56% of their games.

55-34-4 All time for Utah.

So when did history start?

Rickwell, P.
Mesa, AZ

Chris B

All of your accomplishments you listed came from one game. One.

Quick, without looking, tell me who won the second tier BCS game two seasons ago...



Right, can't do it without looking. It's Meaningless.

Since 2008? You've done nothing.

Worse yet, you want to have an ugly contest with BYU's last 10 years and your last 10 games? Fine you win. Happy?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


We went to TWO BCS games. Not one.

This encompassed TWO entire seasons.

24 games.

Not one game.

24 amazing games as part of two amazing season.

Which merit BCS game and BCS league inclusion.

Enjoy irrelevancy. I will.

Rickwell, P.
Mesa, AZ


Interesting because ute fans what everyone to believe that only 2004 and 2008 are important.

As an ASU fan, I think that only important date this year was the one we beat you down at your house.

Mcallen, TX

Somebody teach Chris B how to snipe hunt.

"He enjoys irrelevancy." Umm! I wonder if the utes find him as a relevant fan?

Motivation is now having a ten win season.

Farmington, UT

Let's summarize for Chris B. who is too young to know the history of football in Utah. (In fact I suspect he's in 8th grade somewhere on the Wasatch Front.)

BCS Games = 2
BCS Championship Games = 0
National Championships - 0
Heisman Trophy Winners = 0

National Championships = 1
Heisman Trophy Winners - 1

Using Cheris B's logic, USC, Notre Dame, Miami, Michigan, Univesity of Washington, Boston College, University of Texas, Auburn and several others are "irrelevant" and "never will be again." The real fact is that Utah is a bottom feeder in the PAC 12 (maybe they can beat Colorado this year----maybe------another "irrelevant team") and will wait dozens of years to even get into the Rose Bowl, if even then. Weren't they supposed to play there this year---then they played USC, Washington, Arizona State and California first...? How'd that go, Chris? Oops. And when Utah looks at all their accomplishments (54-10 for example) they still will never have a National Championship. Enjoy that, Chris B.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Hmmmm. I love me Cougs but ..... "But now the focus is really on how good we can get our team to be. That's kind of fun, too." How good can this team get against the level of competition they're going up against? 2 bye weeks this month alone and remaining games against Idaho, New Mexico State & Hawaii. Sorry, but that doesn't do much for me. How can they truly raise the level of their players going up against that typ of competition week end/week out. They need a "real" conference. Let's hope the Big East or Big 12 pans out.

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