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Published: Monday, Nov. 7 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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You guys definitely need a conference affiliation. I think that has become very apparent this year. While every game Utah plays has been entertaining with their increased competition, BYU has not generated the same level of interest. And I think it goes beyond the fact that you've had such poor competition the last half of the season.

You need a conference like the Big East to give your team and fans something to shoot for. If BYU, Boise, and Air Force were to all join, it would make that conference a lot more relevant, and probably save the Big East's AQ BCS status.

Morgan, UT

Isn't going to happen.

Everett, WA

BYU should jump at chance to join Big East BCS conference. It would take a decade at least (with better coaches and talent) to have realistic hope of ever winning Big 12 championship. Unlikely BYU is every invited to Big 12 anyway. Going to Big East would give meaning & excitement to all of BYU's games. As independent, the season is already over with the lowly competition. BYU could end up 10-3 and still feel like a failed season. That's independence. Go for the Big East!

Seattle, Wa

It won't happen. BYU should rather stay independent than join the Big East. Why would they give up so soon on independence and the deal with ESPN just to sign on with MWC 2.0?

I don't see it happening.

Springville, UT

Told you several times it would happen or be confirmed so there you have it anti-BYU types, haters and naysayers...

One more thing that the several of you said would not happen, Big East discussions.

Just to make this fair and simple to understand, I'm right most of the time... ask my wife. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

It feels great to be a Cougar fan... each and every day!

"I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never going to keep me down"

Sandy, UT

As a Football only school, BYU presumably would not share the spoils of any basketball revenues.
The Big East is the only League which has Basketball playing-non Football schools and now as proposed, Football only, non Basketball schools.

Therefore it is not the typical model which the other 5 BCS leagues follow.
So it will take some creative financial gymnastics to get BYU to go along.

If BYU could somehow keep it's ESPN deal or a modified version, seperate from the Big East, as well as the re-broadcast rights and of course BYU-tv, then this could be a nice deal for BYU.

How you go about that, is what is presently being discussed.

-AQ Conference (Orange Bowl)
-Scheduling problems disappear
-Rivaly game w/ Boise St. to end the season.
-Drop Utah from the schedule
-Conference Championships
-Still leaves 3-4 spots a year to schedule the Notre Dames and Texas' of the World
-Playoff game at Yankee Stadium or Jerry's World for BCS bid
-Games played in every region of the country

What BYU may be asked to give up

- Ten+ ESPN games a year
- 15-20 million in tv revenue
- Re-broadcasting and BYU-TV

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I encourage everyone to find the letter online written by Warren Miller, ex BYU professor and BYU ticket holder about his recommendations to Oklahoma President regarding byu. But I warn - the truth HURTS!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"It feels great to be a Cougar fan... each and every day!"

Which part is the greatest feeling? Is the that you haven't been invited to the Pac-12? How about not being invited to the Big XII either? That was fun. And now, you haven't been invited to the Big Least. Or should we call it the Big C-USA now? Let's see....Louisville, Cincinnati, USF, UCF, Houston, SMU. That's about 1/2 of the OLD Conference USA teams of less than a decade ago. And on the Big Least's side, there's Rutgers, and,...um...wait...that's about it. Yep; Big C-USA it is then.

I can't imagine how "great" it must feel to have NOT received an invitation to any expanding AQ conference to date. But you guys...you guys have "been there, and NOT been invited to that" MANY times. That's part of that cougar "tradition" we Ute fans hear so much about. Congratulations sammy. You must be so proud.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Come on, Cougs fans. If the school is truly extended an offer from either the Big East (I like the projected Western Div of BYU, Air Force and Boise State) or Big 12 offered an invitation, the school HAS to take it. I was in favor of going independent and like the nat'l exposure their ESPN contract has given them. Craig Thompson has turned the MWC into the laughing stock of mid-major conferences. But the Cougs' schedule is killing them, and it doesn't get much better over the next few years. Yes, they add Georgia Tech, Boise State & Notre Dame next year, but come on! Washington State, New Mexico State & San Jose State does nothing for their program. Without a doubt, being in a BSC qualifying conference will do wonders for recruitment, nat'l recognition and the program.

Highland, UT

@naval vet

Yet last week your ignorant claim was that the Big east had not talked to BYU. I told you they had and you went on one of your "prove it!" rants. Now, and as usual, you have been proven to be nothing more than a hater who says anything he can to try and vent some of the anger, hate and paranoia you feel about BYU.

You always cry that I will "ver admit" I am wrong but I have yet to be wrong. You on the otherhand are proven wrong all of the time and in this case it has been particularly humiliating for you. Where is your admission that you were wrong?


Roy, UT

Why does the Deseret News mislabel articles? "New Conference" means a NEW Conference, not joining an old one! Kind of how they helped found the Mountain West with Utah and other schools! Why don't they work with Boise State, Utah State, Fresno State, Air Force, UTEP, Tulsa, Hawaii, maybe a couple others that want to GROW their programs and start a 12 team conference for ALL Sports again! If other members of the WAC want to build their programs up, include some of them in "The Twelve Team" Conference and talk with the BCS about the goals of the "New WAC" or whatever it becomes, and try and get a committment out of them, and move in that direction! THAT WOULD BE A "NEW CONFERENCE"! The Big East for Football only is not a good thing my mind. We would be better off not going that route in my mind, but I think binding with Boise State and working in conjuction with each other could be a good thing. If those two were put in the Big XII as Football Only, I COULD DEAL WITH THAT! We would be in the North and that would be GREAT!

Layton, Utah

naval Vet

Glad you enjoy waking up in the Pac 10 1/2 cellar. Oh yeah the UTes can beat the likes of Zona, ooooo wow, what a power house conference. Stanford, USC the top tier, everyone else is mediocre at best. Oregon .....LSU already demolished them and will be destroyed by Luck and co. this weekend, just like Auburn and Newton pounded them silly in their new unis.

South Jordan, UT

Idaho or UCLA? Huge game in SLC this week as Utah can become bowl eligible and UCLA is looking for a piece of the championship game on December 4. Let's pack the stands again for our 23rd straight sellout.

As far as big east, I hope it works out for BYU.

Jumping back. Idaho vandals should be exciting. (rolling eyes)

Highland, UT


"Huge game in SLC this week"

Uh....a couple of conference bottom dwellers fighting it out for a .500 record is a "huge game"?


fan in orem
Orem, Utah

PAC12 Fan: And yet there will be more fans in the stands in Provo and more fans watching the BYU game on TV. (rolling eyes) You have really hit the big time. Do those 23 straight sellouts include a few years ago when the u gave away tickets to the games?

South Jordan, UT

Isn't it exciting to be playing for something?

Fan in Orem: Did you know that half the state is a byu fan compared the other half sharing fans with everyone else? Of course there are more fans attending the BYU game and they have a larger stadium. Great observation though. 54-10. Has BYU had 23 straight sellouts? Not even close. Utah has less than half the fans but sells more tickets per capita. Hmm. Also sells more merchandise with half the fans.

The game is very big because Utah is playing for a better bowl that pays more than the $600,000k for the Bell Bond Bowl in Ft. Worth and is closer to home. The least amount Utah will make is $750,000 and as much as $2,000,000. Also, it helps in recruiting as many So Cal recruits will be watching this game. Your team could lose the rest of the games and still go to the same bowl. What is the motivation for the fans, team? Utah will end up 8-4 and that is a very successful campaign in year one.

Again, it is nice to be playing for something.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Yet last week your ignorant claim was that the Big east had not talked to BYU."

That's just your typical classic strawman argument you're so oft to employ. How desperate of you to have to make up such nonsense. I most certainly did NOT say that. What I said was that the Big East visited Colorado Springs and Boise to meet with officials at AFA and BSU, but did NOT do so likewise at the Y. And that was in response to another disingenuous frantic and emotional cougar fan who claimed they were in Provo. They weren't.


If the Big East doesn't do something they will lose their BCS affiliation in two years anyways. That was apparent when they sent Pitt to the Fiesta Bowl in 2005. That is why teams are bailing.
With that said, BYU should take the football only deal...they can join immediately, they have nothing to lose and can get a better 2012 schedule, and most important, if we beat up on the conference we can move almost anywhere later. Or we may just save the Big East.
The key is, if we do this we have to win the big games.

Syracuse, ut

"I encourage everyone to find the letter online written by Warren Miller, ex BYU professor and BYU ticket holder about his recommendations to Oklahoma President regarding byu"

Hmmm, I didn't know that Warren Miller quit making ski movies and is now a college professor.

Chris B, at least be correct with your facts before you try to take a dig at BYU. It's Warren Metcalf.

Bluffdale, UT

Louisville, Cincinnati, UConn, Pitt, Rutgers, USF, LOL
Stay indy!

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