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Published: Sunday, Nov. 6 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Temple City, CA

I have the impulse to describe how funny many of these posts have struck me, but it would take too long.

I have always enjoyed President Packer's talks. He is a great teacher and has an almost unlimited capacity of making complex ideas accessible to anyone. I love to hear him speak.

I know that, because of both his clarity of expression and his willingness to speak out about difficult subjects, he has often been the subject of attacks. I came on this thread today expecting to find exactly what I found: a multitude of people seeking to discredit President Packer, his message, or the Church. It was the fulfillment of my expectation that made me laugh.

Bountiful, Utah

@Cats, it is really too bad that you constantly see those who are not in line with your belief system as being unhappy. Is this the typical viewpoint of LDS, or just yours? I see your posts time and time again on these boards as allegedly feeling sorry for all of these people who you label as unhappy. Perhaps you may want to chose to see the world thru different lenses for awhile and accept that there are many very happy people in this world, whether or not they are LDS. And constantly judging others as unhappy as you frequently do says quite a bit about how you see the world.

Mr. Bean
Salt Lake, UTah


"We are God's creation."

So, where is He? No one has ever seen Him, except maybe one or two people as recorded in history. And how correct is that history, anyway? No wonder there's so many 'truths' i.e., religions in the world today. If God is in charge, He sure doesn't seem at all interested. Perhaps the Deists have it right.

"Christ is our brother."

Why doesn't Christ have alotta brothers... and sisters? Why did God only have one Son, Christ? Just think, the earth could have been full of very powerful, Christ-like creatures instead of what we have now.

"Lastly, mercy does not rob justice. It is a gift."

Gift? It takes alotta work to realize the 'gift.'

sandy, ut

Cats - are you saying that there is a correlation between happiness and mormonism?? Maybe you are not aware, but that statement means that you think that 99.9 percent of the world is unhappy, because only 1/10 of 1 percent of the world is mormon. Wow, must mean that nearly all of the world is unhappy. Huh, that is an odd statement.

Bountiful, Utah

"There is no part of pornography that is innocent, he said. "To collect it, view it, or carry it around in any form is akin to keeping a rattlesnake in your backpack. It exposes you to the inevitable spiritual equivalent of the serpent's strike with its injection of deadly venom. One can easily understand, with the world being what it is, that you can almost innocently be exposed to it, to read it, or to view it without realizing the terrible consequences. If that describes you, I warn you to stop it. Stop it now."

I agree with his words here, and I would add that it is almost impossible (perhaps it is impossible) to remove the visual images of pornography completely from your mind. There will be triggers the rest of your life that will open that file cabinet in your mind and bring up those images. Pornography can be debilitating to your spirit. You may be able to repent, but you may not be able to completely heal from its consequences during the rest of your mortal life.

Cora Smith

I find the truth in my heart and mind. I don't need a third party to translate anything. I take things with a grain of salt. If I hear something in church that I just can't wrap myself around, I dismiss it. I don't believe in having to walk in lockstep with anybody. After all, Jesus didn't.

Murray, Utah


Do you believe in pre-existance or that you were in any "form" before you were born. If not than it doesn't matter. If you do, how do you know you didn't obtain a "spiritual debt?"

Christ didn't pay for the sins of mankind on the cross. It happened in the Garden of Gesthemane. And no I don't know the ins and outs of exactly what went on. All I know is that it happened. The willingness to give his life on the cross was the sealing of his mission and life with his own blood.

Murray, Utah


I will not go to the Nauvoo Expositor to find out the truth about the mormons. Just like I will not go to the Nazi's to find our the truth about the Jews.


>I don't believe in having to walk in lockstep with anybody. After all, Jesus didn't.

Other than that whole obeying the commandments and emulating Jesus thing...

Maricopa, AZ

Thanks Cats, your statement is only reaffirmed by follow up comments made.
If a person is "happy" or content with their belief system and their life, why then would they have this unquenchable need to respond to every LDS article that appears.
If you don't believe LDS doctrine, do you seriously believe that the bashing of our beliefs is going to show us how much kinder, Christlike and "happy" you really are, thus causing us to want to join you?

L Kaiser


Would you go to the cigarette companies to see how "safe" they were? Or would it make more sense to seek out independent research and resources? Im not trying to compare the LDS church to tobacco at all, merely pointing out that it can be a good idea as well to seek out other views.

Murray, Utah

L Kaiser-

Not a good comparison at all. The problem with the Nauvoo Expositor is that they were sworn enemies of Joseph Smith and sought his life. They made blood oaths to kill him and bring down the church. (See William Law conspirators) A bit biased. Just like the ciagrette companies would be about the product they are selling.

The LDS church is not selling a product. Join or don't join. You have free agency and choice. It won't stop the missionaries or President Packer from sharing the message.

Once again, my comparison a bit better. I would not go to the Nazi's to find out about the Jews.

Temple City, CA

@ thinkman and L. Kaiser: Your suggestions that Latter-day Saints investigate "other views" is not a bad suggestion per se. Part of what is annoying about it is the apparent assumption that, if anyone believes in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it can only be because they have not sufficiently investigated opposing viewpoints.

I do know people who have left the Church because, somewhere along the way, they have discovered something in Church history or doctrine that they had never heard nor understood before, and their faith was shaken, but those people are rare in my experience. I know far more people who know the doctrines, history, and practices of the Church very thoroughly (myself among them) and maintain firm belief in the teachings and the practices of the Church.

It is also annoying for other people to try to define our beliefs for us. This is often couched in language that belittles the belief or presents it in a disparaging way. You will find that most practicing, active Latter-day Saints have a pretty good understanding of the core of what they believe; we don't need outsiders or disaffected insiders to define it for us.

Salt Lake City, UT

The 'truth?'

I am a decent human being.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can't say I am a decent human being on the Deseret News???

I guess part of being 'civilized' according to this news paper...

is anything EXCEPT what I say.

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

The Vanka/Vanka
I see you have started out with the name The VANKA look forward to reading the 8 or so comments you will make on this article

the truth
Holladay, UT

RE: Hutterite

If a "truth" is a "subjective commodity",

then, by definition, it is not truth.

RE: Thinkman

You have not given a single shred of evidence that the LDS church does not contain the fullness of truth.

I believe the the LDS Church is the true Church of God and Christ on this earth.

I have never been given any reason to doubt it,

no matter how enticing and crafty and convincing the words of adversary are,

no matter that imperfect people have done imperfect things,

that does not change what is true.

RE: Vanka

YOu are overthinking a simple analogy,

an analogy on how repentance and the atonement of Christ works.

When you sin, a "debt" must paid to GOd to meet the demands of Justice.

Christ, the imtermediary, will pay for that debt, if you repent and sin no more,

however, due to the nature of the sin sometimes more than just repentance is nececessary for Justice to be satisfied,

repentance plus those things are the things Christ asks of you.
with that you avoid spiritual prison, figurative or literal, for that sin.

Provo, UT

the truth,

I appreciate your response, but find it inadequate.

In your explanation of the simple analogy, you presume that "sin" is patently understood and self-evident. It is not.

You write: "due to the nature of the sin sometimes more than just repentance is nececessary for Justice to be satisfied."

What exactly is the nature of sin? In what does "sin" consist?

How does "sin" create a "debt" to God (or to "Justice")? Does it rob god of something? What is taken from God and how is God diminished by the taking? Is not God infinite and eternal? How can the infinite and eternal be diminished and need (demand) to be reimbursed?

Who or what is this force in the universe called "Justice" of which you speak? How is it that this abstraction called "Justice" is more powerful than God and can make demands on God to force Him to comply? How much blood does Justice "require"?

If God must comply with a force called "Justice", then believers would be wise to worship Justice and not God. Some of us atheists do that already. We believe in Justice and need no God in between.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

Full-on double rainbow,

If you look at Kantian ethics vs Virtue ethics I think you might understand this principle more clearly.

Kantian ethics is very black and white. "A" is wrong, under EVERY circumstance. This isn't the way the LDS moral paradigm works. We don't believe in relativism as there are things have an absolute and rational explanation. However, there sometimes is a more 'ladder type approach' to our morals.

The reason why I say there are things absolute is because we don't support what some call a 'grey area'. However, we do believe that despite something not necessarily being wrong... there is a better way.

While it may not be wrong to seek justice for someone punching you, that doesn't mean you wouldn't be better for being forgiving, and so on.

So while there are some truths that are more pertinent to our current events or current progress in eternity, there are certainly other truths which are entirely worth knowing and good- but less important.

While I could discuss whether God is a polygamist, what color of hair He REALLY has... it could even have importance in some circumstance, but obviously the covered topics were more important.

Highland, UT


Hey, thanks for that tip. I've heard all sort of things about the church both inside and out. I've lived all over and even lived 2 years in Mexico (yes, it was a mission) and after hearing all different "ideas" that either are true or completely misinterpreted or made up (yes, some people do make up things about the church to make us look bad. Weird, huh?), I know, even more than I did yesterday, that this church is true. People say we are delusional but I can say, with all of my heart and soul and without even the slightest shadow of a doubt, that this is true. In fact, I just finished reading the BOM for the day and I know even more now that it is true. Isn't that crazy how it works?

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