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Published: Sunday, Nov. 6 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

BYU is making the transition to becoming an FCS school.


"I think we'll be very healthy. It's the healthiest our team has been this late in the season"

I guess its easier to stay healthy when you play every community college in Idaho 5 weeks in a row?

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

November scheduling is the only negative that I see regarding the whole independence issue. It seems now that most conferences prohibit/discourage out-of-conference games over the last half of their season.

But if two of the four games in November can be BCS-type competition, I'd prefer remaining an independent.

Springville, UT

It's ok and understandable for these first couple of seasons.

No one cares about what other people say. Other than Utah fans this is a non-story, it's temporary, and in the end BYU will be playing some great programs.

2013 will be a great year.

Rock Springs, WY

how will these byes and weak schedules in Nov help in sucuring a bcs bowl if BYU gets close to a bid

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

The Team in Provo will be playing for a spot in the Armed Forces Bowl each year and nothing more. The Cougars lose to good teams and are only able to beat the likes of Idaho State. That doesn't impress anyone outside of Provo.

Though the Provo team has a better record, everyone knows the Utes are having a much better season. Two of Utah's wins were BYU-esque -- one against a DIV. AA team and one against a non-BCS mid-major -- but road wins vs. "real" BCS programs have been impressive.

The Utes will end with a better season than the Provo team and a better bowl. However, it's not a fair measuring stick for Utah anymore since the Provo team's a small mid-major.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

BYU has a great November schedule. 2 byes and home games against Idaho and New Mexico State.

Is BYU going to change its name to BYE?

Orem, UT

How come USU gets to play all the WAC teams, and BYU only gets to play the worst 5 teams in the conference?

How come BYU doesn't get to play Nevada in the WAC championship game?

Salt Lake City, UT

Notre Dame along with the two east coast service academies have many more options for November schedules than does BYU. November is the biggest argument on why BYU should try and join the Big 12. While the presidents/chancellors of the Big 12 want BYU, the media partners particularly FOX TV Sports do not want the Cougars due to their strict "no Sunday play" policy. Along with the obvious conflict of "training players for the NFL" being the Sunday play operation that it is is why there is more talk behind the scenes of BYU ultimately deciding to drop football and limit intercollegiate athletics to what the West Coast Conference offers.

Herriman, UT

First, the Big 12 and the Big East are both short on teams and conference schedules next year. BYU should do all it can to be that fill-in ASAP.

Second, please stop with the dropping football comments, you embarrass yourselves with that stuff. There has been no discussion of it at all, other than ignorant, anonymous comments on boards like this.

Missouri made its SEC move announcement...time to start more Big 12 rumor mongering!

Saint George, UT


Saint George, UT


I checked the football games played on Sunday, Espn schedule shows 6 games so far this season. 3 are Hawaii, which in actuality are started on the islands on Saturday, but finished on Sunday on the mainland. Three others were in the first week of the season, mainly to start the season off.

I don't think the ncaa or conferences are set to start Sunday play.

Dream on, the y will not let it go and will work a good strong schedule with other indy for Nov. Navy, Army and ND will be part of the schedule later.

Sunday play for bb might enter into the discussions but the programs of the y are good enough to work with and around.

To all who want to compare the y with the u, get a life. I want all the teams from utah to win. I want to see the kids from the state to do well, NFL players, from the state, ie Paul Krueger, etc. I don't care which school they went to, just that they are from utah.

Go all the utah teams.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

First, let's talk reality for a moment. The November schedule for BYU in 2011 is pathetic. When most schools are gearing up for their most important games, BYU is playing only twice in November with the likes of the Univ. of Idaho. Yes, independence has not been the great thing it was promoted to be. This year has been a disaster for a once great football program. To be honest, yes, there is talk everyhwere of just how much longer BYU will be playing football. The legacy of a once great program is slowly fading into the night. Basically, this season is over and the last 2 games of the year are meaningless. Simply throw in the towel and let's get to work putting this program back into a conference or shut it down.

Columbia, MO

Idaho and New Mexico State are both better than New Mexico. And they are both on a par with Washington State and Colorado (Utah's two final opponents).

Sandy, UT

More reasons to "Consider" the Big East.

-Scheduling problems go away, Boise St. becomes your year ending "Rivailry" game.

-Bronco's dream of playing the Academies every year, is built in. (2/3).

-Conference Championship is on the line, with a BCS bowl berth as the payoff.

and Not...

-BYU's eposure takes a hit. No way ESPN does 10 BYU games.

-Revenue is cut in half by joining the Big East.

-Restrictions by the League will not sit well with fans and the Administration.

Salt Lake City, Utah

As usual, the blog is overrun with spam from our jealous little brothers and utah trolls pretending to be BYU fans.

Despite the naysaying from the uninformed, BYU's schedule will continue to improve.

Utah will forever be a mid-major stuck in a major conference; occassional good showings against fellow conference bottom dwellers, like Arizona and Oregon State, surrounded by beatdowns from the big boys of the conference.

Enjoy your bottom dweller irrelevance. Washington State welcomes the company.

Frisco, TX

While it's true that November is weak, December is decent with games against Hawaii and likely a very good Tulsa team whose only losses are to three Top 10 teams.

I'm not sure why everyone is grumbling, we knew independence would be like this the first two years. 2013 is already looking like a better schedule, with Notre Dame in November. Hawaii, Boise State and Notre Dame will all turn into late October, November games for the Cougs.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Man the gnashing of teeth just continues to grow.

First I am really impressed that the haters can keep reading this stuff and then make the same comments, over and over and over.

Second, I am really impressed with their ability to take selective items out of context to make a statement. Things like "this November schedule PROVES that independence was a failure for ALL TIME." Three month's to build a national schedule that normally is built 8 years in advance?

Third, their un-ending need to establish credibility for Utah by tearing down Utah is also impressive. Can we be honest for a moment? BYU is proving to be mediocre this year. Not the team or the season we envisioned for our first year of independence. Utah is proving to be mediocre this year. Not the team or the season you envisioned for your first year in the PAC. Utah owns scoreboard this year on BYU big time. Thats it. Thats all.

Independence is still proving to be way better than our other option was - holding pat. End of story, thanks for reading!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Oooops. By tearing down BYU.

Freudian slip?

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Coach Mendenhall said in this article "we're playing good football". Wow. Is he seeing something we aren't? Unbelievable statement. This tour of Idaho and then New Mexico State and finally Hawaii. What an awesome schedule. Uh huh. This season is horrible by any objective measure. I don't know about the rest of you people, but I'm ready for some collegiate basketball. Apparently there we will either have an abreviated or no NBA.

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