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Published: Saturday, Nov. 5 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

Defense is great. The offense is getting better, but still needs to keep the defense off the field more. Utah's national defense stats are amazing considering how much they are on the field and how many negative field position situations they are in. Tonight the offense did their job in avoiding turnovers and scoring points. Utah did recover two of their own fumbles though.

meet me in the MUSS
Sandy, Utah

Where are all the trolls saying Utah would "lose by 35" and "give up 500 passing yards?" That aside, Utah controls its own destiny. The Utes could go to the Sun bowl if they win out, a bowl that pays out almost 4 times what the top MWC bowl game does. It's great being in the Pac-12. These games really separate the men from the MWC and Independent boys. Worst case bowl scenario for the Utes this year is the Vegas Bowl, which with 5 or 6 losses wouldn't be bad considering Utah had to win 10 games and be bumped up by TCU getting into the rose bowl to get there last year. A Utah man am I sir, and I will be till I die!

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