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Published: Saturday, Nov. 5 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

It's growth.


I think people were a little to fast to judge Hays, he was thrown into a terrible situation for any quarterback and now the game is slowing down, he is masking better decisions. We should have a great chance of finishing the regular season a 8-4.


as long as he can stretch the field with a few big passes a game the Utes will be ok. my guess is 2-1 in there last 3 games. also hays should have had 3 td passes, chistopher dropped a great pass in the end zone on the second possession that turned into a field goal.

Cedar Hills, UT

Nice game! Keep it up and...

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

He definitely seemed calmer, stepping up into a collapsing pocket to make the play, and he was also willing to throw one away rather than take the sack (bonus!).

Orem, UT

Hays has only "improved" because he's playing the bottom-dwellers of the conference.

Arizona has the 112th worst passing defense and the 106th worst total defense in the county.

Washington, UT


Before you get too carried away, you might consider a few additional facts like Arizona's schedule, which has included projected BCS #2 ranked Oklahoma State with the #2 ranked pass offense and Stanford BCS #3 with Andrew Luck projected #1 in NFL draft and USC #19 pass offense with Matt Barkley, another projected first rounder.

I think you're confusing Hays with Heaps.

Cedar Hills, UT

Hey sports fan, it is obvious that you are bitter about how the utes are doing. Just enjoy the Idaho game next week where your team will show their improvement against a cellar dwellar WAC team none-the-less. Hays used to be a turnover machine. He has improved, no doubt.


Good job hays! Lead Utah to a 9-4 season!

Roy, UT

Not everyone improves with experience, so congrads to Hays for hanging in there and working hard to get better.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

This is good to see. Our chances of seeing the Utes play in a bowl game just got a lot better. Hays is a good athlete who is starting to show more poise and understanding of the offense. They could still lose a game or two, but should finish with some momentum going into the offseason and some lessons learned.

Highland, UT

Pretty low bar for "incredible".

Salt Lake City, UT

Incredible game plan by Coach Chow! Well done!

Providence, UT


That was the praise from his teammate, John White IV. Big deal.

At least Hays wasn't talking about his own "incredible" potential, like one certain over-hyped player from BYU.

Spanish Fork, UT

I love that they are using Asiata more. That guy is a freight train. Not just when he gets the ball, but when he blocks as well. Congrats Hays, what an awesome performance you had. Take advantage of this blessing that you ended up at the U, and let's finish the season strong. Go Utes!!

Murray, UT

I give a great amount of credit for Hays' improvement over a short period of time to the coaching of Norm Chow. Chow has created an offense where Hays can be successful and get comfortable. If Chow can do this for Hays think what Chow will do with Travis Wilson, the 6'6" 210 lb kid from California who has the build of Joe Flacco (when he adds a little more weight). Wilson arrives in town in January. It should be very interesting when spring football arrives. Utah will finish this season 8-4 and end up in either the Alamo, Holiday or Sun bowl.

Washington, UT

Nice to have the Duck back following his 54-10 mourning period. He is of course the master of "low-bar" settings for "incredible" after spending the last two years hyping Heaps and his "NFL" arm. If anybody would like a recipe book for preparing and eating crow, be sure and talk to the Duck.

Layton, Utah


No doubt that Hays had his best game yet but anybody watching the game could see that Arizona's D is pathetic. Letting Wr's get wide open behind you multiple times is not the sign of a good defense no matter who they play or have played. The tackling was pathetic. And when you have first and goal inside the 5 only bad teams throw an out pass to the wide side of the end zone. Unless you are Stanford and have Luck.

Highland, UT


I've never made any claims about Heaps. I always take a wait and see approach with all unproven players. I guess you just wanted to post something so you made something up. Brilliant.



I thought Hays had some potential after the first half of the ASU game. Everyone seems to forget that Utah was up 14-10 in the 3rd quarter. I thought that Cal game would have been different. I'm glad to see that he is playing with confidence. He's a good kid to fight through adversity and come out on top.

Saturday is going to be a great game day! Can't wait for Utah to put a beat down on the Bruins.


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